PC Update Friday 6/20/03


Port Charles Update Friday 6/20/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Karen presents Kevin with some morning coffee. Kevin isn't exactly looking forward to another day of the physical and mental torture otherwise known as detox. Karen won't let him sit around feeling sorry for himself any longer. She tosses a baseball to him. "Like I said, another day of torture," Kevin remarks. Although Kevin sees it as absurd, he and Karen toss the ball back and forth. In Karen's opinion, it's working, since her patient is thinking about how absurd this is instead of what a disaster his life is. Kevin accuses her of being the illegitimate child of Pollyanna and Nurse Ratchett from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." He also accuses her of craving approval; she's practically a textbook for it. When he tosses the ball through the window, she points out how wrong he can be. While they clean up the mess, the banter continues. After Karen tells a story about a kid she grew up with, Kevin returns the ball to her. Suddenly, he puts his arm around her waist and gives her a long, slow kiss. Just then, Elizabeth arrives outside Karen's place. Curious about the broken window, she looks in and sees what's happening inside. She stalks off, her jealous suspicions confirmed. After the kiss, Kevin admits that it was a bad idea.

After being summoned by Ricky, Casey asks why she had to get out of bed and go to his apartment. Ricky has her favorite cinnamon rolls, which he just heated in the oven. Casey grabs one and takes a bite, enjoying it immensely. When she asks for coffee, Ricky takes the goodies away from her and promises to give them back when she agrees to go to New York with him. Casey reiterates that she can't leave right now; there's too much for her to do in Port Charles. Ricky points out that he can show her the city like she's never seen it. As a rock star, he has the city at his feet. His cockiness amuses Casey. Ricky presents her with a small box, and she pulls out a pair of earrings. Casey thinks they're beautiful. After putting them on, she tells Ricky that she still won't be able to go out of town with him. She's stunned when Ricky blows up at her. Ricky apologizes but demands to know when he's going to become her priority over all the other bozos. Casey reminds him that the other bozos happen to be their friends. Thinking he could be in trouble, Casey looks heavenward and asks why she didn't get any more clues about it. Ricky assures her that he's not in trouble; he just wants to spend time with her. Casey reminds him that they've already had this conversation, and being alone together is simply too tempting. Ricky tells her that they're both strong enough to resist temptation. Besides, she needs a break from looking after other people. It's time for him to look after her; that's what people do when they love somebody. Giving in, Casey tells him that he's absolutely right. There must be a way for them to spend time together without jeopardizing her assignment on earth. She'll go with him. Hearing this, Ricky feels guilty; she really trusts him. Casey wants to know what's wrong. Ricky tells her that he doesn't deserve her and that she should never trust him.

Caleb tells Alison to snap out of it; it's time to tell the truth. Alison maintains that she is telling the truth and that she was just out in the woods picking flowers. Caleb knows if she was in the woods, it was after she went to Joshua's. Rafe defends Alison. "I was there, dude," Caleb argues. He says that Alison walked in and announced that she was back home. Alison asks why she would do something like that. Caleb replies that she was drugged or hypnotized. Rafe tells her that Caleb is trying to scam them, but it won't work. Caleb calls Rafe a fool for believing Alison's lies. Alison takes offense, insisting that she would never go back to Joshua's place after Rafe risked his life to rescue her. Caleb tries to convince Rafe that she's right where Joshua wants her to be; Joshua is obviously setting Rafe up. Rafe isn't about to take Caleb's word over Alison's. Alison tells Caleb that he should probably go now. Rafe echoes the sentiment much less politely. Giving up, Caleb tells them that they deserve each other. He walks out, with one final piece of advice. "Oh, Rafe--tonight I'd sleep with my eyes open if I were you," he says before leaving.

Ricky can't go through with it. He confesses that the real reason for inviting Casey to New York was to try to get her into bed. He realizes that it would have gotten her sent back, and that was the plan. Casey can't believe what she's hearing. Ricky explains that it's all Joshua's fault, because he doesn't like having an angel around. That's why Joshua offered to jump-start Ricky's career in exchange for getting Casey sent back. Casey is at a loss for words. Ricky asks her to say something. When she finally speaks, she lets him have it. She thinks that sending her to watch an ingrate like him is just a really sick joke. People are dying, hurting, and losing the things they cherish, and she's wasting her time on a selfish, self-centered, egotistical guy like him. Ricky knows he made a mistake; he can admit that. At least he didn't go through with it. He couldn't, because he loves her. Casey isn't even remotely impressed. Ricky tries to make up for it by telling her that all the things he wants don't mean anything if he can't share them with her. Casey wants to know how long he's been conning her. She points out that some people do stupid things because they don't know any better, but he does. That's why she doesn't understand how he could do this. Ricky says that's his point; he couldn't go through with it. Casey reminds him that he thought about it. She wants to know what's wrong with him. He doesn't know. All he knows is that loving her is the purest thing that he's ever done. Pretending to be impressed with his sweet talk, Casey starts taking off his shirt. Ricky protests, but Casey continues. Ricky finally tells her to stop; he's sorry! Casey sadly tells him that she really did love him. He's the only thing she's ever loved. She runs out, and Ricky is unable to stop her.

Olivia wakes up and realizes that Caleb is gone, and she doesn't understand why he would leave without telling her. She fumes as she waits for him to come home. When he comes in, he tells her about his attempt to get the ring back from Joshua, as well as Alison's ill-timed arrival. Caleb says that he tried to tell Rafe about it but that Alison came back and refuted everything he said. He thinks it's kind of ironic; it was probably the only time he was ever completely honest with Rafe, but the guy ended up accusing him of lying. Olivia blames that on the fact that Rafe is wrapped around Alison's little finger; it's a blonde thing, and she doesn't think Rafe ever can get past it. Caleb thinks that "Blondie" just became one of Joshua's secret weapons. He figures that Joshua has her wired or something, and if he pushes the right button, she'll blow up in someone's face. The problem is that Caleb doesn't know who the target is. If it's Rafe, they can't do anything about it, but if it's one of them, they'll have to watch their backs. Olivia doesn't want to do that. The way she sees it, the best defense if a good offense. Therefore, she wants to get rid of Alison. Caleb tells her to forget it; she's not killing Alison. "It's not like I'd enjoy it or anything," Olivia lies. She thinks it's the only way to eliminate that particular threat. Caleb states that although Alison is annoying, she doesn't deserve the death penalty. The plan is to destroy Joshua and get the ring back; Olivia isn't to touch Alison. "Looks like Rafe's not the only one blinded by her," she complains. Caleb tells her not to start. Olivia accuses him of caring more about Alison than her. Furious, Caleb orders her to drop it.

Rafe looks unconvinced as Alison assures him that she has no idea why Caleb would make up such a ridiculous story. She wants his assurances that he believes her. Anyone with eyes can see that she loves him. This is where she wants to be. This is where she belongs. They sit down together, and she continues to arrange the flowers. Rafe gets the idea to dance, so he goes to the car to look for the radio. While Alison waits for him, the alarm on her watch goes off. She stops it, a strange look coming over her face. Rafe returns, ready to dance with her, but Alison has other plans. She informs him that it's time to make love right now. Rafe is puzzled but doesn't protest as she begins to seduce him.

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