PC Update Monday 7/14/03

Port Charles Update Monday 7/14/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

At the bike shop, Jamal makes another wish on Caleb's ring. He wishes to be mortal again, with no more fangs. Thinking that should do it, he takes a look in the mirror. Upset to see that he still has fangs, he throws the ring across the room and asks what good it is. Getting an idea, he retrieves the ring and tries something else. This time, he wishes for a big bag of money. When he turns around, there it is. He chuckles. The ring works, but it won't give him what he wants most in the world. He won't complain, since the money will do quite nicely for now. As he takes a look at the money, someone knocks on the door. Assuming it's a customer, he tries to send the caller away, but it's Imani. He quickly tries to hide the money bag in his refrigerator, but it's small and doesn't really hold anything as big as the bag, which means that the door won't close. Jamal greets Imani, who is embarrassed to say that he forgot to pay his bill at the club. Apologizing, Jamal reaches into his pockets but doesn't find any cash. He looks around for his wallet so that he can give her his credit card, but while he's looking, she notices that the refrigerator door is open. Before he can stop her, she tries to close the door, but it's stuck. The money falls out. Jamal assures her that he's not a gangster or drug dealer. Imani says that she's not one to make snap judgments, and if he wants to keep money in his refrigerator, that's his business. Jamal claims that he usually doesn't, but he doesn't trust security too much after the attempted bank robbery. Imani says that he doesn't owe her any explanations. She'll get out of his way as soon as he pays his bill. Jamal takes $100 from the bag and tells her to keep the change. She's stunned about the huge tip but doesn't argue about it. She starts to leave, but Jamal asks whether she had another reason for stopping by. Imani isn't sure what he means. Jamal decides not to push her, but he does wish that he knew what she was thinking. While Imani tells him that she needs to go, her thoughts say that she has to get out of there because "they" are expecting her. "Who's expecting you?" Jamal asks. Imani is startled. Saying that she'll see him later, she leaves. Jamal chides himself for scaring her off. He's curious about who is expecting her.

Outside the warehouse, Rafe tells Alison that he wishes she had let the doctor run some tests. Since the doctor said that she needs a lot of rest, Rafe is going to make sure that she gets it. Alison isn't worried about her health right now. She's more concerned about how they're going to move on with their lives. Rafe wants to do that, but he's having a hard time dealing with her friendship with Caleb, because he just can't trust him. Alison wants to know that he won't let that come between them, and Rafe assures her that he will be too busy focusing on their new life together. In other words, his priorities are getting her well and opening their new gym. Rafe unlocks the warehouse door, and they go inside. They're shocked to see that it has been trashed, and Rafe senses that the perpetrator is still there. Whispering to Alison to follow his lead, Rafe loudly talks about going upstairs to bed. Thinking the coast is clear, the intruder makes a run for it. Rafe catches him and holds a stake over his heart. The kid begs Rafe not to hurt him. He claims to have just been blowing off steam, and he didn't know that anyone lived there. Rafe doesn't believe him. He demands to know whether Caleb put him up to this. The kid swears he doesn't know anyone named Caleb. Alison believes him, and she pulls Rafe away. The kid bolts. Alison stops Rafe from chasing him. Rafe suddenly realizes that he almost killed someone who didn't deserve it. Pointing out that nobody was hurt, Alison tells Rafe not to blame himself, because everyone makes mistakes. "Not me," Rafe claims. He should know what he's doing, but he's too obsessed with blaming Caleb for everything bad that happens to them. He promises to end it now.

Olivia rehashes the confrontation with Caleb that ended with him storming out. She tells herself that he'll be back any minute; he can't stay away from her.

Caleb arrives at the Elixir, greets Jack in passing, and spots three female vamps, one of whom is Stacy. When he asks them all to dance, they gladly accept the invitation. Not liking what he sees, Jack tries to break it up. He doesn't want any feeding going on in his club. Caleb warns Jack to get lost before he loses his temper. Telling Caleb to have it his way, Jack goes back to the bar and picks up the phone. Answering the phone, Olivia hopes it's Caleb. Jack tells her to get to the club now if she wants to find him. After hanging up, he muses that she'll be harder for Caleb to handle than he is.

Reese tells Ricky that she's been working on a new song, but she would like his help with one part. As Ricky agrees, he sees Casey grinning at him from behind Reese, who notices that he suddenly looks very pale. Ricky excuses himself to go outside. He looks around for Casey, who finally appears, and he demands to know exactly what's going on. He wants to know why she keeps popping up out of nowhere and appearing only to him. Casey tells him to go with it and stop trying to understand it. Ricky can't just do that; he needs to know what's going on. Casey says that it could be all in his head because he can't let her go. Ricky doesn't believe that. He can prove it, because he has one of her earrings. As he searches his pockets, Casey whistles. Ricky can't find the earring. Casey tells him to stop questioning her about this, because he may not like the answer. She disappears when a woman comes along, recognizes Ricky, and gets his autograph. Ricky calls out for Casey, but she's no longer around. He tells himself that he really is losing it.

When Reese tells Jack that something really weird is going on with Ricky, he laughs that she's just now noticing. Reese is serious, pointing out that Ricky is outside having a perfectly animated conversation with absolutely no one. Jack isn't worried about it; he only worries about what goes on inside the club. Reese sees Caleb and his vamps, and Jack tells her that it won't be going on for much longer. Stacy and the others express an interest in feeding on Caleb, who promises not to spoil any of their fun. Olivia walks in and glares at him. She approaches and Caleb what he's doing there, and he tells her that there's room for one more. She turns him down. Reese accuses Jack of trying to break them up. She's not convinced that he's really over Livvie or Tess. Jack assures her that he's over both of them. Reese asks for his key so that she can meet him at his house, but then she suggests having her own key made. Jack hedges. He doesn't want her to take this the wrong way, but he thought they were keeping things simple. Trying not to show her disappointment, Reese agrees and heads out. After turning down a stranger's invitation to dance, Olivia begins her own sexy dance for Caleb. He tries to ignore her but can't. The vamps are hoping to go someplace more private, but he's no longer interested. Excusing himself, he drags Olivia outside. She asks whether he wants to go home. He doesn't want to go yet. He picks her up, shoves her against the wall, and kisses her passionately.

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