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Port Charles Update Thursday 6/26/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Kevin is surprised to get a phone call from Christina. The surprise turns to concern when she tells him that she's scared because her mommy is sick and won't wake up.

Karen tells Frank to stay away from her. He promises not to hurt her, but she doesn't believe him. Frank just wants her to hear him out. He didn't mean to scare her. Karen tells him that he does scare her; she doesn't feel safe with him anymore. Frank apologizes; he can't stand seeing fear in her eyes. Karen jerks away, not wanting him to touch her. When Frank says that he's not a monster, Karen points out that he is a vampire. His eyes scared her. Frank regrets losing control, but he just can't stand what's happened to them. Karen corrects him; it happened to him, not them. Frank says that he didn't ask to be turned. Karen counters that neither did Ian, but he's fighting it every day. Frank, on the other hand, embraces and revels in his new life; he's even Joshua's hit man. Frank knows what he's done, but he would like her to remember who he still is. He's tired of fighting the one person he loves most in the world. He wants to come home to her. Karen doesn't see how that's possible. He's no longer the man she knew, and she just wants him to leave her alone. Frank doesn't believe she means that. Karen argues that she does. It's time to move on. Frank can't do that without her. He argues that she has saved him from himself many times. Karen states that she can't save him now. Only he can do that. She's obviously not enough for him, because he's clearly addicted to power and control. What they had is gone, and there's nothing else she can do.

Rafe lies bleeding from multiple stab wounds. Alison runs in terror, and when she stops, she remembers stabbing "Joshua." She's stunned when Joshua turns up right next to her, because she thought that she killed him. Joshua tries to convince her that it was just a terrible dream. Just when she starts to accept that, she sees the blood all over her arms and realizes that she actually stabbed Rafe. She runs to his side, but Joshua drags his hysterical bride away before someone comes along and finds them.

Ian carries Lucy to the hospital, where he informs Chris that he found her unconscious. He adds that Christina said that she was out for about half an hour, and they need to do a transfusion right away. Chris says that they have a problem; Lucy doesn't want to be saved. He pulls out a document and tells Ian to read it, but Ian doesn't want to. Chris points out that there's a note from Lucy attached to it. Ian takes it and looks it over. Chris argues for Lucy, who obviously can't speak for herself. She knew that Ian would do whatever it took within reason to keep her alive. However, she was concerned about how far he would go beyond reason. Chris can't believe that Ian would ignore her wishes. Ian states that he's ignoring this one. When Chris protests, Ian grabs both shoulders to make his point. He isn't giving up on Lucy, and he won't let Chris do it either. Wadding up the document and tossing it across the room, he says that he knows hopeless situations, and this isn't one. He was in this very room with Eve when she was already dead, but Lucy is alive. Chris agrees to help, thinking that they may be able to raise her blood pressure if they get some blood into her. Ian agrees; they'll keep her stable and then think of something. "What the hell are you doing to my wife?" Kevin suddenly demands.

Joshua takes Alison back to his place, where she begs him to let her go back to help Rafe. Joshua tells her that it's too late; Rafe is dead, and she'll have to accept that. Alison can't do that. She knows he's not dead. Joshua tells her again that Rafe is dead, this time adding that she killed him. She has to face it and move on. Alison doesn't believe his accusation until he forces her to look at the blood all over her. Alison breaks down, sliding to the floor in grief.

Ian orders Kevin to get out, but Kevin isn't going anywhere. He won't allow the other doctors to treat his wife until he knows exactly what's going on. Ian says that it doesn't concern him. Kevin disagrees; his four-year-old daughter called to tell him that her mommy wouldn't wake up, and he wants to know what's happening. He looks at her chart and sees that her system is full of poison. He tells Ian that he can't reverse that. Ian intends to try. Kevin realizes that Ian knows about Lucy's wishes and is ignoring them. Ian asks whether he's supposed to just let her die. Hearing that, Kevin asks what he can do. Ian wants him to leave, but Kevin knows that with Chris involved, they must be doing something experimental, and he won't leave until he knows what it is. Ian grudgingly says that they're waiting for the blood of an angel so that they can save her life. Kevin can't believe this. He thinks they're out of their minds. He demands to know where they got that idea. Ian says that Caleb told him. Kevin is skeptical that Caleb would do anything to help Lucy. Ian doesn't care what Kevin thinks; this is their only hope. In Kevin's opinion, what Lucy needs is a specialist in blood disorders. He believes that Ian's emotions are clouding his judgment, and he's going to have him removed from the case. Ian grabs Kevin by the neck, his vampire eyes glowing red with rage.

Frank assumes that Kevin is to blame for Karen's reluctance to take him back. Karen states that she and Kevin shared one kiss and that was all. It happened because they were both lonely. Frank doesn't think she has to be lonely. If she were like him, she would understand what it feels like, and they could have a life together. He offers to move away together if that's what she wants. He just doesn't want to give up on their relationship. He can't help who he is, but he's learned to adapt to it. He can help her so that they can have a life together. He's still the same man. Karen tells him to leave her alone. Frank informs her that they belong together and that someday she'll thank him for this. Karen can't believe he wants to force her to become something she hates. Frank assures her that she won't hate it once she knows what it's like. They can have an amazing life. He understands that she's afraid, but it will be okay. Karen begs him not to do this if he loves her. Frank says that he's doing this because of his love for her. He explains exactly what will happen to her, and tells her that he loves her. Crying, Karen echoes the sentiment. Frank lowers his mouth over her neck. Karen shoves him away, grabs a fireplace poker, hits him with it, and runs out the door. Frank tries to stumble after her, but he notices several photos of the two of them during happier times. Suddenly, he feels remorse for what he tried to do to her. Outside, Karen runs to the street, crying for help. She falls and hurts her foot, making it hard for her to stand up and get out of the path of an oncoming car. Headlights fall on her, and tires screech.

Alison lies on the floor sobbing about her beloved Rafe. Joshua brings her a glass of water, which she shoves away with her arm. She jumps up and blames Joshua for this. Joshua tries to convince her that her feelings for Rafe changed, but Alison knows that Joshua did something to her. Joshua tells her to stop blaming him. He reminds her that he sent her back to Rafe, but she ended up returning to him. Alison doesn't know why she came back. Joshua tells her that somewhere deep inside, she wanted to kill Rafe.

A shadow falls over Rafe's still body. Getting closer, the man checks Rafe's neck for a pulse. It is Caleb, who looks very solemn.

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