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Port Charles Update Wednesday 7/30/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Outside Body and Soul, Lucy is waiting for Rafe, who finally shows up. Rafe realizes that she felt the same thing he did. He's not sure what it is, but his guess is that it has something to do with Caleb's ring. When Lucy asks what they're going to do about it, Rafe tells her that he won't be doing anything. Lucy is perplexed. She can't believe that her cousin would turn his back on his calling. Rafe explains that he promised Alison, and he's going to keep that promise. Alison believes that he's been fighting the war for so long that he simply can't let go, and Rafe isn't entirely convinced that she's wrong about that. They have the gym now, but they would have had it much sooner if their lives hadn't been on hold from all the fighting. He knows that everyone has to make sacrifices in life, but it stops here. Because of Caleb, everything else in their lives ends up in second place. His life with Alison will never get started unless he makes it happen. Lucy thinks that they deserve to be happy, but the slayer in her doesn't understand how he can do this. She doesn't think it can possibly feel right to her cousin. Rafe tells her that it doesn't matter. He and Caleb have a pact to let each other live in peace. Everything in him is screaming to find him and fight to the death, but he made a promise to Alison, and he's going to try to keep it. Lucy reminds him that she tried a normal life once and it didn't work, although she still wonders what it would feel like. She has a picnic planned with Christina and Ian, but because of what she senses, she thinks that she should cancel it. Rafe tells her not to do that. He wants her to take Christina and give her the life that Lucy doesn't give herself. Lucy thinks this is crazy, but she agrees that the end of the world can wait until after her picnic.

Finding Reese at Body and Soul, Jack asks why he she hasn't returned his calls. Reese claims to have been too busy to even think about it. Jack hugs her and says that she can always make it up to him. Seeing Ricky come in the door, Reese excuses herself to talk to him. Jamal suggests that Jack try to work off some tension on the heavy bag. Jack tells him about Reese's abrupt change of heart about their relationship. When he mentions his wish that she would find someone else, Jamal stops him, knowing exactly what happened. While Reese giggles and holds the bag for Ricky to punch, Jamal tells Jack that the ring is responsible for her behavior. Jack doesn't believe him, but Jamal fills him in on all the things it did for him.

At the hospital, Ian is having Chris paged again. When Chris shows up an hour late, Ian asks what's on his neck. Chris realizes that it's mud from his facial. Wiping it off with a tissue, he tells Ian what it is. This amuses Ian. Chris wants to know what he wants. Ian says that his priority is dealing with his curse, and the synthetic blood is a great step in the right direction. However, now they need to deal with the aging process. Chris says that he's talking about a cure. Overhearing, Kevin says that he's talking about dying. Ian hates to disappoint him, but he's not checking out anytime soon. Kevin knows that he and Chris are up to something. Chris tells him that it's none of his business, but Ian says it's all right. He explains that he took what Kevin said to heart, and now he and Chris are trying to find a way to make the curse a little less eternal. He would appreciate Kevin's silence on the matter. Kevin points out that keeping secrets from Lucy isn't a good idea. However, he has a personal stake in this, since his daughter is also a vampire. If she can benefit from this research, the secret is safe with him. Chris excuses himself and heads for the elevator just as Lucy and Christina are just getting off. Christina is thrilled to see her daddy. Kevin picks her up and tells her what a big girl she is. Christina tells him about the picnic and invites him to go with them.

Alison demands to know what Caleb wants. She doesn't want to see him, and she's certain that neither does her mother. Caleb has a proposition for her. Without even hearing it, Alison tells him that the answer is "no." Caleb asks her to hear him out before making up her mind. Alison doesn't appreciate the way he attacked Jamal the other night just because of his stupid ring. She doesn't want to hear anything he has to say, and she really couldn't care less if she never saw him again. Caleb tells her that he can help her out by offering his services as a musician. He is willing to have the band perform at her fashion show, which would help her tremendously. All he wants is a chance to try out the band's new single in a live venue and get some feedback on it. Alison says that she has a proposition for him.

Ricky apologizes to Reese for being such a jerk. He tells her about seeing Casey and not knowing whether she's really there or just in his mind. He's afraid that he's having a nervous breakdown. He admits that he even went to see his parents, which proves how much this is affecting him. Ricky explains that he's the black sheep of the family and his parents aren't exactly impressed with his choice of careers, especially compared to what his sister and brothers are doing with their lives. Reese can't imagine having a big family. With just her and her mother, the house was as quiet as a tomb when she lived there. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, because there was a lot of love--just not much joy. Since Ricky's mom sent him home with a lot of food, he invites Reese over for some arroz con pollo before rehearsal.

Jack isn't convinced that Jamal is right, but he believes that there's only one way to find out. He approaches Reese, who is just about to head out with Ricky. Jack just wants to clear things up. He asks what would have happened if he had really proposed to her. Reese thinks it's an odd question. She avoids giving an answer, saying that they just don't have that kind of relationship. She goes to catch up with Ricky. Jack admits that Jamal is right about the ring, because last night, Reese would have carried him over the threshold. Jamal thinks that Jack could get her back if he really wanted to, but that's not what's ticking him off. He could have wished for anything, but Jamal didn't tell him about it. Jamal says that the ring is dangerous, and he's glad it's gone.

After working out his frustrations at the gym, Rafe goes outside just as Alison and Caleb are coming down the steps. Alison tells him about Caleb's offer and says that she wanted to be there when Rafe tells him to go jump off a cliff. To her surprise, Rafe is in favor of letting the band play.

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