PC Update Thursday 7/17/03


Port Charles Update Thursday 7/17/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Christina asks whether her mommy is still mad at her daddy. Lucy assures her that she isn't mad at him anymore. "Can Daddy live here again with me, you, and Ian?" Christina asks hopefully. Lucy explains that it wouldn't work, but she promises to let her see or call her daddy anytime she wants. She picks the little girl up and carries her to bed, unaware that Ian is walking in the front door. Ian hears Christina's request to see Kevin tomorrow, as well as Lucy's promise to talk about it then. He sighs, pouring two glasses of wine. Lucy returns and asks whether he wants to check on the kids, but he wants to put it off until later. He informs her that he asked Kevin to stay away for a little while. Lucy reminds Ian that Kevin is very important to Christina. Ian realizes that, but he wants to protect his loved ones. He just doesn't buy Kevin's new nice persona. Lucy isn't sure about it herself, but she's trying to give Kevin the benefit of the doubt since he's been so cooperative. Ian can't forget about the horrible things Kevin has done, which Lucy seems to have forgiven him for. He would like to know whether she still has a soft spot for Doc. Lucy admits that something seems different this time. She asks whether Ian thinks that she would leave him if Kevin truly became the old Doc again. She's relieved to hear Ian say that it never occurred to him. She loves Ian and only Ian, but Kevin isn't going anywhere, and it's not a bad thing to let Christina have him in her life. Ian assures her that he's not jealous of Kevin in that respect; he just hopes that Kevin means what he says. Lucy doesn't know whether he does or not, but she does know that Christina loves him, and Kevin also loves her in his own way. Ian warns her not to give Kevin free reign, and she understands that she can't. She's just trying to make the best of the situation. They decide to stop this discussion and just focus on each other, but there's nothing to eat, so Ian has to go pick up a pizza. He tells Lucy to call ahead for one. When she picks up the phone, she hears Kevin talking to Christina, and it's clear that Christina is the one who made the call. Christina giggles as Kevin calls her "the most beautiful, most bestest girl in the whole world." He misses her with all his heart, but he can hear how happy she is. Christina wishes that they could all live there together. Kevin tells her that she's in his heart all the time. Ian returns with someone else's pizza, accusing Lucy of forgetting to call in the order. The phone still in her hand, Lucy apologizes and tells him that Christina called Kevin. She doesn't know what to do, because she thinks it's very important for Christina to spend more time with him.

As Jamal tries to break up the argument between Alison and Olivia, Imani comes into the warehouse, carrying a newspaper. Surprised to see Jamal, she asks whether he's the one who placed the ad about the apartment for rent. Alison says that it's actually her ad, for the apartment next to hers. Unfortunately, she didn't anticipate anyone stopping by this soon, so it's kind of a mess. Imani is willing to come back later, but Alison offers to let her look at her own place, which is exactly the same as the one for rent. Imani isn't too sure, since they all look so busy. Jamal decides to show her the apartment himself. Alison thanks him, assuring Imani that he's a nice guy. Jamal gets the key and takes her to the apartment. Alison calls Olivia on her sarcastic remarks, and their argument picks up where it left off. Holding a paintbrush, Alison turns around abruptly and accidentally smears paint on her enemy, who swears it was deliberate. Alison denies this but thinks it's actually a good idea and quite funny. Olivia informs her that it's not funny, and it's definitely not over. It soon escalates into a full-blown "paint fight."

Jamal asks Imani's opinion of the apartment, and she agrees that it's cute. She's suspicious because he turns up everywhere she goes. Jamal explains that he's not following her; Alison and Rafe are his friends. He decides to refrain from asking her any more questions, other than her opinion about the apartment. Imani asks him to give her a minute to think. Jamal takes out the ring, recalling his conversation with Rafe about the ring's history. He decides to use it just one more time to find out what Imani is thinking. "It's the perfect place. Really cute. But no matter what he says, it's not a coincidence he's here. And all the questions he keeps asking me. Why, Jamal? What do you think you know about me?" Imani wonders. She and Jamal turn and look at each other. He encourages her to take the apartment, but she wants to think about it some more. As for right now, she has to be somewhere, and she's already late. Jamal holds the ring and listens to her thoughts again. "They're waiting. I can't be late. I can't let them down," she worries silently. They go back and find Alison and Olivia covered in paint, still arguing bitterly. Declining the apartment, Imani leaves. Alison blames Olivia for chasing her away. She throws paint, which hits Jamal when Olivia ducks. Alison apologizes, but he's angry with both of them. "You're both acting like two little, stupid idiots! I just wish you two could spend some time in each other's shoes, just to see what it's like. You're so stupid," he says, storming out. Looking down, both women are stunned to see that they're wearing each other's shoes.

Frank is cocky enough to believe that he can kill the slayer. He puts his foot on Rafe's chest, but Rafe gains the upper hand and pulls out his stake. Caleb suddenly orders him to back off. "He's one of yours, and he attacked me," Rafe argues, reminding Caleb that they have an agreement. Caleb intends to hold up his end of the deal. He asks Rafe not to stake Frank, because he's going to handle this. "Fine," Rafe relents, reluctantly turning the matter over to Caleb, who orders Frank to stay right where he is. In his opinion, Frank deserves to die. Frank challenges Caleb to go ahead and kill him. Caleb tells him that he's acting like an idiot. "Yeah, but he's your idiot, Caleb," Rafe chimes in. Caleb tells him to stay out of this. Rafe is having trouble doing that, thinking that Frank's attack is a violation of the peace treaty. When Caleb states that he'll take care of it his way, Rafe asks what he's going to do when they all lose control. Exasperated, Caleb says to forget it; the truce is off. He's going back to his own rules. Rafe decides to let it go this time, but with the warning that this is the only slip-up allowed. Caleb turns his attention back to Frank, whose death wish he's perfectly willing to grant. He's tired of Frank's attitude. Frank asks why he doesn't solve the problem by sending Rafe to kill him. "It's too bad, Frank. You could've been useful," Caleb says, grabbing him by the neck. Olivia runs to Caleb and begs him not to hurt Frank. Puzzled, Caleb lets him go and orders him to get out of there. When Olivia thanks him profusely, he tells her to stop and asks what's wrong with her.

Jamal lurks in hiding as Imani puts on some kind of black wrap and enters a building. He wonders what she's up to.

Rafe returns to the warehouse, where Alison greets him nastily about how long he was gone. Wondering what happened there, Rafe learns that Olivia is responsible for the mess. "When I do get even with her, there won't be enough left of her to put into a tiny little box. Little Miss Goody Two Shoes," she says, sounding exactly like her sworn enemy. Rafe has no idea what's going on with her. Alison cozies up to him, kissing his neck and mouth. In her eyes, he looks almost scrumptious enough to eat.

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