PC Update Wednesday 7/16/03


Port Charles Update Wednesday 7/16/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Kevin hands Colleen a chart for a former patient he's referring to Gail. He sighs when Ian approaches to sort some things out, unable to imagine what Ian expects other than the divorce from Lucy. Ian knows that Kevin has no intention of staying away from Lucy. He also knows that Kevin holds a grudge. Kevin corrects him; he no longer holds a grudge. In fact, he's cleared the way for Lucy to be with Ian, and he's not asking anything in return. Ian does have a request, and if Kevin really has changed, he won't fight him on it. Kevin informs Ian that Lucy can call him if she has any requests. Ian states that Lucy isn't asking; he is. Kevin doesn't know what else Ian could want from him. His wife and daughter are already living with Ian, and sacrifices don't come much bigger than that. Ian understands that it's a big sacrifice, but he wants to know that there's no more ugliness yet to come. Kevin accuses Ian of wanting him to go off the deep end so that he can have his life. Ian denies this, but Kevin won't back down. He knows that Ian wants to be both Lucy's husband and Christina's father, and his presence is just a reminder that Ian's life was built on someone else's pain. He tells Ian to go to hell. Ian argues that he doesn't want to be Christina's father. He just wants to give her some stability, which is something that Kevin hasn't been providing lately. He doesn't want Kevin to disappear forever, just long enough for everyone to recover from what he's done. Kevin refuses to go away just to make Ian's life easier. Ian points out that it would be a selfless gesture by a man who claims to have changed his ways. Kevin states that one thing hasn't changed at all. He doesn't like Ian, not even a little bit, and he thinks that Lucy made a big mistake bringing him and his fangs into her home. However, it's not his call. By the same token, Ian has no right to weigh in on Christina. Kevin knows what's best for his little girl, and he's fresh out of sacrifices.

Jamal talks to the ring, putting it away when the door opens and Rafe enters the bike shop. When Rafe tells him that he and Alison are finally getting the gym together, Jamal asks what he can do. Rafe thinks that Jamal has already done enough. He just wants to thank him for everything he did for Alison. Jamal admits that he's become a pretty amazing liar to have been able to fool Joshua the way he did. He still cares a lot about Alison. Rafe admits that they have an amazing relationship. Jamal says the same about Rafe and Alison. He's glad that everything worked out. Rafe admits that it's been a little rocky lately, and Jamal understands that he's referring to the stabbing. Rafe tells him that things are falling into place, and he even called a truce with Caleb. Jamal is curious to know how that will work. Rafe explains that for starters, he and Alison will never have anything to do with Caleb or Olivia ever again. The feud was coming between him and Alison. Besides, they're living in a new world now, and vampires, slayers, and mortals--some good and some bad--have to figure out a way to co-exist. Agreeing, Jamal asks where he fits in. Rafe has no doubt that Jamal is one of the good guys. As long as Caleb doesn't get hold of the ring, things should work out. Jamal decides to pump him for information about the ring. Rafe knows that it protects the head vampire. He also assumes that it's very powerful, and he never wants to find out just how powerful it is. Jamal asks about the possibility that it could do some pretty cool things, such as cure the common cold or bring about world peace. Rafe doesn't think it's possible, considering its origin. He figures it probably does more harm than good, and he's glad it's gone. Jamal asks what would happen if it fell into the lap of one of the good guys. "I don't know. Maybe they wouldn't stay a good guy," Rafe replies. He asks Jamal to stop by the warehouse and check on Alison. Jamal agrees, and Rafe heads back out.

Alison isn't pleased to see Olivia, especially while she's trying to paint the gym walls. Olivia tells her that she came to apologize. Alison isn't impressed. She wants to know exactly what she's apologizing for. Olivia explains that she had a heart-to-heart talk with her dad, who made her look at things in a whole new way. She wants to get past their problems and enjoy her life with Caleb. She also wants to be able to go to bed at night without wondering how Alison is going to ruin her life--or how she's going to retaliate. Annoyed, Alison thanks her for stopping by and says that she has a lot of painting to do. Grabbing a paint roller, Olivia prepares to help. Alison can't believe this. Olivia explains that it's probably not a bad idea to be on speaking terms with the owner of the best new gym in town; even a vampire could use a workout. As they work, Olivia remembers when a moment like this was a normal part of their lives. She's not suggesting that they become friends again, but she thinks that maybe they can put some of this stuff behind them. For the record, she forgives Alison. Taken aback, Alison wants to know what she's being forgiven for. "All the stuff you did to me," Olivia replies. "Thank you so much for forgiving me for, you know, framing you for a murder that you didn't commit. Oh, no. That was you. That was you framing me," Alison says sarcastically, continuing with several other crimes and sins committed against her by her former best friend. Offended, Olivia counters that Alison did a lot of things to her. She's just trying to figure out a way for them to live in the same town and still get along. Alison still isn't impressed. She doesn't know what Olivia wants from her. "I want a little compassion here," Olivia says, to Alison's astonishment. She's a human being, after all. Alison reminds her that she's not human anymore. "You're a slut who isn't happy if there's anybody in this world who's happier than you," she charges. Unbeknownst to either of them, Jamal comes in and observes as Olivia accuses Alison of being a "manipulating, man-stealing bitch." Alison warns her that she'll be sorry she showed up today.

Caleb approaches Jack about the other day, when Olivia showed up at the club while he was with those other three vamps. He knows it wasn't by chance, and he didn't know that Jack had it in him. He offers Jack the position of band manager, but on probation. Jack assures him that he won't be sorry. Caleb is never sorry, but he will be keeping an eye on him. Even though Jack is a businessman now, Caleb still doesn't buy his whole vampire love fest just yet. They strike a deal, and Caleb calls Caz and Reese over to tell them the news. He announces that they will be getting back to the music now, with regular lives and rehearsals. They're going to do this the way they always wanted. Caz and Reese are excited to hear this. Ricky's head is down at his table. Caleb orders him to fix his problem with getting enough sleep. They need to be charged up, because they're big right now, and they're going to ride this momentum. The mood is broken when Frank arrives and causes a scene. "Is he one of yours?" Jack asks. "Only in the loosest sense of the word," Caleb replies, promising to handle it.

Stopping by Ricky's table, Jack learns that Ricky is seeing Casey everywhere, and it's burning him out. He is trying to get over this, but Casey keeps showing up; he loved her so much. Jack informs him that love is complicated and highly overrated. It makes guys like them look like fools, which is why he gave up on it long ago. Unaware that Reese can hear him, Jack advises Ricky to find a low-maintenance girl with no demands who won't screw up his life. Ricky points, indicating that Jack should turn around. Seeing Reese, Jack asks, "What?" He says that she was all smiles a few minutes ago. Reese doesn't feel like smiling now. Jack says that he was just trying to make a point, and Reese tells him that he definitely made it. "I'm a low-maintenance, overrated, uncomplicated roll in the hay. Love you too, pal," she says, storming off.

Frank targets Stacey for a feeding session. Caleb sends Stacey away and orders Jack to take it outside out of respect. Frank informs him that he's all out of respect. Caleb warns him to rethink that, but Frank knows that Caleb isn't used to being challenged. Caleb thinks that Frank is like a walking time bomb. "One mistake after another until finally, you're just going to go boom, aren't you?" he asks. Frank tells him it's not his problem, but Caleb says that when the mistake challenges him, it becomes his problem. Frank points out that the whole town is waiting to be taken. He wants to make some new recruits. When Caleb informs him that they won't be doing any such thing, Frank accuses him of losing his touch. "No, what I'm doing is losing my patience, Francis," Caleb states. He accuses Frank of sounding like Joshua, who happens to be dead. "Maybe you'd like to join him," Caleb says. He tries to reason with Frank, who is angry about his lot in life. Caleb refuses to be blamed for what happened to Frank, and he won't let him take it out on anyone else. He ushers him to the door and shoves him outside. Handing Caleb a beer, Jack thanks him for taking out the trash. Frank vows to make someone pay. When he hears someone approaching, he attacks. It's Rafe.

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