PC Update Tuesday 7/22/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 7/22/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

Taking flowers to Karen at the cemetery, Ricky becomes angry when he sees a man lying on her grave. He kicks the man's foot and orders him to get up. It's Frank. Frank tells Ricky to get lost, but Ricky isn't going anywhere. He resents Frank's presence. He knows that Frank brought nothing but misery to Karen's life, and he resents the fact that Frank is sitting there crying on her grave. Frank tells him to shut his mouth. Ricky wants to know what he's going to do about it. Frustrated, Frank doesn't know what Ricky wants. He would trade places with Karen in a heartbeat if it were possible. Ricky agrees; he would trade a thousand Franks for one Karen. Frank turns to leave, but Ricky stops him. He heard about Frank's run-in with Caleb, and he wants to know what he was trying to accomplish. Personally, he doesn't care what happens to Frank, but Karen did, which is why his self-destructive behavior is nothing but a disgrace to her memory. Ricky tells him to go ahead and ruin his life by becoming a bigger loser than he already is, but he wants Frank to know that Karen is watching. Frank asks how he knows that. "Because, Frank, the people who we love never really leave us," Ricky replies. Frank admits that he started coming to her grave at night because he keeps seeing her at home while he's trying to sleep. He knows it's all in his head. He just regrets not having been able to do anything for her. Ricky tells him that there is something he can do now; he can stop trying to destroy the one guy she truly loved. Frank leaves. "That was almost angelic of you," Casey tells Ricky. He wants her to stop popping up with no warning. Casey tells him that she was right about him after all; he's really not bad at being good. "He sees Karen, and I see you. But I really am seeing you," he says. "Maybe. Maybe not," Casey teases, vanishing.

Jamal peeks inside the window at Imani. She sees him and comes outside, but he's nowhere in sight. She's puzzled, because she was certain that she saw him. After she goes back inside the club, Jamal returns and looks through the window again. He tells himself that he has to stay away from her. Taking the ring from his pocket, he wonders what to wish for now.

Alison and Rafe are getting ready for the grand opening of Body and Soul, their new gym. They even have brochures with Rafe's photo on them. Alison sweeps the floor one last time to prepare for Georges, her mother's European designer friend who's coming by. She's still freaked out about the personality switch, but Rafe assures her that it's over. He and Caleb still have a deal to stay away from each other, so they shouldn't be bothered by him and Olivia anymore. "Hey, hey! Open for business?" Caleb says, announcing his presence. He's with Olivia, as usual. Rafe tells Caleb that he should sign up for a lifetime membership, since it would be such a bargain to someone who lives forever. Caleb informs him that they have unfinished business to discuss. Rafe tells him to get lost, but Caleb thinks he should want to know what happened to cause the switch last night. Elizabeth comes in and gushes over the way Alison decorated the place. Seeing the others, her mood changes. "Well, if it isn't my estranged husband and his little vampire slut," she remarks. She reminds him that they are still married, after all--not that it makes a difference to his little concubine. She tells Alison that Georges should be here any minute, and he has a wonderful new exercise line. When Caleb tries to talk to Rafe, the slayer takes Elizabeth aside to get away. Caleb tells Alison that her mother retains that unique way of annoying people. Alison says that her mother is doing the best she can. She goes to check on the food. Jamal comes in just before Imani arrives with some of the food. Seeing Jamal, Imani asks whether he was at the club earlier, but he claims not to have been there. He helps her by taking the heavy plate, putting his hands over hers for a moment. Alison apologizes to her for the paint fight and asks whether she's still interested in the apartment, but Imani has already found another place. Ostensibly taking Jamal up on his offer to help, Alison takes him aside to whisper her approval of his interest in Imani. After she steps away, Jamal tells Imani that they used to be together. Imani thinks it's great that they're still so close. She's convinced that he really did go by the club earlier. Jamal admits that it's possible, since he walks by there quite a bit. She reminds him of her standing offer to go out for a smoothie, and he promises to let her know if he changes his mind.

Trying to escape Elizabeth's incessant prattle, Rafe is annoyed to see that Caleb and Olivia are still there. When Caleb states that he may become a member after all, Rafe understands that he plans to stay until they figure out what caused the personality switch. He realizes that there's only one thing powerful enough to cause this much trouble and have Caleb sniffing around after it. The ring is obviously responsible for the switch. They step outside to speak privately. Caleb reminds Rafe that he couldn't possibly know that, since he doesn't even know what the ring does. Rafe doesn't think he has to know. Caleb admits to the possibility that someone got hold of it and is using it without even realizing it. Rafe wants to know what powers it has. Caleb says only that if Joshua had known how to use it, neither of them would be standing there right now. Rafe thinks that whoever has it can keep it, because he would rather take his chances with that person than with Caleb.

Inside, Alison fills Jamal in on the plans for aerobics and kickboxing, but he isn't listening. Alison is amused that he's been staring at Imani ever since he arrived. Jamal admits that he likes her but says that he's in no position to be with her, even though she seemed cool with the knowledge that he's a vampire. Alison urges him to go talk to her, and when he refuses, she calls Imani over on the pretense on having her explain something to Jamal. Alison then walks away, and Jamal apologizes for her. Imani doesn't mind; it gives her a chance to hang out with him. Jamal reminds her that they can't have a relationship, but she claims to just want to be friends. She doesn't make friends easily, but she understands if he still wants to keep his distance.

Caleb asks Elizabeth whether he should be worried that she'll drive a stake through his heart. He knows that he deserves it, and he's sorry about everything. When he asks how she's doing, she claims that she's never been better. She drones on about how her European designer friend constantly tells her that she's exciting and creative. Apparently, she's not simply surviving without Caleb; she's thriving. After wishing her luck with everything, Caleb kisses her hand and walks away. "That went well," Chris remarks sarcastically, adding that if she's trying to rekindle the flame with her ex, her game needs work. Chris thinks that she's being way too obvious. Elizabeth accuses him of being rude, claiming that she really wasn't saying anything for Caleb's benefit. Chris asks her to admit that she was trying to make an impression on Caleb and that it didn't work. Instead of admitting to anything, she pours her martini on the front of his pants.

As Imani tells Rafe about the popular new energy drinks, he gets the feeling that they've met before. Imani suggests that he may know her from the Elixir, and Rafe thinks about this. She excuses herself to get some ice. Caleb informs Olivia that Rafe knows about the ring. She doesn't like this, but Caleb isn't worried. He points out that guessing that the ring is behind what happened is very different from finding it. Olivia tells him that she's been thinking about events leading up to the switch. Pointing out Imani, she tells Caleb that the waitress may be involved. They were both at the club, and then when she came to see Alison, Imani also showed up. It can't be a coincidence. Caleb thinks about this. Imani works at the club, and she just happened to hit town about the time his ring disappeared. Olivia concludes that Imani has the ring.

Going against his original intention, Jamal uses the ring again to find out what Imani is thinking. "One day I'm going to save enough money to join a cool place like this," he hears. After Alison finishes up with some prospective members, Jamal takes her aside to ask a favor, which he whispers in her ear and then pushes her toward the unsuspecting Imani. Alison offers her a free membership to the gym for a year, saying that she would like to make up for what happened before. Imani thinks it's too generous, but Alison says that it will also be good for business to have a pretty girl working out. Imani gratefully accepts the offer, and Jamal chuckles happily as Alison shows her the equipment. Rafe approaches Jamal to ask about her, saying that he thinks they've met before. Telling him her name, Jamal asks what's up. Rafe is suspicious of the fact that her arrival in town coincided with the disappearance of the ring, and he's wondering whether she has it. Olivia tells Imani that the other waiter is looking for her. Imani goes outside to look for Carl, but he's not there. Caleb slams the door. Brushing his hand over her face, he tells her that he thinks he's figured out her little secret.

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