PC Update Friday 7/11/03


Port Charles Update Friday 7/11/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Caleb puts Alison down after Olivia confronts him about carrying her. Rafe wrongly assumes that Caleb hurt Alison, but she assures him that she's all right. Caleb argues that she's not all right, because she's withdrawing from Joshua's drugs. He says that he was just trying to take her home. Alison says that she's better now. She gives Caleb back his jacket and thanks him for letting her use it. When Caleb tells Rafe to get her to a doctor, Rafe orders him to stay out of it. Putting in her two cents' worth, Olivia says that Alison looks pretty good to her. Caleb argues, and Alison asks everyone to stop talking about her as if she weren't there. Olivia accuses her of playing victim again and getting two men to come to her rescue this time. Rafe takes issue with this. He believes that Caleb is probably the one going after Alison, not the other way around. "We are friends!" Alison maintains, and Caleb backs her up. "So if either one of you have a problem with that, then that's just it. It's your problem," she asserts. For the record, she isn't sorry she ran into Caleb, who has been very nice to her and has even been talking to her. Rafe doesn't see the point in talking to Caleb, since she already has him to talk to. Alison argues that it's not true. She's tired of him pretending that everything's just peachy in spite of what she did. Rafe admits that they need to discuss this, but not here. Caleb says not to worry about him and Olivia, because they're leaving. Alison apologizes to Caleb, who assures her that it's all right. He just wants her to see a doctor and take care of herself. He tries to take Olivia's arm, but she jerks away from his touch.

Jamal hears Imani's thoughts as she decides that it would never work between them, even though he's really nice. Jamal can't figure out what just happened, but then he remembers the ring and wonders whether it could have granted his wish to know what she was thinking. He tells himself that it can't be. To test it, he wishes that it would snow right now, just for a minute. He goes to the window and looks out, grinning from ear to ear when he sees the snow falling. He runs outside, but it has already stopped. Still, he knows that it was snowing. He's excited to think that he can have anything he wants. Jack comes along and offers to buy him a beer back inside the club. They go inside, where Jack informs him that he is the new owner of the Elixir. He claims that he signed a contract before Joshua died. Jamal asks what contract he's talking about. "The one I'm about to write," Jack admits. Jamal laughs. Jack says that this is only the beginning of what he wants. Seeing Jamal watching Imani, he gets the impression that his friend is interested in her. Jamal assures him that it won't happen, but Jack urges him to go talk to her.

Lucy stops outside the hospital chapel, where she hears Kevin's earnest prayer for forgiveness. Seeing her, Kevin wipes his eyes and talks about what a surprise this must be for her. Lucy says that nothing he does anymore surprises her. She tells him about her wish that he could go back to being the decent, caring man he used to be. She asks whether he really has changed, or whether this is another trick. Kevin can't explain the sudden change. All he knows is that he feels deeply ashamed. He's very sorry for everything he did to Lucy and Ian. He doesn't expect Lucy to ever forgive him, but he does hope that she can learn how to not be afraid of him. Lucy isn't sure that she can ever trust him again, and he understands that. He doesn't even trust that this sudden change is forever. All he can do is promise to start trying to make amends while he's in his right mind. Making amends with himself just might be the hardest thing of all. Lucy hopes that this is the real thing and that he has finally found a way to put his demons to rest. Reminding her of her wish, Kevin says that she must have wanted it very badly to actually wish for him to change. He has her to thank; maybe wishes do come true.

Jamal approaches Imani and asks her out on a smoothie date. After saying that she would love it, she almost immediately mentions her work schedule. Jamal suggests breakfast instead, but she says that she'll get back to him about it. Jamal tells her it's cool, and he walks away not knowing where he stands. He again wishes he knew what she was thinking. In response to his wish, he hears her wondering why she accepted the date. She wishes that he would leave her alone, because they're definitely not hooking up. Jamal goes back to her and cancels the date, saying that he doesn't want to waste her time. He assures her that they're cool and that he'll talk to her soon. He goes back to the bar. Imani doesn't get it, but she tells herself that it's for the best. Nevertheless, she's disappointed. Jamal doesn't hear any of this. He tells Jack that Imani blew him off. He figures that she would have eventually dumped him anyway, after finding out that he's a vampire. He considers the possibility that she already knows. Jack steps away to take care of a paying customer. Jamal convinces himself that she did find out. Taking out the ring, he considers wishing himself mortal again.

Arriving at the loft, Caleb asks Olivia whether she wants to say something or just continue the silent treatment all night. Olivia would love to be able to tell him how she feels without making him angry. Caleb assures her that he already knows how she feels. He tells her again that there is nothing going on between him and Alison; she was sick and upset, and he was trying to help her. Olivia doesn't like the kind of help he was giving her enemy. When Caleb says that she has no reason to be jealous, she asks how he would feel if he saw her in the arms of another man--especially someone he couldn't stand, like Rafe. Caleb admits that he wouldn't like it, and if this were the first time she was upset, he would understand. "But it's not. Every time Alison comes around, I say two words to the girl, and you twist it into something that it's not," he points out. Olivia argues that she didn't start this; Alison has always tried to destroy her happiness. Caleb argues that Alison is too wrapped up in her own life to think about either of them, but Olivia is convinced that she's planning her next move. Caleb tells her to let it go. Olivia refuses. Alison is her worst enemy, and she wants her out of their lives completely. She never wants to see Caleb with Alison again.

Alone with Rafe now, Alison asks whether he will talk about this now. Rafe wants to talk on the way to the hospital, but she refuses to go anywhere. He asks what she wants him to say. She just wants him to talk to her. Rafe admits to being angry, but not about the stabbing. He's angry with her for talking to his sworn enemy about their private life. "No, that's what gets in your way. It's the competition and the hatred that you have for Caleb. And Rafe, to be really honest with you, I'm really sick of it," she informs him. Rafe insists that he has a good reason for wanting her to stay away from Caleb. He asks whether she's forgotten all the things he's done to them and the rest of Port Charles. Alison hasn't forgotten; she'd like to, but he keeps reminding her. She's tired of talking about Caleb when he isn't even the problem. Their problem is not being able to talk about what happened; their problem is Rafe wanting to go on thinking that everything is just dandy even though she put a knife in his chest. Rafe blames Caleb for everything, saying that if he had never come to town, everything would be fine. Alison defends Caleb, who clearly isn't responsible for everything that has ever happened to them. Rafe doesn't understand why she wants to take responsibility for something that wasn't her fault; Joshua drugged her. Alison reminds him that when he lost his memory, he still had the connection with her. She doesn't know why she didn't have that when she was hurting him, and she thinks that he must have asked himself that same question. Rafe denies ever doing that; he's always been sure of her love for him. Now he wonders why she would go to Caleb for comfort instead of him. He doesn't believe that Caleb's presence was just a coincidence. Alison does, and she was glad to be able to talk to him. He's been nice to her. Rafe says that he's not nice unless there's something in it for him. Alison doesn't think he's like that anymore, and she thinks that Rafe knows that. Rafe begs her to forget about what happened with Joshua. Instead, he wants her to think about her new friendship with Caleb. Finding out that she was confiding in him is what hurt more than anything. Alison realizes that, and she doesn't want to hurt Rafe. She loves him more than anything.

Caleb asks Olivia whether she is really just gave him an ultimatum. She hedges, but he wants an answer. She admits that she did. "So answer the question. Stop seeing Alison or?" he asks, wanting her to finish the thought. She tells him to just stay away. Caleb finishes it for her. "'Stop seeing Alison or it's over.' I'll tell you what; I have no problem with not seeing Alison anymore. What I do have a problem with is being told what to so. So here's the answer to your ultimatum," he informs her. He glares at her a few more seconds and then storms out, slamming the door behind him. She loses her temper and throws something at the door.

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