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Port Charles Update Monday 6/23/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Lucy looks wistfully at some old photos of the girls, trying to figure out how to say her goodbyes. Ian brings her some tea and a sandwich. When he asks what she's doing, she replies that she's finally going to organize her photos. Ian wants her to take a break and get something to eat, but she considers this task too important to stop. She's doing it for the girls. Ian won't let this go; he goes back to the kitchen to get the fruit he forgot. While he's gone, Lucy feels the presence of her unseen visitor. She greets her friend and confides that Ian is driving her crazy, although she realizes that he just wants to help. She thanks her visitor for being there for her. As she talks, Ian returns, stopping before she notices him. He listens for a moment and then delivers the fruit to Lucy, who apologizes for not touching the sandwich. Ian reminds her that she has to eat to keep up her strength. He wants to take care of her, but he realizes that this isn't about him. He asks what she needs from him. Lucy says that needs him to help her realize that there isn't a miracle cure and that this really is the end of her life. She also needs him to help her say her goodbyes.

Jamal questions why Joshua sent him out to look for Rafe when the slayer was obviously getting back together with Alison. Joshua claims that Alison was too high maintenance for him. Jamal thinks there must be more to the story, and Joshua informs him that there always is. Jamal wants to know the real story, but Joshua doesn't appreciate his impertinence. Jamal points out that he can't do a good job of protecting his boss if he's kept in the dark. Joshua informs him that everything will become crystal clear in a few days.

Caleb refuses to keep proving himself to Olivia, who accuses him of wanting to dump her for Alison. Caleb tells his sullen lover that while their enemies grow stronger every day, he's stuck trying to convince her of his love for her, while she won't stop thinking about Alison. Olivia wants to know why he even cares about what happens to Alison. He claims that he doesn't care. When Olivia accuses him of lying, Caleb tells her that Alison isn't the priority. "If you don't trust me, we're not gonna make it. And it won't be Alison that separates us; it'll be you," Caleb asserts. Olivia interprets this as proof that he's going to leave her, which means that Alison has ruined another one of her relationships. Exasperated, Caleb tells her that she obviously wasn't listening to a word he said. She's clearly not rational when it comes to Alison. Olivia admits that he's right about that, and to make herself sound even crazier, she admits that she doesn't even know why she hates Alison. In fact, she's not even sure that she does hate her. Caleb rolls his eyes, his back to her. Olivia thinks that she likes Alison, but she's not sure. She somehow likes her or the thought of their friendship, but when Alison opens her mouth and smiles, Olivia wants to wipe the smile off her face. Caleb has no idea why she feels so threatened, but he can't keep having the same conversation with her. Olivia promises to stop obsessing about Alison if he'll answer one question. She wants to know whether he would leave her if she were to get rid of Alison. Caleb doesn't want to answer that, but Olivia insists on knowing whether he would still want her. Caleb assures her that nothing could make him stop wanting her; she's his obsession. That's all she wanted to hear. She promises to stop bugging him about it. Caleb kisses her passionately, and they fall to the couch together.

Buttoning her blouse, Alison tells Rafe that she hated being away from him and needed to show him how much she loves and needs him. Rafe thinks that she's probably upset about Caleb's accusations, but she doesn't want to talk about Caleb or Joshua. "It isn't time for that. It isn't time," she says, hugging Rafe. They go out to pick berries, and when they return, Alison gets the idea to go back and pick more for a pie. Rafe likes the idea of baking a pie together, and he asks her to show him how to bake. Alison gets a kick out of this, especially thinking about him standing in the kitchen wearing only an apron. "It's very 'normal,' you know," she says, reminding him of their quest for normalcy. Rafe doesn't think they have a chance of being normal until they destroy Joshua. Alison reiterates her desire not to think about that. Eventually giving in, Rafe asks her to get out the supplies while he spreads the blanket for a picnic. While he chatters about spending time alone together, Alison picks up a gun and aims it at him.

Looking into the video camera, Lucy records her goodbyes to the girls. She assures them that there's no need to worry about her or become angry, and she urges them not to turn away someone who may eventually come along and offer maternal love. Ian observes sadly, and Lucy breaks down toward the end of the recording. Lucy asks him to give her a minute alone, and he steps outside. Now alone, Lucy records her goodbye to Ian.

Rafe asks Alison what she's doing. Alison says that she's held a gun before but never fired one. Rafe decides to teach her how. After gently lowering her arm so that the gun is no longer pointed toward him, he shows her how to aim at her target. He tells her not to pull the trigger, but she does. Jamal bursts into the barn and asks what's going on. Rafe tells him that it's all right. He takes Jamal aside and asks whether Joshua has a plan to get Alison back. Jamal doesn't know, but there's definitely something going on in Joshua's "fiery little head." He just needs to find out what it is. Alison approaches them and warns Jamal to stay away from Joshua. Jamal isn't worried about himself, and he thinks it's important to be their man on the inside. He's certain that Joshua doesn't suspect him of working against him. Wanting to run this by Lucy, Rafe steps outside to call his cousin. Jamal talks to Alison, whose watch alarm goes off. Alison immediately seems to go into a trance, and when she doesn't immediately turn off the alarm, Jamal reaches for her arm. Alison orders him not to touch her watch. She finally turns it off. Remembering that she's always hated alarms, Jamal asks why she's using it now. Alison makes up the excuse that it's a reminder to call her mother. When Jamal asks whether she's going to do that, Alison doesn't know what he's talking about, and when he reminds her, she says that she'll do it later. Jamal calls her on her behavior, only to be reminded that she's been through a lot lately. Rafe returns after being unable to reach Lucy. He notices something amiss and asks about it, but they both claim that everything's fine. As Jamal heads out the door, Rafe stops him to say that Alison has been a little on edge. While they talk, Alison stares at the gun. Jamal leaves, and Alison announces that they're going to a very special place. Rafe is confused, since they were planning to have a picnic right there at the barn, but Alison insists.

Joshua checks his watch as he listens to opera music. "Enjoy yourself, slayer. Your time is running out," he says.

Caleb and Olivia look through a window at the Elixir, but they don't see Joshua. Olivia thinks that he's probably home pining over Alison. Approaching them, Ian says that he's glad to see Caleb. "That's something I don't hear every day," Caleb remarks. Ian needs to know all about the healing pool, and he's prepared to beg if necessary. He explains that Lucy is dying, and he thinks it's because of the water. Caleb tells him it won't be necessary to beg. He knew that the spring would cure vampires, and he assumed that it would do something to slayers, but that's all he knows. Ian informs him that Lucy is no danger to him now that she's lost her slayer powers. Caleb states that he would help if he could, but he's sorry. He and Olivia walk away, and she asks whether he meant that he would help Lucy if he could. Caleb tells her that even though he likes Lucy, she's still a slayer, and he wouldn't help her.

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