PC Update Friday 7/25/03


Port Charles Update Friday 7/25/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

After hearing a cat meowing in the alley, Ricky is startled to see Casey, and he's not happy about it. She asks how she can make it up to him, but he tells he tells her not to. Casey jokes that she should check and see whether hell froze over, since he's not in the mood. Ricky tells her that he wants a girlfriend he can count on. Casey doesn't get it; she thought they had an understanding. Ricky says it's not clear with him. He doesn't know whether she's real or he's just imagining her. Casey tells him not to analyze it, since she thinks that being together is enough. Ricky informs her just being together isn't enough for him anymore. He's tired of her popping in and out of his life like a yo-yo. He doesn't want to hang onto a dream anymore. He wants to be with her, but she keeps disappearing. Casey reminds him that she always comes back. Ricky really needs to know whether she's real or he's losing his mind. She reminds him she's not the average everyday girlfriend. Ricky would settle for one that people could actually see. Casey points out that she's here now and that she loves him. That's not good enough for Ricky, who doesn't want her on a pass or a whim. He wants to really be with her. Casey wants the same thing, and she can prove it if they make love. She says it's the only way he'll know that they're really together. Ricky tells her that it's not enough. He wants to take her out and show her off. He feels as if he's dancing with a dream. Casey tells him not to spoil the fun, but he doesn't want any more fun and games. He tells her to either stay here or stay away for good. He's sorry, but it's the only way it can be. Casey looks sad. She wishes he hadn't said that. She fades. "Casey, wait!" Ricky yells. He didn't mean it, but she's gone.

Caleb demands to know where his ring is. Jamal swears it was in his pocket. Caleb informs Jamal that he never should have crossed him. Although Jamal claims to have taken it for protection, Caleb believes that he just wanted to use it for himself. Jamal says that he took it to keep Caleb and Rafe from killing each other. In Caleb's opinion, that would make Jamal a hero, and heroes usually end up dead. He claims Jamal as one of his tribe, which means it's his place to deal with him. Afraid for Jamal, Alison points out that anybody could have lifted the ring. Caleb wants to know how he got it in the first place. Jamal explains that when he arrived at the mansion, there was smoke everywhere. Right before Joshua bit the dust, he saw the ring fall to the floor, and he grabbed it. No one saw him, but that's how it happened. Caleb doesn't believe him. Jamal tells him to believe what he wants. In any case, he's out of there. Caleb won't allow that. He grabs him in a choke hold. Rafe immediately does the same with Olivia. In his opinion, Jamal is one of his tribe, not Caleb's. If Caleb kills Jamal, Rafe will kill his precious Olivia. It's up to Caleb.

Jack goes home, peeks out the window to see whether he was followed, and then takes out the ring, wondering what's so special about it. Reese sees it and assumes that it's for her. Throwing her arms around his neck, she tells him that she couldn't be happier. She apologizes for ruining what was surely intended to be a surprise. Jack tries to explain that this isn't what she thinks, but it doesn't do any good. Her answer is "yes." Jack finally tells her that it's a family ring he's holding onto for Chris. He's sorry that she thought it was more. Reese tries to save face by pretending to have been messing with him. She says that he was as pale as a ghost. She starts talking about getting a list of ingredients to cook something for him, but she's trying not to cry. Jack whirls her around and kisses her, which makes it all better. She tells him that everything will be okay as long as she's with him. They fall onto the couch together.

Alison orders them both to stop it. Rafe says it's up to Caleb. Caleb believes that he's already made enough compromises. Killing Jamal will be a lesson to everyone. Rafe is ready to snap Olivia's neck if Caleb does that to Jamal. He thinks it's only fair, since she's the one who lost the ring to begin with. If Jamal has to be dealt with, so should she. Caleb drops Jamal and orders everyone away before he loses his temper. Olivia doesn't think he should have let them go; she is sure that Rafe wouldn't have hurt her. Caleb tells her that he couldn't take the risk. Besides, it wouldn't have solved the real problem.

After making love, Reese apologizes for jumping the gun. She just got carried away once Jack made it official that they're really a couple. She wasn't sure how he felt, and she was upset about it until he gave her the key. Jack tells her that it's just a key. Reese thinks of it as a real home. She wants to go to sleep now, since she has an early rehearsal in the morning. Jack is ready to walk her out, but she announces that she's sleeping over. Getting up to leave the room, she talks about where to put her clothes when she brings them over. Jack is on the verge of panic. He gets up and removes the ring from its box while thinking about how he would like her to focus on someone else. Reese immediately returns and says that she's going home. Outside the house, she sees Ricky looking heavenward.

Back inside Body and Soul, Alison tells Rafe that he scared her to death out there. When he had Olivia in the lock, she could see that he couldn't wait to fight. Rafe states that he just wants to be ready for the game. Alison wants to know what happened to the truce. She's actually glad that Jamal stole the ring, because at least he's trying to end this stupid rivalry. Rafe claims that he's trying to do the same thing. Alison reminds him that she's heard that many times. He can go search the whole world for the stupid ring, but he'll be doing it without her. Rafe reminds her of the harm it's capable of. Alison tells him to look at what he has. He has a huge opportunity ahead of him, but chances sometimes disappear. She wants to do all these things with him. She begs him to choose her for once. She wants his answer now. "I choose you," he says. Alison hugs him, and he says that he'll always choose her. They kiss sweetly.

Ricky apologizes to Casey and asks her to come back; he'll take her any way he can get her. Reese approaches and asks whether he's okay, thinking that he looks as if he's lost his best friend. She tells him that she's there to talk if he wants. Ricky asks why she's staring at him. Reese replies that she never realized what a sweet guy he is underneath all that tough talk. Saying he needs to be by himself, Ricky walks away. Reese watches him, happy at the prospect of seeing him around.

Caleb is thinking. He's not going to sit around and wait anymore. He was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but he has to go home. Olivia is ready to go with him, but he explains that he's not referring to the loft. This is someplace she can't go with him. No one can go there.

Jack wonders whether he's losing it. Putting on his shirt, he thinks about how crazy this is. He looks at the ring and wonders what's going on in this crazy town. He puts it in the armoire for safety, and when he turns around, Jamal is standing there. He knows that Jack must have taken it, and he wants it back now.

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