PC Update Wednesday 7/9/03


Port Charles Update Wednesday 7/9/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Ian reads a story to Danny and Christina, who are anxious to see the fireworks in the park tonight. Lucy sadly remembers telling Ian about the charges against him.

Alison tries to take care of the wounded Rafe, who insists that he's fine. Alison argues that he's not fine and neither is their relationship. Rafe is tired of hearing about it, and Alison is tired of being shut out. Getting out of bed, Rafe yells about her need to discuss this again. He claims to be over the fact that she stabbed him. He doesn't want her to feel guilty about it anymore, because it will eat both of them up inside. He just wants her to stop. Rafe apologizes but points out that he lives in a town with good vampires, bad vampires, and some vampires who are even friends. He needs to focus on how this whole new world is going to operate, because he just doesn't get it. Hurt, Alison understands him perfectly well; he needs to focus on that before he can focus on the two of them. She's ready to drop it and go get something to eat. She hasn't been feeling great all morning, but food might help. She thinks it's an after-effect of the drug that Joshua gave her. Rafe disagrees, thinking that she might be coming down with the flu. This angers Alison, who would like to know why he consistently avoids talking about what Joshua did to her. Also angry, Rafe asks her again to drop it, but she can't. She's too afraid of losing him. Rafe assures her that they're not going to lose each other; he will never stop loving her. Alison argues that no normal couple could get through something like this. She's convinced that he will never be able to forgive her. Rafe already forgives her, but he is just a little worried about the future because of Caleb's obsession with the ring. Alison accuses Rafe of also being obsessed with it. He denies this and tells her that she doesn't understand how incredible the ring's powers could be. Alison loses her temper. She's tired of him always changing the subject from their relationship to Caleb's ring. "It's exactly what Livvie was talking about," she states. Rafe isn't thrilled to hear that Alison actually confided in her. Alison apologizes for doing so but stresses that they have to talk about this. Rafe has had enough. He gets dressed to go out for some air.

At the rehearsal hall, Ricky compliments Caleb on some new music. Caleb isn't quite ready to run through it yet, since the missing ring is all he can think about. Jack approaches him with his proposal for the new direction of the band, but Caleb tells him to slow down. He questions why he should entrust The Experience to Jack, who has no experience as a band manager--and who doesn't exactly embrace the vampire lifestyle. Jack states matter-of-factly that vampires are good for business, and he knows a good business opportunity when he sees it. He continues with his ideas, but Caleb stops him again, promising to look at the proposal later. He goes to his office and closes the door. Olivia follows to apologize for last night. Caleb tells her it's okay; he thinks they're both just a little stressed. Olivia thinks that he should focus on the music, but when he claims to be trying, she says that they could have some alone time. Caleb doesn't think he'll be able to focus on anything until he gets the ring back.

The ring in his hand, Jamal realizes that he forgot to put it in the safe deposit box at the bank. He still plans to, but he has something else to do first.

Casey makes another appearance, but Ricky is the only one who can see her. Ricky tells her to give him a break, because her rapid comings and goings are driving him nuts. She tells him that she loves him, and then she disappears again.

Lucy apologizes to Ian for Kevin's ridiculous complaint against him. Ian is determined not to lose Danny. He's going to concentrate on his son and make sure that he's a fit parent. The way he sees it, that means going back to work on a part-time basis. He tells Lucy that Kate will take care of the hearing for him. Within seconds after he takes off for the hospital, Jamal pays Lucy a visit. He starts to tell her about Imani, but then he changes his mind, thinking that it might be better to talk to Ian. Lucy assures him that she's qualified to discuss this with him. Jamal somewhat shyly asks whether it's possible for him to date now that he's a vampire.

Jack again approaches Caleb, acknowledging that he's busy. "Then why are you bugging me?" Caleb asks. Jack offers to take care of the merchandising and then send Caleb the bill. Caleb tells him not to do anything without first getting him to sign off on it. Jack is annoyed. Reese tells Caleb to relax, since Jack has been handling things for a while now. Jack speaks up again, and Olivia asks him to give her a minute with Caleb. Jack gladly does so. Olivia asks Caleb what he's doing, adding that all anyone wants to do is make him happy. She knows that he has other things on his mind, but she wishes that he would think about something else for two seconds. Caleb admits that not knowing where the ring is just eats him up inside. Olivia gives up; she doesn't know what to do anymore. She starts to leave, and he asks where she's going. She says that she's not going to look for his ring, and other than that, she doesn't think he really cares where she's going. She walks out, and he calls out to her, but she doesn't come back. Seeing the other band members looking his way, he angrily demands to know what they're looking at.

Jack, Reese, and Caz leave for the day. Ricky stays behind to try to get Casey to come back. She appears to him, but when he tries to touch her, she's not there. He's afraid he's losing his mind after all, but then he finds her earring and realizes that she really was there.

As Alison sits alone on the docks, Caleb joins her, and they watch the fireworks together. Caleb likens the fireworks to life; the most beautiful things are only around for a short time. "Right. And in a flash, they're all gone at once," Alison agrees sadly.

Olivia waits at the loft, but Caleb doesn't come home. She calls the rehearsal hall but gets the answering machine. Changing her tactic, she decides to make herself irresistibly sexy for him. She removes her outer garments, and when she hears a noise at the door, she rushes out and kisses the man outside. Too late, she realizes that she's in Rafe's arms.

Jamal tells Lucy about Imani. Lucy understands that he's concerned about how she will react to the news that he's a vampire. Jamal thinks it will be over before it even starts. Lucy accuses him of jumping the gun. While he should be honest, he shouldn't spill his deepest, darkest secrets on the first date. He may be a vampire, but he's also one of the good guys. Lucy thinks that he should just take Imani out and let her see what a great guy he is. In her opinion, he deserves something good after everything he's been through. She muses that life is weird, and Jamal realizes that she's talking about her own life. Lucy tells him about what Kevin did to Ian. Jamal is surprised; in his opinion, it's as if one day Kevin just snapped. Lucy is afraid of what he'll do next.

At the hospital, Ian goes over what he has to do to keep Danny. Kevin approaches and taunts him about having his family ripped apart. Ian just wants to know why he's doing this, and whether it makes him feel good. "Payback? Yeah!" Kevin replies. He thinks it feels great to see Ian suffer and to know that he will lose his heart the way Kevin lost his when Lucy kept him from his own daughter. Ian argues that it never happened. He believes that this is about Lucy, not Christina. It's about the fact that he and Lucy love each other.

Jamal can't believe that Kevin is doing this. He wonders how much lower Kevin can go. Lucy doesn't know. She tells Jamal that he wouldn't even recognize Kevin anymore, because he's changed so much. "It's like he's evil," she says.

"You hypocritical bastard! You try to pass yourself off as some kind of hero, the rescuer to every woman who ever needed a shoulder to cry on. But the truth is you just want to sleep with every woman you meet," Kevin charges. Ian warns him to back off, but he continues. "You're still a phony, and I can see right through you. You were a vampire long before you ever had fangs," Kevin rants.

Jamal doesn't know how the guy can look himself in the mirror every day. Lucy just hopes that there's a little piece of him left somewhere buried deep inside. Jamal thinks that Kevin seems to be trapped. Lucy wishes that there were a spell or something she could use to wish Kevin back to himself again. Holding the ring, Jamal echoes her wish.

Suddenly, Kevin does an about-face. He's horrified by his attempt to ruin Ian's life, and he vows to fix this. Ian doesn't get it. "I swear on my life, Ian. I'm going to make things right," Kevin says, rushing off.

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