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Port Charles Update Thursday 7/10/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Jamal's waitress, Alice, can't believe that Jamal really wants dessert, since he's already had four beers, two burgers, a soup, and a salad. She accuses him of hanging around the Elixir hoping to see somebody. She gives him the check and says to leave her a generous tip. As Jamal empties his pocket, the ring falls onto the table. He wonders why he's wasting his time, when Imani might not even be working today. Besides, he can't date someone and not tell her that he's a vampire. He just wishes that she were at the Elixir. As soon as he says this, Imani enters the room. She approaches Jamal, who orders cherry pie and ice cream. Imani says that she has his table for the rest of the night. Jamal tries talking to her, but when she cuts it short to take care of her other tables, he thinks that she's not interested in him.

Lucy meets Ian at the hospital, curious about why he summoned her there. Kevin joins them, and Barbara Easton, the social worker, is with him. Kevin informs the unhappy social worker that he filed a false report against Ian and would like to retract it, because the truth is that Ian is an excellent father. He was simply being vindictive, but he was wrong, and he's willing to do whatever is necessary to have the case closed. Kevin hopes that they can stop this before it goes any further. Barbara can't guarantee anything, but she promises to try. She warns Kevin that he may have to suffer some very severe consequences for his actions, and he understands that. She leaves, promising to be in touch. Kevin hopes it's not too little, too late. Ian and Lucy would like to know what happened. Kevin says that he's doing this because it's the right thing to do. He adds that it has lifted a thousand-pound weight from his shoulders. Lucy doesn't believe him, and he doesn't blame her. He really doesn't know how to describe what happened to him. There's no excuse for what he did, but he wants to make things right. He walks away, leaving Ian hoping that Lucy doesn't believe any of that. Lucy claims not to, but then she wavers.

Olivia demands to know what Rafe is doing at the loft. As he points out that she's the one who's running around undressed, she puts her dress back on. She reminds him that she lives there, and she thought he was Caleb. "Where is the old bat and chain, anyway?" Rafe asks. Olivia has no idea, but she'll let Caleb know he came by. Rafe says that he actually came to see her. Olivia understands now; this is about her visit with Alison. She fully expects him to lecture her, and she knows what he'll say, so she'll save him some time. "I'm me, I'm always going to be me, and that's the way it is. And this is my house, and I think it's time for you to go," she tells him. Rafe isn't going anywhere. He wants to talk. Olivia warns that Caleb is already angry with her, and it won't be a pretty sight if he comes home and finds Rafe there. Rafe tells her that's her problem. He wants her to stay away from both him and Alison. He knows that she tried to stir things up, but it won't work, so she should forget it. There's no reason for her to stop by their apartment ever again. Olivia accuses him of being in denial about the fact that Alison has found her dark side. Rafe argues that she doesn't have a dark side; she was being manipulated by drugs. Olivia points out that people also thought that Caleb was controlling her, but once she got a taste of his world, she was never the same. She says that Alison is a lot more like her than Rafe wants to admit. Like everyone else on the planet, she has a darkness inside her, and Olivia thinks that she's being tempted at this very moment. Rafe accuses her of being jealous of Alison. Jealousy is why she tricked him into marriage, lied on the witness stand, and blamed Alison when Jack left her. Now she's terrified that Caleb might be interested in her. Olivia denies any such thing. She knows that Caleb is only interested in her. He adores her. Heading out, Rafe says that he's not worried that Alison will ever be like her, and he again tells her to stay away from them.

"Great finale, huh?" Caleb comments to Alison as they watch the end of the fireworks display. She agrees, but it's obvious to him that she's not exactly herself. Alison explains that she's feeling some after-effects of Joshua's drug. Caleb thinks that she should go home, and he offers to walk her there if she would like. Alison thanks him but says that she'll be fine. When she stands up, her knees give out. Caleb catches her before she falls. He helps her sit down again. Alison says she's just a little cold or something, and she needs to rest. Caleb thoughtfully gives her his jacket. When he asks why she's out there all alone, she claims it's because of the fireworks. Caleb thinks that she and Rafe are having problems. He figures it must be hard for Rafe to get over the fact that she tried to kill him. He knows, because he's been there. Alison admits that it hasn't been easy, and for the first time, she's a little worried. Alison asks Caleb how he handled it when Olivia killed him. He laughs, but he knows that she's serious. He talks about when Olivia stabbed him through the heart. "Well, at first I felt dead," he begins, adding that when he came back, he hated her. Alison admits that Olivia told her that. Caleb says that he did everything he could to get even with her, and he was cruel. As strange as it sounds, he thinks it might be a healthier reaction than what Rafe is doing. Alison doesn't think that Rafe is allowing himself to feel what he's really feeling. Caleb assures her that it's all right, because Rafe is just trying to make sense of all this. He knows that Rafe loves Alison, just as he has always loved Olivia. Alison knows that, but she feels a distance, and they're not talking the way they should. She feels that she should be the one to make this better.

Imani brings Jamal a large slice of pie a la mode. When he comments on the size, she claims that he's not getting special treatment; it was just the last slice. She walks away, and Jamal thinks about this. He could swear that he felt a vibe from her, but it must just be wishful thinking. He wishes he knew what was going on inside her head. Just a few feet away, Imani thinks about how cute, sweet, and sexy Jamal is She would love to sit down with him, but she already knows that it could never work out between them. At his table, Jamal wishes that he knew what she was thinking.

Noticing that Alison has been rubbing her neck and face, Caleb asks whether she's all right. Alison says she doesn't know what's going on; she sometimes gets hot and dizzy. Caleb tells her that it's from going off drugs cold turkey. In his opinion, she should be at the hospital. Alison doesn't think she could make it there at the moment. Caleb offers to take her, but Alison is afraid of how Rafe would react to that. Caleb doesn't care about that; he's concerned about Alison. She admits that this is starting to scare her, and she doesn't know what to do. Caleb holds her close to comfort her. Alison says that she feels cold and sick. "Yeah, I have this effect on a lot of women," Caleb says. They chuckle about it, and Alison says that she feels a little better. She thanks him for everything and says that everyone is right, because he really does have a way with women. She gets another terrible pain, and Caleb wants to get her home and out of the cold. She really doesn't think she can make it. Caleb picks her up and starts to carry her home, but Rafe and Olivia arrive and glare at them.

Ian doesn't know what else to say to Lucy. He's convinced that this is only an act and that Kevin can't be trusted. He describes the angry scene with Kevin, and Lucy says that she made a wish while talking to Jamal. Ian is skeptical, and Lucy doesn't really believe it, but she does wonder whether Kevin could be himself again.

Kevin sits in the hospital chapel and prays for forgiveness. As he asks God to forgive all his sins, he breaks down and cries.

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