PC Update Monday 7/7/03

Port Charles Update Monday 7/7/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Caz tells Ricky to take it easy on the tequila shots, because things aren't that bad. Although Ricky isn't interested in getting back with the band, Caz thinks that things might be different now that Joshua is out of the picture. He understands that Ricky is upset about Karen and Casey, but he also knows that he loves playing music. Ricky isn't denying that, but he would give up fame just to see Casey again. As he says this, Casey beckons to him from across the room.

Jamal is startled when a woman crashes through the ceiling of his apartment. She is equally startled; she was just upstairs in the storage room putting some things away for Jack. Jamal realizes that Jack didn't warn her about the loose floorboards and weak floor. The woman is embarrassed about falling practically on top of Jamal, and she worries that the mishap will cause her to lose her new job. Jamal tells her to just flash her pretty smile and she'll be fine. She scurries out in embarrassment. Jamal is psyched about the chance encounter, but then he tells himself not to even think about it. He's a vampire, after all. He suddenly remembers the ring and rushes to find it among the debris. He finds it on the floor by the bed.

No matter how many times Alison denies having the ring, Olivia doesn't believe her. Tired of her paranoid ravings, Alison shoves Olivia, who doesn't appreciate that at all. Stating that she will shove her anytime she wants, Alison orders her to stop threatening her, causing trouble for her, and making her so incredibly miserable. Alison states that if she knew where the ring was, she would throw it in the river, because it's just as poisonous as Olivia is. As usual, Olivia's suspicious mind interprets this to mean that Rafe is doing just that. When Alison denies the accusation, Olivia asks where he is. Alison doesn't know. She turns the question around and asks where Caleb is. "That's not the point," Olivia replies. Alison realizes that Caleb doesn't even know where she is, but she suspects that Olivia knows where the men are. They're at the mansion together, looking for the ring. Olivia claims that Caleb wouldn't do that after saying that she's the only thing that matters to him. Alison can't believe this. After all the lying and cheating that Olivia has been through, she should have learned something about men and power. She's obviously in a great state of denial and just wants to believe that love is enough. Olivia wants to know when Alison became such a cynic. "When I thought that love was enough to defeat you and Caleb, when I was willing to sacrifice myself to Joshua, that monster, and give him everything he wanted, all to save the man that I love, and when I almost killed Rafe myself, and in the end he ended up saving me anyway," Alison replies. The fact is that Rafe and Caleb are off together and didn't tell either of them, which means that the ring means more to them than they do. Annoyed, Olivia suspects that this is going to be one huge pity party. Suddenly, Alison collapses in her arms.

At Joshua's mansion, Caleb confronts Rafe for lying and breaking his promise. He held up his end of the bargain by helping rescue Alison, and now Rafe should be helping him get the ring back. Rafe turns on a light and says that it's probably not even there. He doesn't know where it is, and he doesn't care. Caleb points out that the ring is a family heirloom, and they had a deal. Rafe admits that he had every intention of honoring their agreement, because getting Alison back was all that mattered to him. However, things have changed now that the ring has disappeared, because he only agreed to get it away from Joshua. As far as he's concerned, all bets are off. Caleb counters that the bet is off when he says so. They argue about Rafe's attitude. Rafe says that they're just wasting each other's time. "We're just a couple of fools. We can't kill each other. We can hardly hurt each other, so please, please, can we just stay out of each other's way?" he asks. Caleb knows that it will never be over between them. Rafe agrees but says that at least now it's an even playing field. He has a feeling that the ring will tilt the balance in Caleb's favor, which is why he's okay with the possibility of never finding it. Caleb points out that the ring could fall into the hands of someone who doesn't know how powerful it can be--or someone who does know and plans to abuse its power. Doing nothing to find it may be the most dangerous thing of all.

Ricky goes outside but doesn't see Casey anywhere. He tells himself to just accept the truth and move on; Casey is gone. "Hi, baby," Casey suddenly says before kissing him. Ricky thinks it must be a dream, but Casey assures him that she's really there with him. It doesn't matter that he's the only one who can see her. Ricky wishes that she could stay; he's been having a hard time since she left. Casey tells him to look at the bright side; the band is getting back together. Ricky says it doesn't mean anything to him anymore. Casey can't believe that. She knows that music is what matters most to him; he has to follow his dreams. She really wants him to take a chance on being happy with his music. He gives in, and they continue their sweet kisses. "What are you doing?" Caz asks, seeing Ricky all alone in some strange contortions. Ricky tells him to look at who's back, but no one is there.

When Jamal goes to the Elixir to get something to eat, his waitress is the woman who fell into his apartment. She admits to not having told Jack about what happened. Instead, she just wants to pay to have the floorboards repaired. Jamal urges her not to do that, because it wasn't her fault. The woman isn't too sure about that; she really wants to keep her job. Jamal tells her that Jack is one of his best friends, and he's even been telling him to have the floorboards fixed. He doesn't want her to worry about it, because he'll take care of it. She is grateful for his help. Jamal orders a tuna sandwich and a beer, not remembering until too late that he meant to order a veggie burger. He realizes that this new woman really has him hoping. She brings his food--a veggie burger, fries, and a draft. Jamal is surprised to see the veggie burger, and the woman thinks she blew it again. Jamal assures her that he meant to order the veggie burger. He checks her out appreciatively as she walks away from his table. When he pays his bill, he gives her a large tip to welcome her to Port Charles. As he walks away, she sighs and shakes her head.

Olivia gets the protesting Alison to a chair and informs her that she's having withdrawal symptoms, but Alison doesn't believe her. When Olivia accuses Alison of trashing love, she's advised to keep her opinions to herself, since she can't inherit being a shrink from her father. Alison maintains that she didn't know what she was doing, but she can't blame Rafe for not forgiving her. Olivia can't believe that Rafe actually blames her for what happened. Alison admits that he denies it, but she doesn't see how he could forgive her. Olivia tells her not to be a jerk; of course Rafe forgives her. Alison isn't so sure. She doesn't know why she's talking about this with her. To her surprise, Olivia says she wants them to work it out, because it balances everything out. Alison isn't convinced that Rafe trusts her. If he did, he wouldn't have left as soon as she fell asleep. Olivia tells her to get over it and just make sure that he knows how much she loves him.

When Rafe comes home, he finds that Alison is awake. He starts to fill her in on what happened, but she doesn't want to talk about Caleb or the ring. She just wants to talk about what's going on between the two of them. Rafe wants to put what happened behind them so that they can move on with their lives. Alison insists on talking about what she did to him, but he holds her for a minute and tells her that he's tired and hungry. He walks away, leaving her feeling incredibly alone.

Caleb returns to the loft and finds Olivia waiting up for him. She knows that he went back for the ring. He doesn't want to talk about it. He picks up his guitar and walks away from her. "Okay. So you don't want to talk about the ring. You don't want to talk about Alison. You don't want to talk about our relationship, whatever that means. So what would you like to do, Caleb? Am I supposed to just call and make an appointment? Because that's what I'll do," she rants. In response, Caleb puts on his headphones.

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