PC Update Wednesday 6/25/03


Port Charles Update Wednesday 6/25/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Karen comes home early and finds Kevin writing something. When she asks what he's writing, he grins and claims that it's nothing. Karen doesn't want any secrets between them. Kevin admits that it's a goodbye note for her. In his opinion, she's done all she can for him, and it's time for him to get back in control of his life. Things have gotten a little complicated, so he's going home today. Karen tells him that it's his decision to make, but she wishes that he would stay. Kevin is aware that she doesn't consider him ready to go out on his own. Karen thinks they have more work to do. Kevin assures her that he's much better now, and he feels that his presence is a distraction to her. He asks about outpatient status, and Karen says that he needs to be monitored. Kevin agrees to call every hour on the hour. Karen thinks about this, deciding that it might be best for him to get back to his own life after all. She tells him that Elizabeth keeps asking about him. Kevin realizes that Karen doesn't think much of her. Karen denies the accusation, saying that although Elizabeth is a little too self-centered, she's just looking for someone to love, which is no different from everyone else. "Like you?" Kevin asks. Karen says that she'll find someone when the time is right. "Like Frank?" Kevin persists. Karen states that she and Frank have finally reached the end of the line. Although their love was very deep, he changed too much, and it went beyond her limit. Kevin has been told that this happens, likely referring to how he pushed his wife away. Karen explains that she and Frank just don't fit anymore. She likes to save people, while Frank just wants to dominate them. He scares her. Kevin understands. He pulls her to him in a fatherly way. Neither is aware that they're being watched through the window.

After getting the hopeful news from Caleb, Ian assures the sleeping Lucy that she's going to be all right. All she needs is the blood of an angel, and he's going to find Casey now.

Casey and Ricky bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Casey finally knows how much she really loves Ricky. She loves him down to her soul, and she doesn't know why they waited this long to make love. Ricky knows why; she's his guardian angel. Now that they've really messed up, they don't know what will happen. Casey wants him to relax, but he can't do that knowing that she could be taken from his arms at any second. They kiss passionately, afraid to let go. Casey tells him to ease up. She's feeling everything he's feeling; she's waiting for lightning to strike any minute now. Ricky tells her that it might not. Casey argues that it might. Thunder crashes, but Casey is the only one who hears it. She tells Ricky that no matter what happens, she has no regrets about making love, and she will watch over and protect him from wherever she is. Ricky wants her to stop talking that way. She's still there, which he takes as a positive sign. Casey gives him a sign--a kiss--and tells him that she loves him and has no regrets. Then she vanishes from his arms.

Alison fights Rafe's efforts to calm her down. She screams at him not to touch her. Finally succeeding in calming her down, Rafe wants to know what just happened. Alison apologizes and explains that when she first started kissing him, everything was fine, but then she opened her eyes and saw Joshua's face instead of his. Although she knows that it wasn't real, it felt that way for a split second. Rafe asks whether Joshua touched her or hurt her in any way. Alison interprets this as asking whether she slept with Joshua. Putting on his shirt, Rafe assures her that he isn't asking that. Alison understands that he needs to know what happened between her and her husband, but the truth is that nothing happened. Rafe tells her to forget he even asked. He holds her close and tells her that nothing can ruin what they have, because they're too strong to let that happen. He's here for her, just like always; she can lean on him. Alison points out that he can't erase the memories. Rafe understands that it will probably take a long time to put her imprisonment at Joshua's behind her, but she can do it. Everything will be all right. He wants to know that she believes that. Alison tells him that she does.

Lucy has a very restless sleep. She groans and pants, reliving Serena's birth. Other special memories come rushing to her, one after another: her reunion with Christina, meeting Rafe for the first time, and marrying Kevin. Her mind then turns to memories of Ian, especially time spent with him and Christina. Writhing in pain, she calls out his name.

Ricky puts on "Hey, Sister" and thinks about how he and Casey were robbed; they didn't have enough time together. He hurls a glass at the door in anger.

Ricky calls out Casey's name. He's angry that this happened, and he's trying not to regret their decision to take a chance. Ian pounds on the door and then barges in, demanding to know where Casey is. When Ricky says that she's gone, Ian wants to know when she's coming back. Ricky informs him that she's never coming back because she was called back to heaven. Ian demands to know what he's talking about. He knows that angels sometimes get called back for a meeting or something, but she'll be back. Ricky refutes that theory, saying that she won't ever be back. Ian grabs him. He can't believe this; Lucy needs her, and she has to be coming back! Ricky wishes that she were, but it won't happen. All hope gone, Ian leaves the apartment.

Kevin thinks she was right to let Frank go. Now it's time for her to move on and find another man. Karen protests that she isn't ready for that. She's in love with her work, and she's glad she could be there when Kevin needed her. Kevin is grateful. Now, maybe he can start trying to make things right with the people he cares about. He gives her a hug before leaving, and he promises to call her in exactly one hour. As soon as he leaves, Karen turns around to find Frank staring angrily at her. Frank tells her that she's making a big mistake; they belong with each other. Karen doesn't think that's true anymore. She reaches for phone, but he stops her. Scared, she backs up, trying to get away from him, but he follows closely. She tells him that things simply change, but he doesn't agree. He tells her that if they can't go back, they have to go forward. Karen tells him to stay back. Frank tells her not to be afraid, because this is a good thing. He has a way for them to be together forever.

After leaving Ricky's place, Ian goes back to Lucy's and finds Christina begging her mommy to wake up.

Alison lies with her head on Rafe's knee. Rafe suggests going home, but Alison wants to stay right where they are. She tells him that she truly is happiest when she's with him. She just wants to pick up where they left off. Rafe again suggests going home to relax. Alison says that she's already relaxed. She gives him some sweet kisses with the intention of seducing him, but then her watch alarm goes off again. A strange look comes over her face. Puzzled, Rafe can't believe she set the alarm again, but she says that she didn't. "It's time," she says. Rafe doesn't understand why she said that. When he talks, Alison sees Joshua's face and hears his voice. "No! No!" she yells. Rafe grabs for her watch and tells her to turn it off, but it's no use; she still sees and hears Joshua. She warns him repeatedly to stay away from her. Rafe doesn't heed the warning. He's intent on calming her down. Alison is terrified of "Joshua." Grabbing a knife, she stabs Rafe five times before fleeing the scene.

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