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Port Charles Update Tuesday 7/15/03

By Beth 
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Ian is amused to have learned that "Goodnight Moon" is good only for bedtime at night, not daytime naps. Lucy reminds him that he didn't believe her when she told him Christina's adamant stance in that regard. Ian admits that Lucy was right to have Tim bring Danny home, because they do belong together. Lucy is somewhat disconcerted about Kevin's about-face. She wonders whether it's really possible for such a change to take place. Ian doesn't think it's true in Kevin's case; he suspects that Kevin is setting her up for another fall. Lucy admits that he may be right. However, she can't stop thinking about her wish that he could be the man he once was.

Kevin finds Olivia leaving the Elixir. Nervous, she tries to get away, but he assures her that she doesn't have to be afraid of him anymore. In fact, he was looking for her in order to apologize. He explains that Joshua got him hooked on drugs, and now he has a lot of regrets. He's been a terrible father, a lousy husband, and a worse friend. Now he really misses his daughter and wants her back. With tears in her eyes, she takes his hand. When Kevin asks how she's doing, she claims that she would probably be a lot better if Alison would just leave her and Caleb alone.

Chris reports that Joshua's drugs are completely out of Alison's system. In his professional opinion, she's lucky, because Kevin took ten times longer to detox, and he suffered quite a bit. Alison does feel lucky. She thinks it was much harder to be on the drugs than to get off them. She and Elizabeth thank Chris, who goes on to other duties. Elizabeth is happy about her daughter's clean bill of health. However, she thinks that Alison's relationship with Rafe has had more than its share of troubles. She points out that love doesn't always last forever. In her opinion, this is the perfect opportunity to start over--without Rafe. Alison isn't impressed with her mother's advice; she's seen her idea of a long-term relationship. Chris goes by and looks their way as Elizabeth defends her point of view, commenting that she spent twenty long years with Malcolm. Alison doesn't blame her, but she feels as if her mother has been jumping into bed with any man who extends a hand to her. "Alison!" Elizabeth exclaims as Chris turns to look again. Alison insists that it's true, adding that her mother gets upset when the men leave her. "I'm sorry, Mother, but right now, I mean, is it any wonder that people think you're as deep as a wading pool?" she asks, walking to the elevator, where she vows to fix what's wrong between her and Rafe. Chris goes to Elizabeth and lets her cry in his arms. Elizabeth had no idea that her own daughter could be so vicious and accuse her of being shallow. Chris tells her that being deep is highly overrated anyway. Elizabeth adds that Alison accused her of sleeping around. "Great," Chris says, then asks whether that's really a problem. Elizabeth wants to know whether he's ever serious about anything. Chris replies that he's serious about his cocktails, and it's that time again now. Extending his arm, he leads her to join him in a pitcher of martinis.

Caleb meets Rafe at the overlook. Looking down over the town, Rafe comments that Port Charles is actually much smaller than it feels. Caleb has no plans to leave, and neither does Rafe. That's why the slayer wants to call a truce. Caleb wants to know what changed Rafe's mind, since he was the one who declared an end to their ceasefire. Rafe claims to be tired of the battle, but Caleb doesn't believe him. He thinks that Rafe believes the balance of power has shifted in his favor. He knows that nothing makes Rafe more agreeable than thinking he's pulled one over on him. That must mean that it has to do with the ring. Rafe maintains that he doesn't have it, and it's not why he asked Caleb to come to the overlook. He's tired of playing the games. He wants to marry Alison, and he knows that Caleb wants to share his own life with Olivia. None of them will live happily ever after unless they agree to a truce. Caleb would like to know how it will all work. Should they divide the town down the middle? Rafe reminds him that Joshua's plan is history, and if he hears anything about Caleb trying to do the same thing, the truce will be off, and Caleb will never even see him coming. Caleb says that Joshua was an idiot, and his plan lacked any semblance of honor or nobility. When Rafe asks him to keep his vampires in check, Caleb points out that he's only hearing a lot about what he's supposed to do and nothing about Rafe's obligations. Rafe promises that he and any other slayers around will stay out of Caleb's way. However, he has another requirement. He wants Caleb to stay away from Alison. When Caleb accuses him of being jealous, he argues that he's just worried. "Livvie's insecurity is its own kind of monster, and every time your eye wanders a little bit, your little wife goes a little crazy, and that puts Alison in danger," Rafe explains. Caleb states that he has no problem staying away from Alison. "See if she can stay away from me," he challenges.

Inside the club, Kevin listens to Olivia talk about how miserable Alison is making her. He's skeptical of her allegation that Alison is after Caleb; he thinks that his daughter is merely jealous. As proof to the contrary, she tells him about the three girls who were all over Caleb the other night and she "didn't even blink an eye." It's different with Alison, though. Caleb has a blind spot when it comes to her. Kevin understands that she nags him about Alison, and he points out that her behavior is the textbook example of how to drive a man away. Olivia protests, but Kevin wants her to listen. She has given Alison all this power over her life, and now it's time to take back that power by knowing that she is the best thing that ever happened to Caleb. She has to let Caleb love her the way he's capable of loving. She also has to let go of her vendetta against Alison. Kevin wants her to go one hour without saying Alison's name.

Ian marvels at how healthy Lucy is now, considering what she went through. He's tired of fighting now, and he needs a break. He hopes they can finally get her husband out of their lives. He also wants to take some time to get to know little things about each other. He and Lucy agree to shut out the rest of the world and just spend some time together. A knock at the door interrupts their kiss. It's Kevin, with the divorce papers. He's just trying to keep it clean and simple, and the only loose end is Christina, with whom he wants regular visitations. Lucy agrees and promises to look over the papers. After Kevin leaves, she decides to call her divorce attorney to let him know the latest development.

Rafe is sure that Alison will manage to get along without Caleb's so-called friendship. "Yeah? Tell you what. Forbid Alison to talk to me. That's a little conversation I'd buy a ticket to," Caleb says, grinning. They agree to a truce, shaking on it. In the spirit of peaceful coexistence, Caleb wants to share something he knows about human nature. "Forbid someone to do something, especially a woman, and that becomes the only thing they want," he advises. "Thanks, I appreciate that, but you know what? You've got enough problems of your own. Speaking of which, I hope you and that insane person who used to call herself my wife, by the way, have a wonderful eternity together," Rafe states. Caleb hopes that Rafe and Alison are happy for that blink of an instant they call a lifetime. As far as they're concerned, it's settled. They shouldn't see each other again.

While Alison paints the brick walls in the warehouse, she hears the door open and calls out that they're not open for business yet. Olivia tells her it's pretty obvious, and she's not there to join a club.

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