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Port Charles Update Thursday 7/24/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Disguised to make people believe he's Georges, Elizabeth's designer friend from Europe, Chris fakes a horrible accent with no resemblance to French and constantly mispronounces what's supposed to be his own name. Remarkably, he fools everyone but Elizabeth, who is appalled. When she tells him to stop calling her "Lizzie," Chris quietly asks her not to wreck his vibe. Alison approaches them and gives "Georges" the grand tour of the gym. She is excited about the promises he is making, but Elizabeth tries to downplay them by stressing how very busy the man is. Not to be stopped, Chris insists that he will design an entire line, with gym shorts and "little teeny stretchy bras." Alison is psyched, thinking it would really put them on the map. Elizabeth tries to get him out of there, ostensibly to talk about the details, but Chris won't have it.

Kevin suggests that he, Lucy, and Ian try to make the best of this, because they're bound to run into each other at times. He says that he's available to see Christina anytime. Lucy tells him that she signed the divorce papers. At her request, Ian steps away to give them some privacy. Lucy assures Kevin that Ian is taking good care of her. Kevin in turn assures her that he really is himself again. He's sad about the dissolution of their marriage, but he's happy for her. Lucy has come to a conclusion about all this. She thinks that the universe was telling them that it wasn't quite meant to me. The problem is that they just weren't listening. Kevin would like to think that the universe was actually saying to enjoy what they have at the moment, because tomorrow might not be the way they think it will be. As for his own future, he can't leave town because of his daughters. Beyond that, he really doesn't know anything for certain. He does need to make amends. He may open up a private practice, and he will definitely paint. Unfortunately, he's lost his muse. "Georges" interrupts them to take Lucy aside, claiming that he's seen two of her Nurses' Balls.

When Jack tells Olivia that she and Caleb are joined at the hip, she asks why he always says really horrible things to her. "The only thing that's horrible are the memories I have of you," Jack retorts. She's Caleb's headache now, and Jack is sure that Caleb is popping aspirin right now. Jack taunts her with the fact that he's doing so well without her.

Caleb doesn't believe that Jamal really has his ring. As for Rafe, he wants to know why Jamal is finally coming clean about it. Caleb thinks that Jamal is protecting his new girlfriend, but he'll play along. He wants to know how Jamal ended up with his ring. Jamal doesn't think it matters, but he's had it ever since Rafe killed Joshua. Caleb orders him to hand it over. Jamal claims that it's actually hidden at the bike shop, and he's the only one who knows its exact location. Caleb is ready to go get it, but Jamal says he'll meet them there. Saying that he has something to do first, he starts toward the door, but Caleb strongly objects. He wants to go now. Rafe informs him that he's not going anywhere near the ring.

Ian apologizes to Kevin and admits to trying to pick a fight. Kevin understands that this will take time to get used to. Ian tells him that he does love Lucy. Kevin reminds him that although the situation isn't his fault, he's still a vampire. He needs human blood to survive, and he'll still be alive long after Lucy is gone. He'll also watch Danny and Christina grow up and grow old. Kevin asks whether that's really fair to any of them. "You're always asking me to do what's right for the family. I'm just asking you to do the same," he points out.

Elizabeth again tries to get "Georges" out of there, but Lucy decides there's something very familiar about him. "Georges" tells her it's because they're soul mates. When Alison tells Lucy about his agreement to design clothes for the gym, Lucy gets the idea to do a fashion show. Alison agrees, and Chris rolls with it. He wants to hold it at the gym. Elizabeth protests, but she's overruled. Alison rushes to talk to Jack about publicizing such an event, and Jack wants the Elixir to do the catering. They think it's a great idea, and Jack calls for a round of applause for the "designer." The lights flicker as the tension increases outside.

Caleb reminds Rafe that he can't hurt him, but Rafe is determined to keep the vampire away from the powerful ring. Several people go outside, but Rafe orders them all back in. He doesn't want any interference, and Caleb warns everyone that the slayer is very serious right now. Jamal surreptitiously takes the ring from his pocket and quietly laments having to give it up. Caleb asks him to repeat his words, but Jamal claims he wasn't talking to him. Caleb demands to know what he's hiding.

Elizabeth finally gets to speak to Chris alone. Quite pleased with himself, Chris laughs about having everyone fooled, including his own brother. Elizabeth thinks he's completely lost his mind. Chris tells her to stop; he saved her butt in there and kept her from being the laughingstock of the party. Elizabeth argues that he most certainly did not. Instead, he promised to design a whole new fashion line of clothes for the gym, put on a fashion show, and invite the press to make it the grandest presentation ever seen in Port Charles. "We can't do that," she points out. Chris doesn't know what she's talking about. Of course they can do that. Thinking about what it will take, he suddenly stops. "Oh, no," he says.

Imani rushes back to her room and complains about Port Charles, where everyone asks too many questions. She just wants to be left alone. That's why she came to town, but now Caleb Morley of all people is giving her a hard time. Now she has to leave town already. After packing her suitcase, she decides to write a note for Jamal. She tries, but she ends up wadding it up and tossing it on the floor. Just as she prepares to leave town, she hears a noise that's familiar to her, and she knows what it means. She gasps, pulls the shades, and locks the door, wondering frantically how "they" managed to find her.

Rafe again tells everyone to go inside. Lucy refuses to leave if she can help, but she finally gives in. Alison asks what's going on. Caleb tells Jamal to just hand over the ring. Jamal swears he doesn't have it. Caleb counts to three. Rafe lunges at him. "Enough!" Jamal shouts, causing both Caleb and Rafe to stop. He agrees to give it to Caleb. Reaching into his pocket, he tries to pull it out. He doesn't have it after all.

Jack removes the ring from his pocket and looks it over. "Well, well, well. Looks like things are going to be a little different around here. The Elixir is all mine, and so is Caleb's ring," he tells himself, pleased.

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