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Port Charles Update Thursday 7/3/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

The "Inside the Music" special on MV-3 ends with the news that Joshua has been found dead of unknown causes. "Or were there darker forces at work?" the narrator asks rhetorically, adding still more mystery to the story surrounding the band and its lead singer. "Looking a bit peaked, Josh. Must be the pressures of the business," Caleb taunts him. Joshua knows that no vampire can touch him as long as he has the ring, and he's made certain that Alison won't try. Looking at his watch, Caleb asks, "You know what would come in handy right about now? A slayer." His left arm in a sling, Rafe enters the room wielding a wooden stake. Alison is both stunned and relieved to see that her soul mate is alive. Rafe lunges at his target. Smoke rises around the fight. Joshua screams, while Rafe yells at him repeatedly to die. Rafe emerges from the smoke triumphant. He goes to Alison, who looks at his wounds in deep remorse. Joshua's body lies on the floor, a stake through the heart. Caleb and Olivia go to get his ring, but Joshua's body vanishes. The ring is gone. Shaking his finger at Rafe, Caleb points out that he kept his end of the bargain, and he doesn't like to be cheated and lied to. Either he gets the ring back, or their little war is going to continue. Rafe denies having the ring or even knowing where it is. He suggests that it may have followed Joshua to hell. All he knows is that he and Alison are getting out of there. Caleb disagrees; no one's going anywhere until he gets what's his. With a wave of his hand, he closes all the doors.

Jack tries to stop the fights that have broken out at the Elixir. Jamal comes in and someone is tossed into him, so Jamal throws him down. Jack asks whether he's heard the news. "They went in there and saved Alison and killed the big bat. Long live whoever," Jamal replies. Jack thinks that Jamal should be happy about Joshua's demise, since it means no more vampires. That's what Jamal thought, but he was wrong. Jack doesn't understand, so Reese explains that Joshua wasn't a true blood, meaning that he wasn't born a vampire. This means that everyone he turned stays a vampire. Jamal isn't happy about staying like this forever.

Lucy and Ian are snuggled up on the floor in front of the couch. She wants feedback on how it went, and Ian says that they may need to try again. Lucy is concerned until she realizes that he's teasing her. Ian is happy to report that he feels great. Lucy suddenly sits up. She must be back to normal, because all her instincts are screaming at her. She can tell that something really big has happened; she can feel a major shift in the forces. That means that her powers are really back. Ian already knew that; all his vampire symptoms are gone. He thinks it's been an incredible night. Lucy has a surprise for him that she thinks might make it even better.

Nearby, Kevin looks at a photo of himself with Lucy. Outside, an unseen figure is lurking about, looking through the window. Elizabeth runs into the person and apologizes before going inside and sitting at Kevin's table. Kevin's reaction to her arrival makes her think that he's still angry with her. Kevin denies being angry, because that would mean that he actually cared about something. Elizabeth accuses him of being cruel in an attempt to push her away. Kevin tries to go to the bar to order another drink, but she stops him. She knows how hard everything has been for him, especially now that Lucy and Ian are living together, but she believes that they can get back what they've lost. It might even be better than ever. Kevin tells her that she's absolutely right. To her astonishment, he walks out the door.

At Jack's request, Reese gives him a minute to talk to Jack, but before leaving, she tells Jamal not to let this get him down, because being a vamp can be pretty cool. Jack tells Jamal that she means well. Jamal asks for some tequila, and the two of them do shots. Jack tells his friend to look around. He got a lousy break, but so did a lot of the other people at the club. Everyone came looking for answers, but maybe there aren't any. Life is whatever he makes it. His dreams don't have to die; he just might have to change them. He can either play the cards he's been dealt or sit back and feel sorry for himself. Jamal says that he just wanted a simple life. He wanted to ride his bikes, build his business, find someone special, and have kids someday. Stacey comes up behind him and asks whether he's ready to party. Jamal tells her that he was never really into the vampire stuff. Therefore, he's not interested in her. Stacey is insulted that she's not good enough for him anymore. Jamal says to take it however she wants. A belligerent male vampire steps in and asks Stacey whether there's a problem. "Jamal here doesn't think us vampires are good for him anymore," Stacey says. He is almost glad to hear it, because he's been itching for this fight. He announces that Jamal thinks he's too good for them. Before another brawl breaks out, Jack smashes a bottle, climbs onto the bar, and orders everyone to knock it off. He has some new rules for the club.

Rafe warns Caleb not to keep them prisoner. While they can't kill each other, he can still get to Caleb in other ways. He looks at Olivia to make his point. Caleb cautions that this isn't a good time to threaten him. Rafe states that it was just a reminder. Caleb says that he will get the ring back. Rafe is sick of hearing about the ring. He points out that Alison can't possibly be hiding it, considering what she's wearing. Then he takes off his own shirt and--painfully--his sling to prove that he doesn't have it either. Seeing his pain, Alison again expresses remorse for stabbing him. Rafe assures her that it's all right, but Olivia tells her that Rafe would be dead if it weren't for her and Caleb. At this point, she's sorry they saved him. She asks Rafe when he's going to open his eyes and see what Alison has become. She tells him to look at the red lace dress and stilettos that Alison is wearing. She doubts that Alison was planning on to play chess with Joshua in that outfit. Rafe tells Alison not to listen to her, but Alison can't take it. She needs to get out of there. Olivia grabs her, refusing to let her leave until she hands over the ring. Alison shouts that she doesn't have it. She goes to the door and begs to be allowed to leave. Caleb uses his power to open the door for her, and Rafe runs after her. Olivia can't believe it, but Caleb realizes that they don't have the ring. If they did, Rafe would have given it up to save her life. Olivia isn't convinced. She wants to know what will happen if Rafe hid it somewhere and so that they can use it now. "Then they both would die," Caleb replies. Olivia asks whether he would really kill Alison. "If she had it and she knew how to use it, wouldn't she have wished you dead already?" Caleb responds, not exactly answering Olivia's question. Olivia wants to know who he thinks does have it. Caleb loses his temper, yelling that he doesn't know, but he's going to find out. "And when I do, I'm going to bury them," he adds.

Ian and Lucy put away toys after Christina comes home and goes to bed. Lucy is glad that Gail at least called from the car. Otherwise, they might have been caught in the act. When Ian asks about his surprise, Lucy has him sit down and close his eyes. She places a framed photo of Danny in his hands and tells him to look now. Ian is confused about seeing his own photo of his son, but he's glad to see it. Lucy informs him that she called Tim, and he's bringing Danny home to stay. Ian's reaction isn't what she hoped for. He wishes that she hadn't done that. Lucy doesn't understand. Ian simply worries about having Danny around him while he's still a vampire. When Lucy insists that he and Danny need each other, Ian changes his mind and agrees that Danny should be home. Lucy promises that everything will work out and they can be a real family. She says that she called the divorce attorney. Although Ian is skeptical that Kevin will ever leave them alone, Lucy believes he's really starting to let go. If not, she'll have to make him understand that she has let go.

Alison runs barefoot through the woods, fleeing the horror of it all. Rafe finally catches up with her, but she begs him to get away from her and just let her go. Rafe won't do that. Alison insists that she was the one who stabbed him, and it doesn't matter whether it was under the influence of Joshua, drugs, or something else, because she let it happen. She doesn't see how Rafe can ever forgive her for that. Rafe assures her that there's nothing to forgive. He will always love her. Alison tells him that he shouldn't. She needs to tell him something right now or else she might not ever tell him. Rafe wants her to wait, but she insists. She says that she almost gave in to Joshua tonight; she was ready to become his bride. Rafe is stunned. Alison sobs in despair.

Returning to the loft, Caleb can see that Olivia has lit candles all over the room. She explains that it was supposed to be a celebration of getting the ring back. She apologizes again for losing the ring in the first place, but Caleb doesn't blame her. She thinks that a part of him does; she can see it in his eyes. That's okay, though, because she's going to get the ring back. She knows how much it means to him, and if she has to turn Joshua's place upside down to find it, that's what she'll do. She won't rest until she finds it. She's afraid that he'll stop loving her if she doesn't.

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