PC Update Monday 8/4/03

Port Charles Update Monday 8/4/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Jack looks for Chris at the hospital, but he has just left for dinner. He asks a nurse to tell his brother that he stopped by. He gets on the elevator, and as the doors close, Olivia rushes to board. "Livvie, Livvie, Livvie. I didn't know you took elevators. Didn't Caleb teach you how to fly?" he remarks. She's not amused, but Jack tells her that he wasn't joking. Olivia doesn't think that Jack will ever understand her relationship with Caleb, and she's actually starting to feel sorry for him. Jack stops the elevator and tells her that it's time for her to see what everyone else sees. Olivia accuses him of being jealous of what she has with Caleb. Jack sees them as two twisted people who will end up destroying each other. Olivia protests that it won't happen this time, but Jack thinks she's kidding herself. Olivia maintains that they love each other. She feels sorry for Jack, because he's forgotten what it's like to be in love. Seeing his reaction, she regrets her words and apologizes, but Jack restarts the elevator and gets off as soon as he can, saying that he'll take the stairs. Olivia calls after him to say that he should stop by the loft later to see Reese. She doesn't think it's too late for him to make up with her. Jack rejects the offer, but Olivia is satisfied that at least she tried. Hearing what she said, a reporter determinedly takes notes.

Elizabeth rushes to the Pizza Shack, where Chris is waiting for her. She's excited about the designs, and she wants to go somewhere else to celebrate. When Chris orders her to sit down, she takes a napkin and tries to clean off the bench on her side of the picnic table. Chris is quite impatient, prompting Elizabeth to ask what is so important that he has completely lost his sense of humor. Chris wants to know why a fashion reporter called "Georges" on his cell phone at work. Elizabeth doesn't see a problem with that, but Chris certainly does. He asks whether she has any consideration for anyone other than herself. Elizabeth is distracted by the menu, where she sees that pizza is the only thing they serve. Chris informs her that he never wants to receive another call for "Georges" on his cell phone. In fact, he wants her to clear everything with him from now on. Elizabeth doesn't see how that's possible, but Chris is adamant. Elizabeth reminds him that he can't order her around, because she's not his secretary. Chris in turn reminds her that this whole thing started because he was trying to help her. Elizabeth tells him that he hasn't been much help since the very beginning. Chris is flabbergasted. Unlike her, he has a real life. Elizabeth protests that she has a great life, and she reminds him that he was the one who started impersonating Georges in the first place. Chris says that he did for her benefit, but she points out that he also roped her into doing this fashion show. All she's trying to do is make the best of it. Chris tells her to give him a break; it's obvious that she's enjoying every minute of it. Elizabeth says that she's been working day and night on the designs, and she's not even getting any credit for them. "Here we go again. 'Me, me, me, me, me.' And on the eighth day, God rested so you could what? Create a bunch of tacky gym clothes?" Chris remarks. Elizabeth is insulted. She gets up to leave, saying that she was just trying to do something wonderful for her daughter's business. Chris tells her to sit down, but she doesn't want to subject herself to more of his insults. Chris apologizes, but she doesn't want his pity. No one ever takes her seriously. She knows that anything short of saving a life is just a frivolous game to him, but she's a pretty good designer. She's finally found something that she's good at. This is a first for her, and it's important to her. She doesn't really care if he finds it pathetic. Chris apologizes again, saying that he didn't realize just how important the fashion show is to her. Elizabeth is proud of what she's accomplished; everyone loves her designs, even if they don't know that she did them. She asks why Chris is doing this. Chris doesn't know, except that maybe his life isn't as exciting as he makes it out to be. Elizabeth asks whether he would like to talk about it, but he needs to check on a patient. He asks her to come along and have martinis with him afterward. Elizabeth likes that idea. They leave together.

At the Pizza Shack, Jamal offers to take Imani somewhere more upscale, but she reminds him that she's paying. They get further acquainted over their pizza. When asked, Jamal says that he's been in town a little over two and a half years, even though he didn't intend to stay. Imani says that she won't be in town that long. Jamal doesn't know why. He reminds her that she's safe, because he can keep an eye out for the guy who's following her. He thinks that she should move out of the motel and into his place; he would stay in the room behind the bike shop. That way, they could work on getting this guy out of her life permanently. Imani stops him and asks why he believes that she wants or needs his help planning her life. Although she's been through a lot, she's made it okay so far. She accuses Jamal of coming on to her, but Jamal he claims that he wouldn't be subtle about it; he would tell her flat out what was on his mind. The fact is that he wants her to feel safe, and getting her out of the motel is smart. He just wants to protect her. It's time to go to the movies, so he goes to get his bike while she clears the table. Imani tells herself that he's hard not to like. After watching her from around the corner, a guy rushes out and grabs her purse from the table. Imani immediately confronts him and orders him to drop it. The guy has no intention of doing so, but when he looks at her face, he gets scared and runs. When Jamal returns, Imani doesn't mention the incident.

Ricky, Caz, and Reese congratulate each other on a terrific rehearsal. Alison comes in and starts handing out schedules for the fashion show. Reese tells her to drop dead, and Ricky asks why they have to be there so early. Alison tells him that she wants things to run very smoothly. She and Rafe have a lot riding on this, and "Georges" is coming in so that everyone can see all the clothes. Alison also wants to see what the band will be wearing. Reese protests that Alison can't tell her what to wear; if she wants to show up stark naked, she will. "Why? So that maybe people can run screaming from the gym?" Alison retorts. Ricky tells them to take it down a notch. Reese states that Caleb is the boss, and he's the only one who can tell them what to do. Alison informs her that she's the boss for this particular show, and if Caleb doesn't like it, that's just fine. Caleb comes through the door right behind her and informs her that he doesn't like it. He asks her to tell him again that he's not in charge. Alison stands her ground, and if Caleb doesn't like it, he is more than welcome to back out now. To Reese's shock, Caleb gives in and tells the band to cooperate. Caz and Ricky grab Reese to get her out of there before she causes any more trouble. Alison wants to know why Caleb suddenly gave in. Caleb admits to having an agenda; after this, Rafe will owe him one. He calls Caz over to talk about the music. Ricky tells Reese that Alison isn't so bad, but Reese strongly disagrees. She admits to trying to bite her when she was a vamp but says that she couldn't. Reese thanks Ricky for dinner and says she'd like to meet his mother sometime. Actually, she would like to meet his whole family. Ricky changes the subject and says that since rehearsal is breaking up, he has to go. Reese assumes that he'll be looking for Casey again, and she has a better idea. Getting the okay to leave from Caleb, they head out, and so does Caz. Alison comes back into the room with a glass of cola. She is convinced that Caleb and Rafe are going to start another war. Caleb promises not to ruin her little fashion show, and he would never hurt her. As for Rafe, they will always be enemies. The only thing he can do is promise not to kill him. Alison spills her drink all over the front of her clothes. Caleb gives her a small towel and offers to let her change into something of his in the bedroom. Alison doesn't like it, but she doesn't want to stay this way. She warns him not to even think about following her. After she's out of the room, Caleb smirks.

At the hospital, Elizabeth thanks Chris for playing "Georges" to the hilt, but Chris points out that he's no Galahad. They're both ready for their martinis.

Reese takes Ricky to the Pizza Shack and teases him about seeing Casey's face in the pepperoni layout. Jack passes by, bitterly thinking about Olivia's claim that he and Reese could get back together.

Alison returns wearing one of Caleb's shirts, saying that her clothes are in his dryer. She asks what he's working on. She thinks it's a song for the show, and she wants to see it. Caleb won't let her; he has to draw the line somewhere. She reaches for it, and he jerks it away. The reporter from the hospital is just outside the door, and he takes a photo of their playful exchange. Olivia arrives, and he tells her that he can sell shots like this a dozen times. "Stephen Clay has a new flavor of the month. I'll get ten, maybe twenty grand," he boasts. After telling him to get lost, Olivia goes inside. Caleb is alone, working on his song. Alison returns, now dressed in her own clothes. She tells Caleb that she'll see him in the morning for the sound check. She leaves, and Caleb senses something wrong with his lover, who claims that she's never been better.

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