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Port Charles Update Wednesday 6/18/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Lucy's homecoming begins with a big hug from Christina. She and Serena are very happy to see their mom. They inform her that Ian said that they could wait up for her--and that they could have a pajama party. Ian clarifies that it will be a short party, after which Lucy will have to get some rest. While Christina goes to get her mommy's pajamas, Lucy takes a good look at her older daughter. Serena reminds her that they need to start working on Christina's birthday party, which they had to postpone. She assumes that her mom will be well by the time they have the party. Lucy doesn't know what to say.

Perspiring heavily, Kevin tells Karen to make the withdrawal symptoms stop. Karen assures him that he's just going through a rough patch right now. She realizes that it's not easy, but she knows that he can do this, and when it's over, he'll be free of both the drug and Joshua's control. Kevin has a hard time believing that he'll ever feel good again. Taking his hand in hers, Karen assures him that she's going to be there to help him get through this.

Rafe takes Alison to the barn, but she doesn't understand why. Rafe assumes that it's safe to hide out there since Joshua probably doesn't know about it. Lighting a lantern, he adds that it's also their place. He's been thinking about all the time they spent there together, and he wants to start over and get it all back. This confuses Alison. Hoping that Joshua didn't hurt her, Rafe asks whether she's okay. Alison asserts that he would never hurt her. In fact, he treated her very well; he took care of her. On the other hand, Rafe just left her there. Rafe tries to protest, but Alison demands to know why he didn't come back for her. "Is it because you don't love me anymore?" she asks. Rafe is stunned that she would doubt his love for her. He tries to explain why it took him so long to get to her, but she turns her back to him and checks her watch. Rafe wants to know why she keeps looking at it. Alison doesn't know, but she has the feeling that it's important for some reason. Rafe wants her to trust that this is over and that he will keep her safe from Joshua. He shows her the post on which he carved their names inside a heart after they made love for the first time. Alison runs her fingers over the carving. She remembers how special the barn is to them. Rafe reminds her that he came back to life because of her. He wants to be sure that she knows how much he loves her.

Her hand on Kevin's knee, Karen tells him that he's strong enough to beat this. Kevin doesn't know why he would want to, since he'll just be getting back his miserable life. He's hurt everyone he loves, and he was even willing to hurt his own daughter. Karen reminds him that he was being controlled by Joshua and the drug. She wants him to stop being so hard on himself; he's not the only person who's ever made bad choices. Kevin adds Lucy to the list. She was supposed to be the love of his life, but when the going got tough, she left him. Karen says that sometimes people expect too much of their loved ones, forgetting that they're only human. Standing up, Kevin expresses the opinion that being human is overrated. The best thing about the drug was that it kept him from worrying about being human or anything else. Now he doesn't think he has anything left. Karen assures him that he has her. She wants him to know that someone considers him worth saving, and that he can be the kind, gentle, brilliant, funny, amazing man he used to be. Kevin tells her that she's beautiful. He wants to hold her and touch her, and he doesn't want her to leave. Karen promises not to go anywhere. She takes him to the couch, where he complains that he's burning up. She gets a bowl of water and sits down. His head is in her lap. She applies a wet compress to his face.

Caleb is amused by Joshua's failed plan for the evening. Looking around in an obvious manner, he points out that one thing is missing from the bridal suite: the bride. Joshua wants to know why he made Alison disappear. Caleb informs him that Alison was already gone when he arrived. Joshua doesn't believe him, but Caleb informs him that the slayer works fast. Caleb feigns pity over Joshua's loss. Joshua insists that Alison would never go back to Rafe. Caleb tells him that his little empire doesn't seem to be going well. Joshua orders him to get out. "You can't be me. Not even close," Caleb states. He knows that it's been an obsession of Joshua's all along, but he just can't pull it off. Joshua lunges at Caleb, who disappears and then reappears behind him. "You got a lot of work to do on that lunge, Joshua. My thousand-year-old grandmother's faster than you," he taunts. Joshua is confident that as long as he has the ring, Caleb can't win. Caleb informs him that the ring is his legacy. Joshua counters that it's actually Caleb's father's legacy, which Caleb failed to protect. Caleb has some news for Joshua. Even with the ring and all its power, Joshua still can't get what he wants. Joshua thinks he's done pretty well so far; he has both Caleb's kingdom and the slayer's girl. Caleb states that it will take Joshua much more than a piece of jewelry to be a good leader or to get a woman to want him. Joshua is confident that Alison will come back to him. Caleb laughs at the realization that Joshua actually believes that Alison would want an old fool like him. "You shut up or else I'm going to kill you!" Joshua orders, lunging at his enemy. Again, Caleb vanishes. When he reappears, he's eating the chocolate Joshua intended for his new bride. "Sorry, did I hit a nerve? Seriously, Josh, how many times have you had this girl right where you want her, only to have her go running back to the slayer? You know, if I were you--and I thank the gods below that I'm not--I'd be starting to lose confidence by now," Caleb says, rubbing in Joshua's failure. Joshua is adamant that Alison will come back to him. Caleb knows that only one thing will make Joshua feel truly worthy; he has to know that he has won someone's love. He hasn't succeeded in doing that so far, and it's obvious that he never will.

Serena gets a blanket to take care of Lucy's chill. Ian goes to the kitchen to get marshmallows. Christina asks whether they can have a pajama party every night. Lucy isn't so sure about that. Serena wants to have a slumber party with her friends when school starts back up. Since that's a long time away, Lucy suggests having one right now instead, but Serena reminds her that her friends have summer plans. Besides, she wants to have the slumber party after the dance. Lucy becomes teary-eyed as she thinks about Serena's first real dance. She wants to be there to share all those important moments with her. Serena assures her that she and Christina aren't going anywhere. Christina agrees; they're a family! Ian returns with marshmallows and graham crackers and is promptly informed that he forgot the chocolate. The girls go to the kitchen to get some. While they're gone, Lucy frets about how she's supposed to leave them.

Rafe begs Alison to look and him and just say something. To his relief, she finally tells him that she's right where she belongs. They sit at the base of the post and have a sweet reunion. Rafe vows to never let her go. Alison is thankful that he came back for her. She loves him and always will. They kiss sweetly. Afterward, Alison begins to shiver. Rafe thinks she's probably tired and hungry. Assuming it must be late, he asks what time it is. His question is the trigger for the brainwashing. Rafe tells her to stay there while he gets some things from the car. While he's gone, Alison looks at her watch. When he returns with the supplies, he discovers that Alison is gone.

After getting the girls to sleep, Ian joins Lucy. She just doesn't know how to leave them. Ian holds her close as she cries, and then he tells her that there is a way she can always be with them. Her hopes up, Lucy asks what he's talking about. Ian says that he can turn her into a vampire.

Considering himself to be Caleb's superior, Joshua doesn't appreciate being spoken to in that way. Caleb informs him that he's no one's superior, least of all a vampire's. He can't be, since he knows so little about them. Joshua objects that he learned a great deal from Caleb. "All that time by my side and you didn't learn how to lead," Caleb remarks. Joshua states that his subjects respect him. Caleb corrects him; they respect the ring on his finger. When Joshua denies that it's only about the ring, Caleb challenges him to prove it by taking it off. It's not doing him any good, since he will never be what Caleb is. Joshua believes that he can learn. Caleb argues that it can't be learned; Joshua simply doesn't know how to lead. That's why he's all alone, without Alison or anyone else. Caleb urges Joshua to give him the ring and forget about a dream that will never come true. Joshua stares at the ring on his finger, contemplating its fate. Caleb tells him that Alison will never want him. "Isn't that for me to decide?" Alison asks from behind him. Absolutely stunned, Caleb asks what she's doing there. Alison states that it was time to come home.

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