PC Update Tuesday 7/29/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 7/29/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

With Chris as her model, Elizabeth works to create the clothing line for Body and Soul. Seeing the pants in the mirror, Chris is impressed with her handiwork. In his opinion, she's really quite good at this. Elizabeth is convinced that no one will be fooled, but Chris reminds her of what will happen if she gives up. Elizabeth has no intention of letting anyone find out what they're doing, because it would humiliate Alison.

Alison and Rafe arrive just outside Elizabeth's hotel room, although Rafe isn't staying. Alison thanks him for choosing to put their relationship first in his life, and Rafe admits that he should have done that long ago. After he leaves to go running, Alison knocks on the door. Elizabeth scrambles to get Chris out of sight, but it's too late. Not waiting for her mother to answer the door, Alison lets herself in. The first thing she sees is the shirtless Chris, with his pants down around his ankles, wearing only his underwear. Elizabeth hands Chris his pants and tells Alison that this isn't what it looks like. Alison doesn't want an explanation; she's just a little surprised by her mother's choices. Elizabeth assures her that she and Chris don't have anything going on. Alison doesn't care; they're adults and can do what they want. "I told you she'd understand, sweetheart," Chris says, putting an arm around Elizabeth and kissing her. "Ew," Alison says, deciding to leave. On her way out, she sees the sketches, and she likes them a lot. Elizabeth is quite pleased to hear this, as is Chris. He reminds Alison that her mother brought Georges into the project. Elizabeth is just happy that he could help. Alison is very impressed with the designs. Elizabeth asks what exactly she likes about them, wondering whether it's just the designer's name on them. Alison states that the clothes speak for themselves. They're functional and comfortable, yet cute and hip. She would definitely wear them. Elizabeth is really happy about this. She says that she had some input on all of them, and Alison's skepticism clearly hurts her feelings. Chris excuses himself, saying that he has to go to work. "I'll call you later, baby," he says, giving Elizabeth another kiss before heading out the door. Elizabeth is insulted by what she perceives as Alison's insinuation that she has no talent. "You don't even know the half of this!" she exclaims in frustration.

After removing a book from its hiding place, Caleb is ready to go "home." He goes out to the woods, turning around to ask Olivia why she's following him. He has to do this alone; he's going to find out how to get the ring back, and the only person who knows more about the ring than he does is his father. Olivia is afraid that if he goes to hell, he might not be able to come back. Caleb is determined to do whatever it takes to get the ring back, and nothing she can say or do will stop him. Olivia is terrified; she doesn't want to lose him. Caleb assures her that she won't, because nothing can keep him away. He would fight his way through a thousand hells to get back to her. With a promise to be careful, he goes forth to call upon his father. "Father, you gave your life for your son. You entrusted me with your ring, and I betrayed that trust, but now I'm coming to you, asking for your forgiveness and begging for your guidance," he says, his arms stretched out from his shoulders. He continues. Everything goes dark as the sound of thunder fills the air. A fire breaks out between him and the terrified Olivia.

Jamal realizes that Imani is trying to leave town, and he wants her to stay. He asks whether she's running away from him, and she assures him that she's not. Jamal is convinced that she's running away from something or someone. He asks whether someone is trying to hurt her. If so, he wants to know the guy's name, because he'll never let him hurt her or any other woman ever again. Imani doesn't understand why he cares; he barely even knows her. Jamal just wants to be a friend to her. He can help her if she'll let him, but he understands if she doesn't trust him. Imani says that she does trust him; he's different from anyone else she knows. He's very kind and special. He hands her the suitcase, which she takes, saying that he's also very persuasive. She unzips her luggage to unpack.

While taking a break from his run, Rafe senses that something is happening.

Olivia tries to get Caleb to stop, but it's no use. He demands that his father tell him how to reclaim their legacy. The fire seems to envelop him, pulling him down. With a final shout to his father, he is pulled to the ground. The fire is gone.

Rafe wonders what Caleb is up to now. Remembering his promise to Alison, he decides to just let this go. Vowing to keep his promise, he resumes his run.

Olivia rushes to Caleb's side. She's relieved when he opens his eyes. He tells her that he now knows how to get the ring back.

While Alison tries to find out what her mother is talking about, Chris returns as "Georges," completely surprising Elizabeth. When Alison tells him how much she likes his sketches, he refuses to take all the credit, because her mother is a genius. Alison apologizes for hurting her mother's feelings. Elizabeth realizes that her daughter just didn't know. Alison is surprised to hear a beeping sound. "Georges" admits that he has a pager for fashion emergencies. Saying that he must attend to the emergency at once, he leaves. Elizabeth walks him out and quietly tells him that she owes him for this one. Back inside, she is thrilled about Alison's reaction to her designs. Alison tells her that she loves both her and the designs. She knows that her mother's heart is always in the right place, even when she makes some crazy decisions. Elizabeth again assures her that she and Chris do not have a relationship, but Alison clearly doesn't believe her. Elizabeth admits that Chris is funny. Warning her mother to just be careful, Alison leaves. Just outside the door, she's startled to see Caleb waiting for her.

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