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Port Charles Update Thursday 6/19/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Lucy can't believe her ears. She thinks that Ian just expressed the desire to turn her into a vampire. Ian corrects her; he doesn't want to, but he doesn't know what else to do. It would give them time to figure out some way to reverse it. Ian is determined to find a cure and save her, even if it takes a hundred years. He explains his reasoning. As a vampire, Lucy could go on living; she would be able to stay with him and the girls. The thought of being a vampire horrifies Lucy. Ian assures her that it would only be for a little while, until they find a cure. The important thing is that she could still be a mother to her children. Lucy worries about what kind of mother she would be if she were a vampire, but Ian believes that she would be the same wonderful mother she is now. Lucy just doesn't think she can go through with it. If they never find a cure for vampirism, she'll have to watch her children and all their descendents grow old and die. In her opinion, that would probably be the worst part. Ian confirms that she's right. Lucy regrets reminding him of what will happen if he is never cured. She is sorry that he didn't have a choice, but she does, and she can't do it; she can't expose the girls to that kind of world. Ian understands; he wishes that he had her courage. It was selfish of him to even suggest turning her. Lucy doesn't think he's selfish. She understands that he was trying to give her hope, but she doesn't have any more hope. She wants him to promise not to give up on himself and let the vampires win after she's gone. He promises, and she goes into his arms.

Stunned by Alison's return, Caleb walks over to her and quietly asks what she's doing. Taking her place by her husband's side, Alison replies that it was time to leave Rafe and come home to Joshua. Caleb tells her that she doesn't know what she's saying. Alison insists that this is what she wants. She asks Joshua whether she did the right thing by coming home, and he assures her that she did. Knowing that this isn't right, Caleb asks Joshua what he did to her. He suspects drugs, since Joshua was always good with chemicals. Without specifically admitting to it, Joshua states that he had a lot of time on his hands when he was in Caleb's employ. He shows Caleb the ring and asks whether he still wants it. He taunts Caleb for underestimating him yet again. However, he admits that Caleb's little mind game almost made him feel unworthy enough to return the ring. Fortunately for him, his wife showed up. Therefore, the ring will stay on his hand, where it belongs. Caleb states that the ring belongs to his family and will never truly belong to Joshua. Since it's actually on his hand, Joshua disagrees. He politely asks Caleb to give him and his bride some privacy. Applauding, Caleb admits that it will take longer to bring his enemy down than he thought; it will take a few more days. Joshua believes himself to be completely safe from him while wearing the ring. "We'll see about that," Caleb says, vanishing. Joshua turns his attention to Alison, who says that she couldn't stay away. Joshua tells her that it was time, and she agrees. Now that she's back, she asks what he would like her to do for him. After lecherously considering the possibilities, Joshua tells her to pour him a drink. Alison complies, asking his preference between brandy and wine. When told to surprise him, Alison pours a glass of merlot, and he drinks to her homecoming. He's very proud of her for proving herself worthy, but he does have one final test for her. He wants her to go back to Rafe. Alison doesn't understand, but she's grateful for the opportunity to spend time with Rafe. Joshua tells her that this is about closure. She has to go to Rafe and reassure him with words, kisses, and anything else that's necessary. He will help her every step of the way. He's going to set her watch, and every time the alarm sounds, she is to tell Rafe that she loves him. Alison doesn't know how to thank him for this. Joshua just wants her to keep this little arrangement between the two of them. He has one more thing to tell her. "When the alarm goes off for the last time, this is what I want you to do," he says, whispering his request in her ear.

Rafe looks all over the barn, but Alison isn't there. Frustrated, he talks aloud as he tries to figure out what happened. Caleb appears at the barn door and points out that Rafe's carelessness is starting to become a problem. Rafe accuses him of taking Alison, but Caleb informs him that she went back to Joshua. "You're in trouble, pal, and so is Alison," he states. Rafe accuses him of lying. In his opinion, lying is as natural to Caleb as breathing. "Like denial is to you?" Caleb asks. He says that Alison went back to Joshua and walked right into his arms. Rafe wants to know what he was doing there, and Caleb admits that he was trying to get his ring back. With Alison gone, he had a shot, but then she returned and blew it for him. As far as he knows, she's still there at Joshua's. Rafe accuses him of holding Alison hostage after she got hold of the ring. Caleb states that if Alison had the ring, and he had Alison, he wouldn't be wasting time with Rafe. He's trying to tell Rafe what happened so that they can do something about it. Rafe isn't very cooperative. He can't believe that he's actually listening to Caleb, because Alison would never choose Joshua over him. "Look at yourself. Your ego is so out of check you can't see the truth even when it hits you right in the face," Caleb remarks. He informs Rafe that Joshua has obviously drugged, brainwashed, or hypnotized her. Rafe admits that she was out of it at first, but she was coming back. She even said that she loved him and wanted to be with him. Caleb says that Alison told Joshua that it was time for her to come back home. He can prove he's telling the truth if they go get her--and his ring.

Lucy stands outside, getting some fresh early-morning air. Ian puts his arms around her. They compare the new day to falling in love, which was a new beginning for each of them. Lucy wants to make every minute they have together count, so that Ian will have wonderful, amazing memories.

Joshua holds a pink rose, thinking about Alison's declaration that she wants to be home with him. "Alison," he says softly.

Caleb informs Rafe that the sun is up, so they should make their move now. Rafe reluctantly agrees but warns that it had better not be a trick. Caleb assures him that it's no trick; Alison is with Joshua. "Did I hear someone mention my name?" Alison asks from behind him. Rafe rushes to her. Alison claims to have just gone out to get some flowers to make the place look a little bit homier. "I think I'm gonna be sick," Caleb says in disgust. Rafe asks whether she went back to Joshua, and Alison denies having done so. She doesn't know why he would think that. Rafe gives Caleb a dirty look.

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