PC Update Tuesday 8/5/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 8/5/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

Christina and Kevin are at the gym, painting. Christina observes that Kevin is happy, and he says that he's always happy when he's with her. Christina prompts him to add that he's also happy being with her mommy. Whistling, he leaves her there while he cleans the brushes. Christina tries to imitate him, but no sound comes out of her mouth. Sighing, she reaches into her little purse and gets out her toy whistle. It makes her happy. She also has her new ring. "I wish I could paint as good as Daddy," she says. When Kevin comes back, she proudly shows him her painting. Kevin is amazed. He wants to get her into some art classes very soon. Christina wants to bring Lucy to see it, and Kevin doesn't see why not. Right now, he has to get her home.

Lucy frets about the kiss she shared with Kevin, and she wishes that Ian would come home so that she can talk to him about it. Ian comes in, excited and happy about his good news. He apologizes for not returning her calls, but he was working in the lab. He asks where the kids are. Lucy tells him that Carmen has Danny in the park, and Christina is with Kevin. Ian doesn't like the idea of allowing Kevin to be alone with Christina, but Lucy believes that it will be all right. She's agitated, and Ian wants to know what's going on. She informs him that she kissed Kevin. Ian wants clarification. He asks what Kevin did. Lucy says that he didn't do anything. She was the one who kissed him! She swears that she didn't mean to, but it happened. She says that she stayed up all night thinking that she wouldn't tell him, but then she knew that she didn't want any secrets between them. She knows that Ian is the one person who sees inside her soul, and she just can't have any secrets. She needs him to say something--anything. Ian shakes his head and walks over to the door. He tells her that she's right; they shouldn't have any secrets from each other. He decides to tell her his secret; he just now realized that his greatest fear is losing her. He thinks that he could face just about anything as long as they're together. She's the only thing that makes him believe that this crazy new existence is real, and this kiss just doesn't fit. That's why it can't be real. If it's not real, it didn't happen, which is good. Otherwise, she wouldn't be the woman he thought she was, and he's not wrong about her. He can't be. Tears well up in Lucy's eyes. Ian suggests that they have lunch.

Alison is running around, trying to get ready for the fashion show. Rafe kisses her and offers to get her some breakfast. He stops short when he sees what's on the front page of the morning paper. It's the photo of her with Caleb at his loft, and the headline reads, "The Real Stephen Clay Experience." Rafe shows it to Alison, who is appalled. She can't believe the press referred to her as "The Stephen Clay New Squeeze."

Caleb hides the paper when Olivia enters the room. He kisses her, but she thinks he seems tense. She asks whether Alison is bothering him. Caleb tells her that it has nothing to do with Alison. "It's got everything to do with this," he says, showing her the paper. Olivia says that this is just how the press treats celebrities. Her reaction surprises Caleb, who expected her to have another meltdown. Olivia claims to finally realize that he loves her and that nothing can come between them. She also understands why he has to play at the fashion show tonight; it's not about Alison, but about getting his ring back. She wants to help in any way she can. She won't pretend to like Alison, but she knows that it has nothing to do with Caleb unless she makes it.

Alison starts to explain what happened, but Rafe already knows it isn't what it looks like. He blames Caleb for setting this up. Alison doesn't believe that Caleb had anything to do with it, but Rafe knows what he knows; Caleb is up to something, and this is just the beginning. However, he still wants to go through with this, because this way, he can keep an eye on Caleb and be ready when it all starts. Alison wishes he could walk away from it, but he considers it his responsibility to deal with this. He pulls her close. Caleb and Olivia come in so that Caleb can do an early sound check. Olivia asks Alison to let her model in the fashion show. Caleb asks for a banana and then gets one from the fruit bowl. Alison wants to know why Olivia wants to do this, and she claims that it sounds like a lot of fun. Alison gives in and agrees to let her participate. She goes to check on the sound check, and Caleb follows her. Rafe tries to get Olivia to admit that Caleb set up the photo, but she denies it. She says that he wouldn't have done it, because he would know that it would hurt her. She's convinced that Rafe thinks that Alison has the hots for Caleb. Rafe states that the conversation is over. He walks away. Olivia tells herself that what happened in the photo wasn't an accident, and now she's going to cause an accident of her own. Alison asks Caleb how she's supposed to relax now that Olivia is in the show. Caleb defends his lover, saying that she's trying. Alison wants to know what happened to the vows they all made. Caleb says that it will never happen. Alison asks him not to hurt anyone. She goes to check on the crew. "Oh, Alison. You take something that doesn't belong to you, and you're going to get hurt," Caleb states.

Ian tells Lucy about his nightmare, which made him realize what immortality really means. He wants to grow old with her. That's what he wanted to tell her when he came in. He wanted to say that he and Chris are working on a serum to bring back his mortality, because that's what he wants. The door opens, and Christina comes in, followed by Kevin. Christina waves to her mommy. Kevin apologizes; he would have knocked, but Christina opened the door. Christina asks Lucy whether Kevin can stay for lunch, but Kevin says that he has a lot of work to do. Ian decides to take Christina outside so the others can talk. Kevin tells Lucy about Christina's amazing painting, but he knows that Ian didn't take Christina so that they could talk about that. They're supposed to talk about their kiss. Lucy says that she doesn't want to hurt him; she just wants to explain. Kevin understands that she's confused about kissing him. Lucy claims that it didn't mean anything, and she hopes that he can understand that. "I understand that you stumbling around trying to hand me a load of bull is just that. Because something did happen between us, Lucy, and we both know it," he states. Outside, Christina plays with her dolls and her new ring.

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