PC Update Tuesday 7/1/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 7/1/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital chapel, Lucy lights a candle for Karen as she remembers the incredible gift that Karen gave her. Ian asks how she's holding up. Lucy isn't sure, but she is alive and therefore able to be with him and the girls. She's just sad that it's only possible because Karen died. Ian agrees that her death was a horrible thing, but he points out that it had nothing to do with Lucy. Lucy hopes that there's a plan somewhere in all this. All Ian knows is that Karen was her angel. Chris and Ricky some into the chapel. They are followed by Scott, who announces that he and Rhonda made the funeral arrangements. He's been down this road before, and it doesn't get any easier. Overcome with compassion, Lucy puts her arms around him. Scott asks what's going on, and Lucy says that they're just trying to figure out how to say "goodbye" to an angel.

Olivia stands watch over Rafe. She tells Caleb that although he seems better, she's not a doctor. Caleb doesn't want her to worry; he trusts her to take care of Rafe and make sure that he makes it. Olivia worries that if Rafe dies, so will he. Caleb laughs it off, saying that Rafe would never be the one to try to check out first; his ego wouldn't be able to handle it. Caleb looks at her appreciatively and says that it's a big night for them. Olivia warns him to be careful. On his way out, Caleb reminds her not to open the door to anyone. Rafe has a nightmare about being stabbed by Alison. He wakes up shouting her name. Olivia checks on him, taunting him with the correct assumption about the subject of his nightmare. Referring to Alison, she says that it's always the quiet ones. Glaring, Rafe accuses her of liking the idea that Alison is just as bad as she is, but the fact is that they are nothing alike. Olivia states that she doesn't get any pleasure out of seeing him in pain. In fact, she's actually willing to help him. It reminds her of another time when he needed her. Rafe finds this incredibly amusing; he can barely breathe, Alison is holed up with some psychotic vampire, and Olivia is taking a trip down memory lane, trying to pretend to actually still care. Olivia thinks it must give him great comfort to see the world in black and white, with her being all bad and Alison being all good, all the time. She informs him that the world isn't as simple as he would like, and that may be why he was stabbed in the back.

Alison contemplates her future. Rafe is gone, and she will never see any of her friends or relatives again. She knows what she has to do. She goes to the desk and begins a goodbye letter to her mother. Meanwhile, Joshua wraps up a phone call to Jack, making sure that everything at the club is ready for tonight's screening of "Inside the Music." He doesn't want anything to go wrong. "Okay, little Jack?" he asks before hanging up. Caleb can't stop him, and the slayer is as dead as a mackerel. As far as Joshua is concerned, it doesn't get much sweeter than this. He enters Alison's suite, and she hides the letter. Joshua would like her to watch "Inside the Music" with him. He regrets being so brutally honest about her role in the deaths of her loved ones. Alison says that he was right; she is the one who killed Rafe. The fact that Joshua messed with her mind doesn't change that. Joshua tells her not to take it so personally. He asks her to join him for some dinner before the special, but she's not interested. Dwelling on her culpability, she states that it's only fair that her life be taken from her. Joshua informs her that a dead bride is of no use to him, so she had better forget any thoughts of suicide. Alison says that she doesn't plan to die; it would be much too easy. Instead, she's ready to be his wife. It's what she deserves for hurting all the people she loves. In Joshua's opinion, there are better reasons for wanting to cross over. Alison insists; she wants to be joined to him for all eternity so that she will never have another day of joy in her life. That's what she deserves.

More people have gathered for an impromptu memorial service. Saying a few words about Karen, Ricky states that she always saw the good in people. When they were together, it made perfect sense to them even though nobody else could quite figure it out. Thinking back to a fun day when he showed her how to play the drums, he lights a candle, saying that Karen wasn't just a friend; she was a friend for life. Frank peeks inside the chapel and quietly apologizes to Karen, thinking about their last moments together before quietly leaving the hospital. Taking his turn, Chris praises Karen for having been a good doctor and a really good person. He regrets not having taken the time to let her know how much he admired her. He will miss her, but heaven is a better place now that she's there. He lights a candle. Colleen does the same. Scott tells Lucy that he should get used to losing people. He remembers when he found out that Karen was his daughter. He regrets missing so many important moments in her life. Kevin enters the chapel, remarking that everyone is just wasting time lighting candles in Port Charles, because everyone will still be in the dark. Lucy tells him that he's being unfair. Kevin is glad that she's better, but it came at a price. Lucy lives, Karen dies, and life just rolls merrily along for the lucky ones. Ian stands up and tells him to get out if he's just trying to cause more pain for everyone. Kevin angrily accuses everyone of using Karen. Scott is furious with him for disrespecting his daughter's death. Elizabeth comes in to see what's going on, having heard Kevin's voice all the way down the hall. Kevin takes his anger out on her, saying that she barely knew Karen. He says that while Karen helped him through one of the most difficult things he's ever done, Elizabeth couldn't get past her insecurities. Elizabeth protests that she didn't realize what was really going on; she just thought Karen was trying to come between them. "Yeah, of course you did," he says in disgust. When Ian tells him to leave, Kevin asks how it feels to know that Karen died just so that he could keep pawing Lucy. Outraged, Scott shoves him, then steps outside get away from this. Kevin also leaves, and Lucy follows him.

Rafe maintains that Alison didn't know what she was doing. He accuses Olivia of making herself feel better by comparing herself to Alison. However, Alison has always won. Olivia reminds him that while she's with the person she loves, Alison is with a vampire. That makes Alison the loser. Toning it down a bit, they talk about why they always say nasty things to each other, but Rafe gets riled up again with the memory of when she shot him in the back. Caleb returns and comments that Rafe seems to be doing better. He tells him to thank Olivia. Rafe is silent. Olivia clears her throat, waiting to hear his appreciation. "Thank you, Olivia," Rafe says, scowling. He wants to know what's going on and how they're going to rescue Alison. Caleb assures him that it's already in the works. Rafe wants to know exactly what Caleb's plan is. "Where's the trust?" Caleb asks. Rafe insists. Caleb turns on the TV for the MV-3 special that's about to begin. Rafe doesn't get it, but Caleb says to watch closely.

Lucy starts to bawl Kevin out but then realizes that he is also suffering a great loss. Seeing the pain on his face, she asks what Karen did for him. Kevin explains that she helped him beat a drug addiction that Joshua caused, in spite of the incredibly painful memories of her own past addiction. She was an amazing woman, but now she's dead. Lucy tells him not to let this bitterness consume him. Kevin doesn't know why he should believe that anything good ever happens. Lucy says that that he should believe it because Karen did.

She tells Kevin that Karen had hope for him. Kevin thinks it's too bad that she wasted the last few weeks of her life on a lost cause. Lucy wants to know why he won't let Karen save his life the way she saved hers. Unsure that there's anything left to save, he walks away. Lucy walks over to Scott, who admits that he wanted to kill Kevin. Lucy says that she doesn't know him anymore and doesn't want to. She tells him that she has a chance to live, thanks to Karen. She understands if he doesn't want to be around her anymore. Scott doesn't need that at all. He tells her not to blow her second chance at life. Lucy credits Karen with giving her more than life; she also gave her Scott, and now they will be connected forever. They hug each other.

Back inside the chapel, Chris sits down next to Elizabeth and states that Kevin is a jerk. "That's usually my type," Elizabeth admits, adding that if he's mean and crazy, he must be marriage material. Chris advises her to adopt a dog if she's looking for a good companion. Ian comments that Karen deserves something better than this. Encouraged by Lucy, Scott lights a candle for his daughter.

Frank reminisces about good times with Karen. He lays a flower down where she was hit by the car, promising that she'll always be his girl.

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