PC Update Monday 7/21/03

Port Charles Update Monday 7/21/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Ian is annoyed with Lucy for not having signed the divorce papers yet. Although she claims to have gotten sidetracked by getting refreshments together for their company, Ian informs her that Kevin's visit isn't a social call. He thinks it's a bad idea to invite Kevin back into Christina's life; he doesn't trust him at all. Lucy is aware of his feelings, and she reminds him that they already discussed this. She's providing cookies because she doesn't think that the discussion about custody has to be unpleasant. Kevin arrives and immediately comments on the dirty look coming his way from Ian. He and Lucy sit down on the couch. Ian sits in a chair, and from the look on his face, it's obvious that he's going to start something. Kevin thanks Lucy for letting him back into Christina's life. Lucy states that it's only for Christina's sake. Kevin understands. He suggests taking her every other weekend. Ian pipes up that it's no good, because that would intrude on their own family time. Kevin then suggests taking her for the summer, but Ian doesn't like that idea either. Conceding, Kevin offers to drive his little girl to ballet lessons every week, but Ian again voices his objection. Seeing what's going on, Kevin refuses to allow Ian to take his place in Christina's life. However, he won't let Ian goad him into losing his temper, even when Ian challenges his claim to really be a changed man. Despite Lucy's efforts to break the tension, Kevin decides to leave, but not before stating that Ian will never be Christina's father. After he's gone, Lucy reminds Ian that Christina wants to spend time with Kevin. She isn't impressed with the way Ian was behaving, but she gives him credit for knowing that he was being obnoxious. When she accuses him of trying to goad Kevin into a fight, Ian denies it, but Lucy doesn't believe him. Ian states that he was merely trying to get Kevin to show his true colors. As far as he can tell, Kevin seems to have passed the test, but Ian won't apologize for wanting to protect Lucy. She doesn't want an apology. To prove that Ian is the man she wants, she signs the divorce papers. Ian apologizes for picking a fight with Kevin, and they decide to go to bed.

Imani wants Jamal to confirm that he just admitted to being a vampire. Jamal laughs it off, but Imani has heard all kinds of stories about Port Charles. Contrary to what Jamal tries to tell her, she doesn't believe that the rumors are just an effort to boost tourism. She really wants the truth. Admitting that he really is a vampire, Jamal encourages her to run away from him as fast as she can. When she doesn't, he wants to know why. Imani reminds him that she works at the club. Therefore, she's seen all kinds of strange things. Since she can tell that he's not like the others, she's not afraid of him. Jamal would like to believe that he's better than they are, but he would be fooling himself. He reminds her that he stalked her to the church. He doesn't really know why he did it, except that he thought she was in some kind of trouble because of how mysterious she was being. Imani apologizes for insulting him earlier, but Jamal admits that he shouldn't have barged into the church. Imani thinks that's exactly where he should be. In her opinion, they may not be as different as he thinks. Jamal laughs at the comparison between a church choir member and a vampire, but Imani points out that everyone has secrets. Jamal tells her that he used to love going to church services with his mother, but that was long ago. Imani says that church doors are always open to everyone. Jamal doesn't think so; it's a holy place, and he doesn't belong there. Imani tells him that God's love is unconditional. Jamal thinks that she should be a preacher, but she doesn't agree with that at all. She just knows what's true for her. Jamal admits that he sometimes feels lost. "I know," Imani agrees, to his surprise. She clarifies that she can imagine how he feels. She invites him to get a smoothie, but he turns her down. He doesn't want her pity, which is the only explanation he can come up with for why she didn't run screaming when she found out the truth. Both disappointed, they agree to go their separate ways, and Jamal leaves. Just outside, he takes out the ring. "What good are you if you can give me everything except my old life back and a chance with a woman like Imani?" he asks.

While Caleb tries to figure out what's wrong with Olivia, Rafe barges uninvited into the loft. Rafe wants to talk, and he doesn't care to hear Caleb's opinion on whether it's a good time for that. He demands to know where Alison is. Caleb encourages him to search the place, because she's not there. Rafe says that she wasn't acting like herself at all. "Yeah? Olivia baked muffins," Caleb informs him before offering to share the baked goods. He realizes that the two women were acting like each other, as if they exchanged personalities. Rafe speculates that it's the drug, but Caleb points out that his theory doesn't explain Olivia's behavior. Rafe asks what strange things she did besides bake muffins. Caleb wants to spare him the gory details, saying to just trust him on this. Rafe wants to know how this personality exchange happened. "Man, I'm just a humble vampire. I'm no wizard," Caleb points out. Rafe still wants him to think about this, because it could be very dangerous. When he last saw Alison, she had murder in her eyes. Caleb worries that Alison will get hurt. No matter how angry she is, she's not the one who's a vampire. Caleb and Rafe head out to find them before things get very bad.

On the docks, Alison accuses Olivia of being responsible for every annoying and rotten thing that's ever happened to her. In her opinion, it's time for some payback. Olivia tries to reason with her, but when it doesn't work, she turns to leave. Alison grabs her arm, refusing to let her go anywhere until she admits to trying to get Rafe back into her bed. Olivia denies this, but Alison grabs her by the ponytail and pulls it hard. Olivia pushes her away. Despite being given fair warning, Alison refuses to back down. Olivia hisses and bares her fangs. Arriving just in time, Caleb calls out a warning to Alison. Rafe asks whether she's trying to get herself killed. "What, by her? No way!" Alison scoffs. "She's a vampire; you're a mortal. There is a way," Caleb reminds her. Olivia denies that she would ever hurt her. Alison accuses her of manipulating Rafe out of a desire to have everything she has. Olivia tells her that it's all in her evil mind. When Caleb tells his lover to relax, Alison states that now both men are swooning at her enemy's feet. "This is getting bizarre," Caleb states. Alison gets away from Rafe and goes for Olivia. Suddenly, church bells begin to ring, and the two women become frozen in their tracks. Caleb and Rafe are perplexed. When the ringing stops, the women can move again, and they have their own shoes back. They make fun of each other and the clothes they're wearing. The argument resumes, and the men realize that they're back to normal. After Rafe takes Alison home, Caleb says that somebody is using the ring, and they need to find out who it is.

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