PC Update Thursday 7/31/03


Port Charles Update Thursday 7/31/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Christina really wants her daddy to join her, Lucy, and Ian on the picnic. She asks Lucy whether he can come. Kevin lets Lucy off the hook by telling Christina that he has a lot to do. He promises to have a special picnic soon for the two of them. Christina worries that it could rain, but Kevin assures her that they'll just pick another day if that happens. Lucy says that there's always tomorrow, but Ian points out that there are no guarantees about that. He invites Kevin to join them for Christina's benefit. Lucy kisses Ian's cheek and asks Christina whether she wants them all to go on the picnic. Christina nods happily that she does. Lucy takes her hand, and they leave.

Alison can't believe that Rafe actually thinks it's a great idea to let The Experience play at the fashion show. Rafe explains that he and Caleb have a truce, and right now, making the gym succeed is their top priority. The way he sees it, having the band play could only be good for business. Caleb points out that it's good for both parties. Just arriving on the scene, Olivia what's good for them. When Caleb tells her, she says that it's the worst idea she's ever heard. For once, Alison agrees with her. Despite this, Olivia is convinced that this was Alison's idea, but Caleb proudly takes full credit for it. He doesn't believe that it has to get complicated. He and Rafe agree to keep it simple. When Rafe and Alison go inside, Olivia demands that Caleb tell her what he's up to. Pleased with the way things are going, he picks her up and spins her around, nuzzling her neck and kissing her when he stops. He promises that everything will be all right.

As Jamal hits the punching bag, he remembers tossing the ring into the river, and he's glad he did it. He's pleasantly surprised when Imani walks in. She talks a little about the benefits of yoga, saying that it pulls together the whole mind-body connection, which is good for someone who doesn't feel comfortable in his body. Jamal would like to hear more about it sometime, maybe over the smoothie they've talked about more than once. "I'd like to know more about feeling comfortable in your body," he says. When Imani laughs, Jamal realizes that it didn't come out the right way. When Imani assures him that it's cool, Jamal says to make it dinner instead of a smoothie. Imani isn't too sure about that, but Jamal assures her that it's just pizza. She agrees, but only if he lets her treat him. Jamal agrees.

Alison demands the truth about what's really going on. She says that the success of the fashion show doesn't depend on having the band play. She only brought Rafe into this so that Caleb would see that they're serious about telling him to get lost. She wants to know what's going on. When Rafe says that's what he wants to find out, she accuses him of falling back into his old ways. Rafe tells her that Caleb is up to something. He's trying to keep his promise to stay away from him, but Caleb started this again by approaching her. Alison argues that it's not normal to have Caleb's band playing at their show. She doesn't want to do it. Rafe tells her that she shouldn't have asked for his opinion. This really ticks her off. She informs him that she doesn't want to do the show at all now. Having their own clothing line isn't worth stirring up trouble with Caleb. She would rather struggle to make the place a success. Rafe argues that the idea behind their agreement is not to let Caleb get in their way, but if they back out now, that's exactly what they'll be doing. He's really trying to keep his promise, but he has to find the ring and keep it out of Caleb's hands. Alison is tired of hearing about the ring. Rafe tells her that it's their biggest threat. He feels it's important to keep Caleb in sight. The guy might even put on a regular gig, but Rafe doesn't think so. His instincts tell him that something is going down, and he would prefer that it happen where he can do something about it. Imani approaches them on her way out to say that everyone is talking about the fashion show. After she leaves, Alison agrees not to cancel it; she doesn't want anyone else to be disappointed. She just wants it to be a success. Rafe points out that Caleb's plan may turn out to be nothing, but Alison doesn't believe that. Caleb always has another plan, and Alison is worried about the time when it's more than they can handle.

Christina is having a ball playing with Kevin at the picnic site. She gets out her little pink camera, which has hearts all over it. She starts taking pictures, proudly saying that Ian showed her how. Kevin is disappointed to hear this, but Lucy reminds him that he's teaching her how to draw and that she herself is giving her some style tips, which means that Christina is the most artistic little girl in all of Port Charles. Christina whispers something to Lucy, who conveys her wish aloud by announcing that she wants to take a picture of Kevin, Ian, and Lucy. The three adults pose, and Christina takes the picture. Seeing a bunny, she chases after it. Lucy goes after her. Ian and Kevin decide it's time for some wine. Kevin wants to know what possessed Ian to invite him. Ian says that he did it because Christina wanted him there. Lucy tells Christina not to wander off that way again, because it isn't safe by the river. While Christina plays, the others make small talk. When they talk about "Georges," Kevin points out that he doesn't remember ever hearing Lucy mention him from her designer days. This is the first Ian has heard of this part of his lover's past.

At the Pizza Shack, Caleb sets down two drinks and takes Olivia's hand. She still wants to know what's going on; everything always comes back to Alison. Caleb assures her that Alison means nothing to him. The fact is that playing the show is the next step in getting his ring back. He tells her about what happened in the woods, when his father's voice validated much of what he already knew. The music is the key to getting what he wants, because it draws people to him. He's going to draw the holder of the ring right into their arms. His father also reminded him that he's been very generous to the mortals, which is exactly what Olivia has been telling him. Caleb has a plan now. Whoever has the ring will bring it to him. Caleb explains that the band will play a new song that he's putting the finishing touches on. That's how he's going to get the ring. "I'm going to draw in the holder of the ring, and once I've gotten it back, then they are going to pay a heavy price," he states.

Christina wants to go see the bunny. Lucy says that she can, but she warns her to stay in sight. Kevin states that Christina is the reason he came on the picnic, because he loves her so much. That said, he would rather be anywhere else on earth. Ian seconds that. The three adults take another swig from their wine bottles. Lucy tells Christina to come back to the blanket. At the river, Christina reaches into the edge of the water and pulls out Caleb's ring. "So pretty," she says, cupping it in her tiny hand.

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