PC Update Friday 7/18/03


Port Charles Update Friday 7/18/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe is uncomfortable with Alison's strange behavior. Since she's covered in paint, he suggests taking a hot shower. Alison likes that idea, and she assumes that he will join her. Rafe would prefer that she spend the time alone and just relax. She agrees, going into detail about how she'll lather up. She plans to put on something fun and then let him peel off every single layer while she sits in his lap. "Would that be good? You can peel me like a round, ripe, succulent grape. Does that sound good?" Becoming more uncomfortable by the minute, Rafe agrees with her and promises not to go anywhere. "Who the hell was that?" he asks himself after she goes upstairs.

Arriving home, Caleb asks Olivia what's going on. She doesn't know. Out of nowhere, she just started to feel very emotional, and she even tried to patch things up with Alison. Caleb is surprised to hear this. Olivia claims that she tried hard and even came close, but Alison just wouldn't accept her apology. Then she found Caleb about to hurt poor Frank. Caleb can't believe this. Tossing down his keys, he asks whether this is the same "poor Frank" who was going to pour acid on her face not long ago. "We all have to learn to forgive one another," she replies. They have to move forward and count their blessings. This really amuses Caleb. She tells him that he is her blessing, as is their love. Since they have each other, she can't imagine what else they need. "You know what I need," Caleb tells her. She looks at him innocently. "I know exactly what you need. Muffins," she says softly. "What?" Caleb asks, not believing his ears.

Imani stops and calls out a hello, going on ahead and then entering a building when there's no response. Jamal is right behind her. Determined to find out what she's hiding, he kicks the door in. Several people stare at him. It's a church choir. "Amen, yo," Jamal says, embarrassed. When Imani asks what he's doing there, he explains that he thought she was in trouble. Imani is sick of him following her around everywhere. After taking her place among the choir members, Imani begins to sing "Amazing Grace." Afterward, Jamal compliments her on her singing voice, but she orders him to get away from her. She doesn't need his compliments or his help. As far as she's concerned, he's a stalker, and she just wants him to stay away from her.

Tracking Frank down on the docks, Victor tells his stepson that he and Mary need to talk to him. Drinking from a bottle in a brown paper bag, Frank tells him to forget it. Victor urges Frank to see his mother, who is worried about him. Frank bitterly remarks that she's very forgiving, considering the fact that he turned her husband and a lot of other people into vampires. Victor explains that there are things they can do to lead relatively normal lives. When Frank says he's not interested, Victor asks whether he's preying on other people. Frank assures him that he's out of the recruiting business. Drinking is more or less what's keeping him going. Victor is sorry about what happened to Karen, but he thinks that Frank should move on. Frank doesn't see how, having killed the only woman he has ever loved. When Victor calls it a terrible, tragic accident, Frank informs him that Karen was running away from him because he wanted to turn her. He will never forgive himself for her death.

Imani is annoyed to find that Jamal hasn't left. She doesn't want him to speak to her ever again. The next time he decides to ask some poor girl out for a smoothie, she wants him to acknowledge his sick and twisted dark side first. "Finally, the truth comes out," Jamal exclaims. He wants her to admit that she knows he's a vampire. "You're a what?" she asks in disbelief.

Alison descends the stairs dressed in a very sexy outfit. Nuzzling Rafe's neck, she tells him that it's way past her dinnertime. Rafe stops her and asks what's going on. He also asks whether she has a fever. "Yeah, that's it. I have a fever, and I'm very hot and bothered," Alison says seductively. Rafe thinks that she should go to bed, which she thinks is a very good idea. She changes her mind; they've never really needed a bed before, so she wants to do it right here. "That's enough," Rafe says, convinced that something is very wrong. Alison becomes offended and asks what his problem is. "My problem is this isn't you!" Rafe blurts out. Alison doesn't know what he means. "Maybe this is some part of you I've never seen before," Rafe clarifies, saying that it's "out there." Alison doesn't think that's the problem. In her opinion, the problem is "that stupid bitch Livvie," whom she accuses Rafe of actually wanting instead of her.

After her shower, Olivia tells Caleb that his muffins are in the oven. Caleb thinks she looks like of dopey in her pink running suit, but she explains that she's comfortable. "I think it's going to take many lifetimes to understand you. You're full of surprises," Caleb concedes. She removes the chocolate chip muffins from the oven and urges him to try one. Caleb brings up the subject of her fight with Alison, and she says that it was the worst one of all. Caleb informs her that it will also be the last one, because they're going to stay away from her and Rafe. As for his friendship with Alison, he already has enough friends. Olivia admits that it wasn't fair of her to order him not to be friends with Alison. Caleb doesn't get it. Olivia explains that she may have been a little hard on poor Alison, who has been through a lot--much of which was Olivia's fault. She wants to give her more time to come around. She'll put forth the effort if Alison will. Caleb just can't figure it out. He tells her to give Alison as many chances as she wants. In fact, he and Alison want to take a walk at sunset. "You wouldn't have a problem with that? You wouldn't be maybe--oh, I don't know--jealous?" he asks. Olivia thinks it would be totally awesome; they've never given her any reason to be jealous. "Oh, what the hell. I'll play along, at least for one night," he says, thinking it might be a nice change of pace. Olivia asks him to make love to her right now.

Rafe is stunned by the accusation. Alison reminds him that he did marry Olivia. She thinks that maybe the trick was on her, and he actually liked it. She wants to know how long they've been seeing each other behind her back. After all, he never explained why they were together on the docks the other day when she was talking to Caleb. Rafe has had enough. He picks up the phone and punches in Ian's number, figuring that this has to do with her time at Joshua's. Alison tells him to put the phone down, but he doesn't. "I'm serious. Put down the damned phone," she orders nastily.

Lying in bed, Caleb is ready for their special kind of lovemaking, but Olivia expresses a desire to make love like normal people this time. Caleb thinks this little game has gone on long enough. He reminds her that normal isn't as good as the real thing. They kiss, and she tells him that she wants him. When he bares his fangs, she freaks out. Apologizing, she jumps out of bed and tells him to stay away from her.

With a warning that she will count to three, Alison starts counting. Rafe hangs up the phone and asks her to listen to him and just trust him. Her sarcasm brings on a surprising reaction. "Livvie, stop!" Rafe shouts. Realizing his mistake, Rafe tells her that she's driving him crazy. He's going to call a doctor. If he can't get hold of Ian, he'll try Chris. "Ramsey? Oh, God," she rolls her eyes. Rafe tells her that she's important to him and that he's worried about her. Not reaching Ian, he calls Chris. Getting an idea, Alison tells him that she's going upstairs to try to get some sleep. With Rafe's back turned, she sneaks out of the warehouse. She has no intention of letting her enemy get away with trying to take her man. She won't hurt her; she'll just get even. It's so much more fun that way. She's pleased with Olivia turns up. Alison asks for one good reason why she shouldn't kill her right now.

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