PC Update Tuesday 7/8/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 7/8/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

Lucy gathers some financial paperwork for her divorce attorney. She now knows that Kevin has no legal claim on Christina, and although she is still somewhat concerned about his physical threats, she doesn't think he would follow through with them since he's on the police watch list. Ian happily tells her that he's on his way to talk to Chris about his research into the synthetic blood. After that, he's going to drop off his reinstatement papers.

Kevin wraps up a phone conversation with a social worker. He alleges to have never seen a more unsafe environment for a child.

While waiting for Colleen to address her needs, Elizabeth talks to Alison from the hospital. Assuring her daughter that she'll be fine once the nurse gets off the phone, she expresses concern for Alison and wants to see for herself that she's all right. Seeing Colleen hang up the phone, Elizabeth ends her own call abruptly, promising to call her daughter right back. She tells Colleen that she needs a doctor to take a quick look at her ankle. When Chris comes along and asks Colleen to sign him out, the nurse briefly mentions that Elizabeth needs a doctor. Chris tells Elizabeth to pretend he's not there. Since she's standing and walking around on her ankle, it can't be that bad. After advising her to put some ice on it, he walks away.

Jamal stands outside the bank as the security guard unlocks the doors. He plans to put Caleb's ring in a safe deposit box so that he will be the only one who knows where it is. Once inside, he arranges for the box, and when he turns around, the young woman who crashed through his ceiling is standing in line behind him. They're pleasantly surprised to see each other. Asking her name, Jamal learns that it's Imani. As soon as he introduces himself, two armed, masked men charge into the bank. As the teller fills the bag with money, Jamal quietly tells the terrified Imani to let him handle this, but she thinks he's crazy. The security guard makes a move, but he's soon taken out of commission. One of the robbers warns that the next would-be hero will be shot. Removing the ring from his pants pocket, Jamal takes charge of the situation. He orders the men to lay their guns on the floor. They do. He then orders them to get out of the bank on the count of three, and he never wants to see them again. He counts to three, and the robbers run out the door. Everyone is stunned. Imani has tears in her eyes. She's very upset about what just happened. She can't understand why Jamal risked his life that way. Jamal says that he saw the scared look on her face and knew he had to do something. Imani hates violence. It's everywhere, and it makes her sick. She can't escape it; she thought Port Charles would be different. Although Jamal assures her that she's safe, she runs off. Jamal fantasizes about an alternate ending to his heroics, with Imani telling him how very brave he is, but when he admits to being a vampire, she flees in horror. Back to reality, Jamal tells himself that she was right. There's no escaping violence; it's everywhere.

Ian drops off his reinstatement papers with Colleen, who promises to take them to Alan herself. He tracks down Chris, who is pleased to announce that he may have good news. Handing over his file, Chris says that he found an obscure reference in some dusty files. It's perfect synthetic blood. Having downloaded all the data from the St. Louis studies, he thinks he figured out what they missed. He can fix it! Ian is amazed; this hasn't even been published yet. Chris knows that. If he's right, they will have created the perfect synthetic blood. Ian has the strange urge to hug Chris, who asks him not to. Chris reminds him that they still need to come up with a cure for vampirism. He's quite pleased with the progress he's made.

Arranging some flowers, Lucy contemplates how good life has become again. She answers the door to a woman introduces herself as Barbara Easton, from Children's Social Services. She and Lucy argue about Lucy's last name, and she claims to have a rather serious complaint against Lucy's household.

Ian and Kevin run into each other at the hospital. Ian asks Kevin to wipe the slate clean and make this easy on everyone, especially Christina. Kevin's voice drips with sarcasm when he says that they can definitely do that.

Lucy denies the accusations, again insisting that her last name isn't Collins. The social worker says that her name doesn't change anything, but Lucy claims that it has everything to do with this. She knows that Kevin is doing this to get back at her. Barbara informs her that no one said anything about her husband. The proceedings are confidential, and Lucy will have to go to court. Lucy doesn't want to go to court, because it's not necessary. She tells Barbara to talk to the police or any of Kevin's colleagues. No one in her household is in danger, and she doesn't see how they can do this. Barbara states that they have to follow through on every complaint filed. Their only concern is for the welfare of the child. Lucy states that it's also her only concern.

Chris pours two martinis: one for Eve and one for himself. He talks a little about his day and then chides himself for forgetting his manners. He pours a diet cola for Karen, commenting that it must be nice for her and Eve to be together again. He asks them to look out for him, since he's the last of the original first-year interns. He decides not to ruin the party by feeling sorry for himself. This is a celebration. Heaven is a better place with Eve and Karen there. He drinks to his friends. From the doorway, Elizabeth asks what he's doing. She is annoyed with him for goofing off when he's well aware that she's been looking for a doctor. Chris tells her that he's having a drink with some old friends. Elizabeth asks whether this is why he's refusing to treat her. "No. I am refusing treatment because you're a pain in the ass," he informs her. Elizabeth accuses him of being a pathetic excuse for a doctor. Chris doesn't know why she cares, since she doesn't need a doctor. Elizabeth argues that he can't know that, since he hasn't even looked at her ankle. When she mentions filing a malpractice suit for refusal of treatment, Chris decides to take a look at her foot so that she'll go away. He wants to get back to having drinks with his friends. Now realizing that he's talking about Karen, Elizabeth cautions him against drinking alone and offers to join him. Chris isn't thrilled, but he doesn't stop her, although he does stop her from sitting in the chair reserved for Eve.

Ian returns in a good mood to find that Lucy is upset. Hearing about the visitor from Children's Social Services, he assumes that Kevin is going after Christina, but Lucy stops him. It isn't about Christina; they're going to try to take Danny out of his "unsafe" home.

Still at the hospital, Kevin fakes an Irish accent and sings a parody of "Loch Lomond" as he boards the elevator. "You take the high road and I'll take the low road, and I'll be in Ireland afore you. And me and my true love will surely meet again on the bonny, bonny bed of yours truly," he sings confidently as the elevator door closes.

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