PC Update Friday 7/4/03


Port Charles Update Friday 7/4/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Jack calls Jamal up onto the bar with him. Referring to him as his best friend, he informs the crowd that the two of them have a difference of opinion about where things should go from here. He understands that people don't know what to do, think, or believe, but he's going to make it simple. There will be no trashing of the bar or harassing of the customers. Everyone is welcome, but he will throw out anyone who has a problem with the rules. Now it's time to relax, have some fun, chill out, and party. The crowd cheers. The guys get down off the bar. When Jamal says that was a nice little speech, Jack points out that he has to protect what's his. Surprised, Jamal asks whether the bar is Jack's now. "Like I said, Jamal. What life gives you," he replies. Since it's so late, Jamal decides to head out. Jack is cool with that. "All right. You know I love you. I mean, come on, I really love you," he says, giving his friend a hug. Jamal tells him not to be getting all freaky in front of everybody. He leaves, and the unseen lurker from earlier approaches Jack. "Who are you?" Jack asks. He doesn't recognize the person, who hands him a piece of paper. Jack reads it and says to go to the storage room. The person walks away, and Jack tells Reese that it was their newest employee. Reese describes the person as strange. "So what else is new?" Jack asks rhetorically.

Little Christina, dressed in a pink nightgown and slippers and carrying her stuffed tiger, interrupts a kiss between her mommy and Ian. She's supposed to be in bed, but she's afraid to go back to sleep because she had a bad dream. Lucy assures her little girl that she and Ian would never let anything bad happen to her. Ian has the perfect solution for Christina. He tells her that when he was a little boy, he ate ice cream after his scary dreams. Christina likes that idea. When Lucy points out that they don't have any in the house, Ian decides to take Christina to the store. Lucy wants to go along, but he just wants to take Christina and her tiger. Shortly after they leave, Lucy answers a knock at the door, thinking they've come back to get her. Instead, it's Kevin. He hopes this isn't a bad time. When Lucy asks what he wants, he replies that he wants her. Lucy tells him that it's really not a good time. Kevin stands there until she lets him in. He acknowledges having done some horrible things. He's hurt Lucy, but she's also hurt him. However, they've been down that road before. With all the craziness they've been through, they've always managed to find their way back to each other. That's because they belong together, and he thinks she knows that. He doesn't think she can really walk away now any more than she could before. "I'm sorry," Lucy says. Kevin tells her not to be sorry. He knows that they can make things right again. When the phone rings, he tells her to let it go. The machine picks up. Art Dobson, the divorce attorney, is returning Lucy's call. He assures her that there's no problem rushing the paperwork through. Lucy tells Kevin that she didn't want him to find out quite this way. Kevin tells her to cancel the appointment. Ian returns with Christina in his arms. She'd holding a little cup of ice cream. Ian puts her down, and she runs to her daddy's arms. Lucy sends her to get ready for bed. Ian asks what's going on, and Kevin informs him that he came by to see if Lucy wanted to give it another try. "It seems I made the mistake of thinking that ten years meant something," he states. Ian tells him that he doesn't belong there, but Kevin doesn't think that Ian belongs with his wife and child. He won't start something with Christina so close by, but the family tableau will never happen. "Have a good evening," he says sarcastically.

Jack and Reese stop by Jamal's place to check on him. Jamal assures them that he's fine, but Jack tells him to find himself a little lady. If he does that, everything will take care of itself. Jamal promises to take his advice. After they leave, he closes the door. "So, it's just you and me now," he tells Caleb's ring.

Although Rafe tries to stop her, Alison insists on making a confession, fearing that if she doesn't do it now, she never will. She thinks he deserves to know that she almost allowed Joshua to make her his bride. Rafe reminds her that Joshua took away all her will, but Alison doesn't think that matters. She asks him whether he would have done the same thing to her if the tables were turned. Rafe doesn't say anything, which she takes as a "no." Rafe says that he loves her. Alison tells him to get away from her. She begs him to just go. Rafe wants her to listen to what he has to say, since he listened to her. He can't just walk away from her. She is his life. He doesn't blame her for anything that happened; he blames himself for not rescuing her sooner. Alison knows that he tried everything he could and that he was ready to give his life for her. She tells him not to blame himself. "All you have ever done is loved me and protected me the best that you could, and you call me your angel. And you were ready to give up everything. You gave up your soul once for me, and look what I did to you," Alison says. "Who does that? Who does that?" she cries. Rafe reminds her that he wouldn't even be there if it weren't for her. He wouldn't know what it's like to love or be loved. If their destiny is to constantly have to struggle to be together, then so be it. It's worth it to him. She did her job, and now he wants to do his. He asks her to let him be strong enough for them both; she can rest now. Looking at him pitifully, Alison asks him to take her home. Rafe puts his arms around her and holds her for a minute before heading home.

Lying among pillows in the floor, Caleb asks Olivia how he could ever stop loving her after all they've been through. She points out that she's not easy to love sometimes. "But always worth it," Caleb states. Olivia asks whether he's sure. She knows that the ring means everything to him. Caleb assures her that she's everything he's ever wanted. He needs her to exist. He needs her touch and her love; he needs to feel her arms around him. He kisses her passionately, but he can't stop thinking about the day his father bestowed the ring and all its power on him. They make love.

Back at the club, Jack and Reese dance while Elizabeth observes from the bar.

Rafe gets out bed. Alison turns over. To her horror, his side of the bed is soaked with blood. Her scream wakes her up. It was a terrible nightmare; it wasn't real. "Wrong, Alison. Your nightmare was very real, and it's just beginning," Olivia informs her.

Caleb goes back to Joshua's and walks around the room where his enemy was finally destroyed. "Can't let it go, can you?" Rafe asks, entering the room. He would like to know what it is about the ring that would have Caleb coming back in the middle of the night. Caleb has the same question for Rafe, who gladly answers. He's there to keep the ring off Caleb's finger. "Any particular reason?" Caleb asks innocently. Rafe thinks he already knows. "That ring is much more powerful than you're letting on, and God help us all if it gets back in your hands," Rafe states.

Jamal talks to the ring. He doesn't know what powers it has, but he can't let Caleb or Rafe get it. For right now, it will be his little secret. He just wishes he weren't alone. He wishes there were someone in his life--someone nice and soft, who's neither a vampire nor an angel's twin sister. He stops himself, figuring he'll drive himself crazy thinking about it. He accuses himself of sounding like Alison. Still, he wishes there were someone out there for him. Suddenly, a very startled woman comes crashing through his ceiling.

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