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Port Charles Update Wednesday 7/23/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Before heading over to the grand opening of Body and Soul, Ian makes sure that Lucy still wants to go. She seems distracted, and it's because she's still thinking about having signed the divorce papers. Ian asks whether she's okay with it. Lucy assures Ian that she's not sorry. Although she's glad she signed them, it's still sad, because it's the end of some dreams she used to have. After all, she was with Kevin for almost ten years. She can accept that things didn't work out, but that doesn't make it seem like any less of a failure. Ian understands, or at least he'll try to. He finally concedes that what happens with Christina and Kevin is up to Lucy, not him. He knows what it's like to lose something that should have been there forever, but the two of them have something good, and she can share her pain with him. Lucy wants to go out and just forget about the divorce for now.

Just about everyone is at Body and Soul for the grand opening. Kevin's interest in joining surprises Alison. When he assures her that he's the old Kevin again, she warmly tells him to make himself at home. Seeing Elizabeth check her watch, Kevin starts toward her to apologize, but Olivia stops him. Alison is happy to see Jack. They are proud of each other for their accomplishments. When Reese comes along and criticizes the decor, Jack becomes angry with her. He knows that she's still mad at him about what he said to Ricky, but she shouldn't take it out on Alison. He tells her to leave if she wants, but he's staying.

Elizabeth apologizes to Chris for spilling her martini on the front of his pants. She can't believe that she actually did it. Chris assures her that she did, because he's still a bit moist. In his opinion, she should stop trying to impress Caleb with stories about some guy she supposedly knows. Elizabeth protests that this isn't just "some guy." It's Georges--not George, but Georges, and she promised Alison that he would be here. He's the top designer in Europe right now, and she's made arrangements with him to design a whole new sports line for the gym. Unfortunately, she has a feeling he's not coming. Chris thinks the guy just agreed so that he could get her off the phone, but Elizabeth is sure that something important must have come up. Now it's rather humiliating and disastrous, because she had it all planned. She certainly doesn't want to embarrass Alison. Chris thinks that he might be able to fix this for her. He doesn't know Georges, but it doesn't matter. He rushes off.

Jamal insists that Rafe drop the idea that Imani has Caleb's ring. Rafe demands to know why he's getting so worked up about this. Jamal claims that he doesn't want Rafe to screw things up for him now that he's finally found a girl he likes. It's bad enough that she knows he's a vampire, but now Rafe wants to accuse her of taking Caleb's ring. Rafe realizes that she couldn't possibly have it anyway. Jamal sees Imani outside with Caleb, and he decides to handle the problem himself.

Imani has no idea what Caleb is talking about. Playing along, he tells her that he's looking for a ring passed down to him from his father. Imani swears that she doesn't have it. "And I don't believe you!" Caleb yells, vanishing and then rematerializing to block her escape. He demands the ring, but Imani says that she's not afraid of him. Caleb says that maybe she should be. Imani isn't impressed. She's heard all the stories about him, and she wants to make one thing perfectly clear. She may be new to town, but she's not a thief. Caleb grabs her wrist. Jamal comes outside and orders him to get his hands off her. If Caleb wants to talk to Imani, he'll have to deal with Jamal.

Alison hopes that her mother isn't upset about "this Jacques guy" not coming. "Georges. Georges," Elizabeth clarifies. She doesn't know what to say about his failure to show up. Alison tells her not to worry about it. Elizabeth figures he must have been commissioned to do something for Madonna, Oprah, or someone else with only one name. Agreeing, Alison asks her to calm down and eat something.

Olivia says that the return of the nice, sweet, fuzzy old Kevin isn't working for her; she prefers the way her father was before. She hates seeing him apologize to everyone and act so humble, as if he's done something wrong. Kevin tells her that he did do something wrong, and he knows it. Olivia doesn't think that he should ever apologize to those people. She accuses him of trying to impress them. Kevin says that he's not trying to impress anyone; he's just trying to make things better for himself. He was also trying to make things better for her by trying to get her to work things out with Alison. Olivia thinks that being nice is overrated, and she misses the dad she could actually relate to. Kevin wants to know what that behavior ever got her, other than a lot of heartache and paranoia.

Jack shows Reese his business card and tells her to stop giving Alison dirty looks. Reese doesn't understand his friendship with Alison. Jack explains that she will always be a part of his life because they're old friends. Reese doesn't appreciate how much better he talks about Alison than about his own girlfriend. Jack thinks he says a lot of nice things about her. After being reminded that the last time was when she cooked for him, Jack apologizes but says that he's just been busy lately. He asks how he can make it up to her. Reese informs him that she still wants the key to his house. Reluctantly giving in, Jack hands her a key. He points out that they're not living together; she just has a key to make things easier. Reese is happy. She wants to go to his place now, but Jack plans to stick around the gym a little longer. Reese kisses him and says that she'll see him at home. "Home?" Jack repeats, knowing he's in trouble.

Seeing her mother with two martinis, Alison puts her hand on her shoulder just as Elizabeth mutters that one of them is for Chris. Alison demands to know whether she's sleeping with Chris. Elizabeth replies that she would rather be a nun. In Alison's opinion, that's a good answer.

Kevin chases Olivia as she tries to avoid answering his question. She admits that things aren't exactly perfect in her life, but at least she's with the person she loves, which is more than she can say for him. She quickly apologizes, knowing how much he misses Lucy. When he says that they've both moved on, Olivia is disgusted. The father she misses would never give up that easily. He would do everything he could to take back what matters most. If he really loves Lucy, he has to fight for her. Seeing Ian and Lucy come in, Kevin wants to drop this, but Olivia isn't done.

Jamal comes to Imani's rescue, but she is confident that the big, nasty vampire won't hurt her since he can't even figure her out. She wants to make this clear once and for all; she doesn't know anything about his ring, and she wants him to leave her alone. She goes back inside. Rafe comes out just as Caleb demands that Jamal explain how he knows that she doesn't have his ring. Rafe explains that it just isn't a logical conclusion; it doesn't make sense for her to have it. Caleb is convinced that she's hiding something. Otherwise, Rafe and Jamal wouldn't be making such a big deal about this. If they don't tell him where his ring is, he's going back inside to find her, and he won't be nearly as charming this time. Pressured to explain his adamant defense of Imani, Jamal finally admits that he has the ring.

Alison tries to get Imani to stay and mingle, but Imani wants to be alone. Chris returns in a disguise, pretending to be Georges. With his outrageous get-up and comments, he seems to fool everyone but Elizabeth, who can't believe her eyes. When Alison turns to address Imani, her new friend is no longer there.

Olivia tells Kevin that this is his chance. He can go to Lucy while everyone is looking at "Georges." Kevin reminds her that he accepts the choices she's made, and he would like her to return the favor. Ian and Lucy are stunned by "Georges." Kevin approaches them and tells Lucy that she looks great.

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