PC Update Monday 7/28/03

Port Charles Update Monday 7/28/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth is frustrated about the Georges fiasco. She can't get over the way Chris pretended to be her designer friend from Europe. Her head in her hands, she agonizes over the promises that Chris can't possibly keep. When "Georges" announces his presence outside her hotel room, she jerks the door open to tell him off. She hopes he's happy, because he has ruined her life. Chris just wants her to hear him out, but she slams the door in his face. He asks her to open the door, assuring her that she won't be sorry. Elizabeth jerks the door open again and claims to be sorry she ever met him. Chris walks past her into the room. He doesn't think this is any way to treat someone who's trying to help her. He thinks he did a great job of impersonating her no-show designer friend. Elizabeth wants to know why he promised to design a whole line of sportswear for Alison instead of coming up with an excuse to get out of it. When he tells her that it was more exciting this way, Elizabeth informs him that it's not exciting; it's humiliating. The way she sees it, there's only one solution to this problem. "Georges" must die. Something simple will work, such as a hot tub accident in which a spotlight falls into the water. Chris reminds her that he's impersonating a real human being, and if "Georges" dies, it will make the papers and eventually expose their little deception. Elizabeth tells him to come up with something, but he is confident that things will work themselves out. Elizabeth is afraid of letting Alison down yet again; everyone will think it's another one of her self-centered, self-obsessed schemes. She just wants to be special in her daughter's eyes. Chris thinks she's being too hard on herself. He assures her that Alison loves her and that this won't change that. Elizabeth knows that, but she wants her to be proud of her. When she announced her intention to bring the designer in to help, Alison looked at her with respect for the first time ever. Chris thinks they just need to pull themselves together, because there are several ways to solve this problem. Elizabeth tells him to go ahead and name one, but her challenge is met with silence. Chris is drawing a blank, but he thinks that's okay; genius can't be rushed. Elizabeth thinks it's hopeless. The wheels still turning, Chris gets an idea. After telling her that he is again going to save her skin, he rushes out the door. Elizabeth just hopes that it doesn't involve costumes.

As Lucy chatters about the grand opening of Body and Soul, Ian sits quietly, thinking. When Lucy talks about having signed the divorce papers, she's aware that Ian isn't paying much attention to her. "Your hair's on fire," she says. Ian realizes that he was off in his own world. Lucy offers to make sandwiches, and when she goes to make them, Ian thinks about his conversation with Kevin. Lucy returns to say that she'd rather have Chinese food. She can see that something is wrong, and she gives Ian a choice. He can either tell her now what's really going on, or she'll pester him until he does. Serena calls Lucy to arrange a shopping trip to Manhattan. After hanging up, Lucy tells Ian that she has nothing to wear to go shopping. Therefore, she'll have to go shopping before going shopping. She thinks about leaving on a Friday and returning the following Sunday night, but then she realizes that she doesn't want to be gone for that long. She doesn't want to leave Ian at all, so she asks him to go with her. Ian points out that Serena wants to spend time with her, and in his opinion, that's a good thing. This isn't just about a shopping trip. Ian tells her that she can't live a normal life because of him. Lucy reminds him that she's never had a normal life, and she never even said she wanted one. Ian hates what he's doing to her. Lucy thought they had gotten past this, but Ian wants her to live a rich, full life and not have to give up anything because of him. Lucy considers herself very lucky to be living with the man she loves. Everyone has to make sacrifices for love. Lucy knows that Ian wouldn't leave her if the situation were reversed. Ian agrees. With sweet kisses, they agree that their relationship works just fine.

Jamal orders Jack to hand over the ring. He knows that Jack is the one who took it from him. Jack tries to lay the blame on Imani, but Jamal knows better. Jack tells him to go to her room now, because he might be surprised by what he finds. He never thought Jamal would wig out over a piece of jewelry, but Jamal says it's not about the ring anymore. It's about being a friend, and Jack is blowing it. Jack turns it around on him, saying that Jamal is the one accusing him of being a crook. He's not going to put up with it. He tries to leave, but Jamal grabs his arm, bares his fangs, and goes for his neck. Suddenly, he releases Jack, who asks Jamal whether he really would have killed him. Jamal claims that he wouldn't have, but Jack tells him to take the ring, because he doesn't want it. He just wanted to see what it was all about, but since it obviously has the power to make a guy's best friend try to kill him, he doesn't want anything to do with it. Neither does Jamal. He's going to get rid of it before it causes any real harm.

Imani's hotel room is trashed. One lone figure huddles under the bedspread, shaking in terror.


All night, Chris works on his idea to get Elizabeth out of this jam. He sketches some designs as they have martinis. After seeing his artwork, Elizabeth is ready to tell Alison the truth. Chris wants her to work with him on this. Discarded sketches are wadded up all over the bed. Chris shows her another sketch, and she asks whether the sticks are supposed to be legs. He challenges her to do better. Elizabeth takes the pad and makes some modifications to his drawings. Looking over her shoulder, Chris is impressed. At first Elizabeth is encouraged, but then she wads up the paper in disgust, knowing full well that she's in over her head. Chris grabs some kind of cloth--possibly a tablecloth or a throw--and wraps it around his waist. Inspired, Elizabeth uses him as her model as she begins to sketch again.

Jack and Jamal wait until daylight to go to the river, where Jamal tosses the ring into the water. Jack suggests going to breakfast, but Jamal has something else to do. Jack assures him there are no hard feelings about what happened before.

Ian dreams that he's visiting the graves of his loved ones. As he puts a flower on each grave many years in the future, he clearly hasn't aged a bit. Waking up, he pulls Lucy closer.

Jamal hears a cat meowing as he approaches the door to Imani's motel room. Imani comes out and asks what he's doing there. Jamal first claims to have been in the neighborhood, but then he admits that he just wanted to see her. Imani tells him that it's not a good time. Jamal is suspicious that she's trying to leave town.

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