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Port Charles Update Friday 6/27/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

While an enraged Ian holds Kevin by the neck, Chris tranquilizes him and puts him on a gurney. He says that he only did it to keep Ian off death row. Chris tells an orderly to take Kevin up to isolation, adding that he'll be up to check on him later. He promises to help Ian all he can but states that Kevin had a point. Even if angel blood is the answer, they have no idea where to obtain any.

Ricky stands outside Karen's apartment, devastated about losing Casey a second time. He thinks about their final moments in each other's arms. Needing to talk to Karen about this, he knocks on her door and calls out her name. Beaten and bleeding, Karen approaches him from behind. The sight of her stuns Ricky, who asks what happened to her. Karen replies that a car came out of nowhere. Ricky wants to take her to the hospital. Clearly in shock, Karen tries to assure him that she's doing great, but then she collapses in his arms.

Alison maintains that she never wanted to hurt Rafe. She accuses Joshua of tricking her somehow. Joshua tells her to stop blaming him for what she did. She's the one who stabbed Rafe and left his body out in the woods. Jamal joins them, and Alison runs into his arms, crying her eyes out and saying that she killed Rafe. Stunned, Jamal tells her that it's okay. Joshua leaves, hoping that Jamal can calm her down. He wants to be notified when she finally takes full responsibility for the slayer's death. When she does that, he will return and comfort her tortured soul in his own special way. After he leaves, Jamal tries to extract information from Alison. He's not sure how much time they have. Alison has a hard time pulling herself together. She doesn't even know what happened. She explains that Rafe's face suddenly turned into Joshua's face, and he was telling her that he would never let her go. The next thing she knew, she was stabbing him over and over. She really thought it was Joshua, but it was Rafe, and she doesn't understand why she would do something like that. Jamal tells her that she couldn't have done it by herself. The alarm on her watch goes off again, and her demeanor changes. Instead of seeing Jamal's face and hearing his voice, she sees and hears Joshua again. Looking at her watch, she states that it's time for tea.

"Let me guess. I was right; you were wrong," Caleb tells the wounded Rafe, who had insisted that Alison wasn't under Joshua's spell and therefore wouldn't hurt him. He wonders when Rafe will start listening to him. Rafe opens his eyes. He tells Caleb that if he's going to die out in the woods, he'd rather do it alone. He doesn't want Caleb standing over him saying, "I told you so." Caleb wants to know who said anything about dying.

Elizabeth tracks Kevin down at the hospital and finds him in restraints. She completely misinterprets the situation to mean that he and Karen are up to something kinky. Annoyed, Kevin tells her that he's not tied up for fun. In addition, there's nothing going on between him and Karen. Elizabeth says that she saw them kissing. Kevin promises to explain that if she helps him get loose. Elizabeth isn't being cooperative. She starts to leave but turns around when Kevin tells her that Lucy is dying. Elizabeth is surprised to hear that. She questions why Ian can't help Lucy. Kevin replies that Ian is waiting for an angel to fly in the window and save her. "And they put me in the loony bin," he adds sarcastically. Elizabeth is sorry; she had no idea. Kevin repeats his request for help, and Elizabeth releases him from the restraints. He rushes out the door, and she follows.

Caleb takes Rafe to the loft and helps him to the couch, shouting for Olivia to get bandages and blankets. Bringing a first aid kit, Olivia is surprised to see the condition Rafe is in. She's even more surprised to hear that Alison is responsible. She thinks it's almost as hard to believe as Caleb saving him is. Caleb points out that he couldn't let the slayer bite the dust before he helps them destroy Joshua. He gives Rafe a bottle of water and applies pressure to stop the bleeding. Rafe states that Caleb is actually helping him for the same reason he himself saved Caleb at the villa. Olivia asks what the reason is. Rafe realizes that she doesn't know about their roles in the balance of good and evil. He tells her that he and Caleb even each other out. Olivia thinks he's delirious, but Rafe explains that they don't know what will happen if one of them dies. He accuses Caleb of saving him now to ultimately save his own miserable life. "You talk too much," Caleb tells Rafe. The slayer is the only one with the power to destroy Joshua, which is the only reason Caleb saved his life. Destroying Joshua is the priority. Rafe agrees. He gets up and stumbles to the door, fully intending to save Alison. Olivia tries to stop him, but he won't listen. She asks Caleb to stop him. Caleb already knows that Rafe isn't going anywhere. Rafe collapses at the door, unconscious. "You know, it's hard always being right," Caleb smirks. After moving Rafe back to the couch, Caleb and Olivia wake him up. Rafe wants to help Alison, but Caleb tells him that he has to help himself first. Otherwise, he'll end up killing himself and there won't be anyone to save Alison.

Jamal wants to know what Alison means. She tells him that it's time for tea. Jamal hates tea, and he hates the sound of the alarm on her watch. "What alarm?" Alison asks. Jamal shows her what he's talking about and takes it off her wrist, although she protests. Forcing her to look into his eyes, he tells her to come back. She does. She doesn't know what's happening to her. Jamal doesn't know either, but he does know that it's time to get her out of there, no matter what it takes. He rushes her to the door, but Joshua, Frank, and another goon are on the other side. Jamal warns them to stay away from Alison. Joshua is disappointed in Jamal, whom he had treated as a loyal servant. The fact is that Jamal is a traitor, and traitors are assured a certain fate in times of war. Joshua orders Frank to get Jamal out of there. The other goon grabs Alison and sets her down in front of his boss. Joshua describes Jamal as noble, brave, and useless. Thanks to Alison, he will also be dead. The two men who loved her most in the world--other than Joshua, of course--are dead, and it's all her fault. She'll have to live with that for eternity.

Chris and Ian work to stabilize Lucy. Since Casey is gone, Ian wants to buy Lucy some time and look for another source. Colleen comes to get them for a hit-and-run victim being brought in. Seeing Ricky, Chris orders him to get out. Ricky tells him to help Karen. Chris and Ian are taken aback to see their colleague in this condition. Ian wants to know what happened, but all Ricky knows is that a car hit her. Seeing her distended abdomen, Chris diagnoses probable internal bleeding. He wants an O.R. and a trauma team, as well as x-rays of her neck and back. He also insists that Ricky get out of there so that he and Ian can do their job and save her. Chris refuses to lose her. Ian states that she has fractured ribs, and Chris thinks it's most likely massive liver trauma. They get her into the shock position, but she begins to hemorrhage seriously.

Lucy's soul tries to follow her special visitor, but she doesn't understand what's happening.

Chris urges his fallen colleague not to quit now. Colleen can't get a blood pressure. Ian can't get a pulse. Karen flat lines. Ricky watches through the window as Ian starts CPR. Chris continues to beg his patient and friend to fight for her life. When Ian stops the CPR, Chris demands to know what he's doing. He takes up where Ian left off. The monitor stops beeping. Ian pulls Chris away, unable to deny the horrible truth. Chris calls the time of death. Ian asks Colleen to keep an eye on Chris while he checks on Lucy. Chris doesn't need anyone around. He wants to be alone with Karen. He asks her why she did this to him. He's the last intern left from their group of seven. He always knew that she would be the heart of the group; she was really special. In fact, he always wished that he could be more like her. He's really going to miss her. Apologizing for what he's about to do, he pulls the sheet over her head. Chris leaves the room in grief.

While Ian is with Lucy, Karen appears at the foot of the bed. As always, only Lucy can see her angel, and now she can even see her face. Karen smiles lovingly at her friend, who now understands that Karen is her angel.

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