PC Update Friday 8/1/03


Port Charles Update Friday 8/1/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

After a lavender bath, Alison finds a vase of pink roses. She assumes they're from Rafe, and while she appreciates them, they won't make their problems go away. Rafe doesn't know what she's talking about, because he didn't send them to her. He swears that he didn't do it, but Alison doesn't believe him. Pink roses won't work this time, because they really need to talk. Rafe is getting more frustrated, and he's starting to wonder who did send the flowers. They argue until Alison accidentally knocks the vase off the table, shattering it. Angry, she refuses to let Rafe help clean it up. Rafe is offended that she doesn't want his help. He wants to know what she does want, because he doesn't know anymore. Alison thinks that this may be their biggest problem. She needs things to be the way they used to be, back when they first fell in love, trusted each other, and didn't argue about stupid little things. Rafe needs exactly the same thing. They happily think back to their first kiss and the first time they made love. Rafe wants those feelings back, along with the magic. Alison vehemently opposes the part about the magic, which isn't even what Rafe meant by the word. She doesn't want Caleb's ring or roses that Rafe "poofed" into the air. Rafe again denies having anything to do with the roses, which annoys Alison even more. Saying that the tooth fairy must have brought them, she steps out into the hall to get away. As she rants to herself about Rafe's tendency to use magic to fix everything, she looks down. An envelope addressed to her is on the floor in front of her. She opens it and looks at the card, realizing that she made a huge mistake. She goes back inside the apartment to apologize, but Rafe beats her to it. Exasperated, he takes credit for the roses after all. Alison thanks him for being willing to say anything to end their fight. Showing him the note from her mother, who really sent the roses, she apologizes for their fight. Rafe pretends not to remember anything about a fight. All he remembers is that they don't need magic, because they are magic together. They kiss and make up, falling onto the bed.

Caleb is still explaining his plan to Olivia when they get home. She thinks that using music to get the ring is a great idea, but she doesn't want him to play at Alison and Rafe's fashion show. She would prefer that he get the song out there some other way, such as on a CD or on the radio. Caleb rejects this idea, since his way is the fastest way to get the ring back. "As long as that ring is in somebody else's hands, anything could happen," he states.

Christina is happy to have found such a pretty ring at the edge of the river. When Lucy comes to get her, she quickly hides her new ring in her shorts pocket. Lucy asks what she was doing. "Nothing, Mommy," Christina says, holding up both hands to show that they're empty.

Caleb is aware that what's really bothering Olivia is the fact that he didn't tell her about this first, but he had to do it his way. That's what Olivia doesn't understand. Caleb realizes that she's jealous of the ring. She wants to know how to compete with a ring that grants every wish. Caleb assures her that she doesn't need to compete with anything. He asks what she would wish for if she had the ring, and she teases him by saying she might wish for a very rich, very old man who only had eyes for her. Caleb kisses her neck and mouth seductively and says that he was hoping she would wish for something like that. Olivia tells him that she was thinking more along the lines of something she could keep, such as diamonds. Caleb promises that she can have anything she wants, but not now. Olivia tells him what her one real wish would be. "I was thinking I would wish that things could go back to where they all began for us," she says. Caleb tells her to close her eyes. He kisses her, and they are transported to the villa. When she opens her eyes, she's thrilled to be back there. They play their game of hide and seek among the silks. Caleb ends the game and nuzzles her neck. After begging Caleb to take her, Olivia gasps when he sinks his fangs into her neck.

Kevin asks Ian about the research, but Ian isn't very forthcoming with any information, other than to confirm that Lucy still doesn't know about it. He gets a call from Chris, who is excited about a breakthrough and wants him to get to the hospital right away. Ian tells Chris that it will have to wait. After he hangs up, Kevin urges him to go now. Lucy and Christina return, and Ian reluctantly leaves them with Kevin. Christina sits down to play show and tell with her dolls and her new ring. Kevin realizes that Ian is afraid to leave Lucy alone with him, but Lucy isn't afraid to be alone with Kevin. She tells him about overhearing his phone conversation with Christina, and it reminded her that he was the one who brought her little girl back. She knows that Kevin and Christina really love each other. Kevin acknowledges that he came to his senses a little late. Lucy points out that he made it happen, and he proved that dreams can come true. Kevin wishes it were that simple. "Come true. Come true. Come true. Come true," Christina wishes with all her might.

At the hospital, Chris explains what prompted him to call Ian. He says that he divided the cultures and added the trial serum to each one. After that, he gave one a growth hormone, and the growth rate was off the chart; it will live forever. With the second culture, he added a growth deterrent, and it fizzled out and died. By combining the two, he gets a normal lifespan. He gets the same results every time, with no apparent side effects. Ian is ready to try it out and live a normal life with Lucy, but Chris won't allow that yet. He refuses to rush this. Besides, it's not as if Ian is going to lose Lucy tomorrow.

Lucy thinks that Kevin is living proof that dreams really do come true. They're actually talking and may even be on the road to being friends again. Kevin admits that he misses some simple things that he always took for granted when they were together. One thing he misses is the way it felt when they kissed. At this, Christina wishes that her mommy and daddy would kiss.

Ian is so thrilled about this that he could kiss Chris, who asks him to restrain himself on that one. Ian reminds him not to tell Lucy about the research until they know for certain that it will work. He rushes off just as Chris gets a phone call. He answers his cell phone as Dr. Ramsey, and the caller asks for George. At first, Chris thinks it's a wrong number, but then he goes into "Georges" mode and takes over, accusing "Dr. Ramsey" of being a phone thief. As "Georges," he agrees to do an interview. "All right, Elizabeth. Why are fashion reporters calling my phone at the hospital?" he wonders after hanging up.

Their faces very close, Kevin and Lucy try to stop themselves, but they can't. Their lips meet in a hungry kiss. Suddenly, they break away, neither aware of the big smile on little Christina's face. Embarrassed, they decide to leave, and Lucy turns down Kevin's offer to get pack up. She just wants him to go. Her phone rings, and it's Ian. He asks whether Kevin is behaving himself, and she says that he is. Ian thinks she sounds frazzled. He says that he just needed to hear her voice and tell her how much he loves her. "I love you. I do," Lucy says. Kevin is nodding, but Lucy looks at him in confusion.

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