PC Update Tuesday 6/24/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 6/24/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

Alison takes Rafe to a scenic spot for a picnic, but Rafe prefers to look at her instead of at the view. Alison warns him to be careful or else she just might fall in love with him all over again. She gives him some sweet kisses on the face and then expresses the wish that they could be this way forever. She asks him not to let it end. The alarm on her watch goes off again. When Rafe asks whether she actually set it to go off during their hike, she imagines Joshua asking the question. Rafe asks what the alarm is for, and Alison informs him that it's time for a massage. Rafe is confused, since this is the first he's heard of it. Alison says that she wanted to surprise him. She takes off his shirt and tells him to lie down and close his eyes. She rubs his back, and Rafe eventually turns over and asks whether she saved any for the front. Alison kisses him, but suddenly she sees Joshua's face again. When she gasps and jumps back, she hears Joshua's voice ask her what's wrong. Rafe again asks what's wrong. Alison is shaken by the experience.

Ricky is surprised to get a visit from Casey, who barges her way into his apartment. He didn't expect to see her again after what he did. Casey admits that she was wondering what would happen to a guardian angel who decided to kill the guy she was guarding. Wary, Ricky asks what she's thinking now. Casey says that she doesn't even know why she's there. She doesn't know what's real or why she was sent back to earth. Ricky tells her to blame him for being such a sleazebag. He doesn't think that she should have come to see him. When Casey agrees, he tries to get rid of her, but she's not finished. Ricky doesn't know what he's supposed to say, since he already apologized. Casey thinks that he should be banished to hell for what he's done, but the truth is that she loves him more than ever. That's the last thing Ricky expected to hear. Casey tells him that she wants him more than anything. Ricky reminds her that he almost sold her out, but Casey believes that he stopped himself out of love for her. Ricky assures her that he does love her. Casey says that since he has always told her that they have to follow their instincts, that's what she wants to do now. Her instincts are telling her to be with the man she loves. Ricky can't believe this. He never expected her to say that she wanted to hook up with him again. In Casey's eyes, it's the only thing that makes any sense. Ricky worries that she'll be sent back to heaven if they make love. He's not prepared to lose her again, because it will be for good this time. Casey isn't so sure that it will turn out that way. She kisses him.

After finishing her goodbye video to Ian, Lucy shuts off the camera, removes the tape, and makes a label for it. Weaker than ever, she becomes convinced that she's dying right now. Calling out Ian's name, she lies down on the couch and closes her eyes, looking quite peaceful.

Ian starts to chase Caleb down but changes his mind, taking Caleb at his word that he can't help Lucy. Looking heavenward, he tells God that she doesn't deserve to die.

In the Elixir, Olivia wants confirmation that Caleb knew all along how to save Lucy and didn't tell anyone. Caleb reminds her that nothing is ever by chance with him, and she should know that. Ian will never figure out the cure. Olivia assumes that he planned this, since he knew what would happen when Lucy went into the hot spring. Caleb tells her to believe what she wants. It was never planned; it just happened. Olivia is just happy to know that he's letting Lucy die even though he knows the cure. She doesn't know whether to kiss him or bite him. "Maybe later," Caleb says, grinning. Olivia admits that she thought he was acting like a mortal, but she was wrong, because this is the real Caleb. He says to call it a business decision. He doesn't like slayers, and when he has a chance to eliminate one, he takes it. Olivia is particularly pleased that this will also eliminate one more person who hates her. Caleb wants to change the subject. After asking whether something is bothering him, she realizes that this is about the ring. Caleb states that Joshua wearing his father's ring will always bother him. Olivia reminds him that when they get it back, he will be invincible. When Caleb spaces out, she brings him back to reality, although he claims to have been listening to her. She asks him to wait right there. While she's gone, Caleb's thoughts turn to Ian's plea for help for the dying Lucy. He's Ian's last hope, and time is running out. When Olivia returns, Caleb is gone.

Outside the club, Frank lurks in the shadows as Elizabeth confronts Karen about the doctor/patient kiss. When Karen maintains that she's not having an affair with Kevin, Elizabeth wants to know why she was kissing him. She accuses the doctor of taking advantage of Kevin's addiction. She thinks that Karen is trying to get him to depend on her so that he sees her as the only one who can help him. Karen says that his addiction has nothing to do with her; he's just hurt and confused. In Elizabeth's opinion, he's a victim, and now he's Karen's victim. Karen asks whether she's finished, but she's just getting started. Karen makes it worse by taunting her with the fact that she kissed him and he kissed her. Elizabeth is outraged. "Karen, you don't understand. I like Kevin. He means something to me. And you know, for the life of me, I can't really understand how you expect him to see something in you when he can have me," she rants. Karen has had enough. She tries to leave, but Elizabeth won't let her. Karen accuses her of always making everything about her. Elizabeth doesn't understand why this wouldn't be about her, since she's the one getting the new man in her life stolen. Karen tells her that this is about Kevin and what he's going through. Admittedly, they found some comfort in each other for a split second, but it doesn't mean they're walking down the aisle together. In her opinion, Kevin still has feelings for Elizabeth, who will have to stick by him to find that out for herself. Hopeful, Elizabeth asks whether Karen means that she'll stop seeing him. Karen leaves, tired of talking to a brick wall. Elizabeth goes after her. Still watching, Frank doesn't like what he heard. "Pretty good story, Karen," he says to himself.

Ian goes back to Lucy's and finds her lying very still. He goes to her side and manages to rouse her, and she asks him to hold her. She immediately falls back asleep holding Ian in her arms. Ian wonders what took all her energy, but he gets his answer when he sees the tape with his name on it. While Lucy sleeps, he watches the goodbye tape. Tears streaming down his face, he blames himself for failing her. There's a knock at the door, and goes to see who it is. "Want to invite me in?" Caleb asks. Admitting that he knows how to save Lucy, Caleb says that it involves the blood of an angel.

Casey tries to persuade Ricky that this is the right thing. Ricky isn't at all convinced. He wants to stop before it's too late, but Casey thinks it already is. Ricky refuses to lose the only real angel in his life. Casey urges him to make love to her. "But you'll disappear," Ricky worries. Casey kisses him passionately.

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