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Port Charles Update Tuesday 6/17/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

Caleb is restless, unable to sleep. In bed, Olivia stirs and calls to him, and when he commands her to sleep, she turns over. Caleb paces, thinking about how everything has changed for the worse. "Like you said, so much was possible. So many dreams. And then it all changed. Everything changed," he says quietly, removing an old goblet from a box. Looking at the goblet takes him back to a winter long ago, when he stood outdoors near a banquet table set with goblets and candles. In his memory, his father approaches. After kissing his father's ring, Caleb asks the reason for which he was summoned. Roderick Morley acknowledges that his son didn't choose this life, and he appreciates that Caleb eventually made peace with it and embraced things "as they are." Caleb states that he has always understood that this is how things had to be. His father says that it is now time for Caleb to complete what he started and accept his full birthright--his true destiny--in every way. Caleb is surprised, having always believed himself to have done everything expected of him from the day he was turned. His father again admits to having him turned against his will, but he insists that he had no choice. As his only surviving son, Caleb is the last of the Morleys. They have a people to lead and protect; it is their duty. He is proud of his son for wearing the mantle of the Morley family honor and responsibilities well, as well as for defeating the worst of their enemies. When Caleb states that he pledged himself to return the family name to its former stature, his father assures him that he more than succeeded. Now, because Caleb is unprotected, he is a prime target of their enemies, and Roderick intends to correct that situation immediately.

Alison pulls away from her lecherous new husband's touch. She just can't be with him in the way he wants. Joshua states that he understands, adding that time is a miraculous thing. Through time, people and minds change. After apologizing for troubling her, he tells her to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening. "Oh, and remember this, Alison. I'm hoping that the light goes on soon. Very soon," he says cryptically before leaving. Alison vows never to let him touch her in that way. The lights immediately go out. A clock starts ticking loudly and clanging incessantly. Alison calls out for Joshua, but he doesn't answer. She sits down and covers her ears, shouting at Joshua to stop the noise. Joshua approaches her with a candle and asks whether something is wrong. Alison informs him that this won't work. Ordering her to listen to him carefully, Joshua asks what time it is.

Caleb refuses to endanger his father's life by taking the ring from him. Roderick doesn't want Caleb's concern for him to keep him from his own destiny. "You are my son and my heir and the hope of us all. And now, I, Roderick Morley, do willingly transfer the most treasured power in our world to my only son," he proclaims. Caleb tries to object, but he is silenced. "The blood of our ancestors, the blood from each wielder of the ring rests in these goblets. I added mine. In turn, you'll add yours. But first, drink, my son, to the Morleys." Caleb drinks to his lineage and his true destiny. At his father's command, he extends his hand to receive the ring. Roderick commands him to wield its power with wisdom. Vowing to safeguard the ring with his life, Caleb pledges to make his father proud and to be worthy of his trust. Roderick tells his son that has always made him proud, and that he always will. "Caleb?" Olivia's voice brings him back to the present. She was lonely; she woke up and he wasn't there. Caleb tells her to go back to bed. He promises to be right there. They kiss, and Olivia tells Caleb that she loves him. Caleb loves her more than she could ever imagine. Alone again with his past, he thinks about the day he gave her the ring for protection, and then later when she admitted that it was gone. "Forgive me, Father. You trusted me, and I failed you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry," Caleb whispers, filled with remorse.

Ian and Chris spring into action to help Lucy. Rafe regains consciousness and tries to get up. Jamal asks whether he should get someone to help, but Ian tells him to just get out of the way. Lucy is having a reaction to the blood, probably anaphylactic shock. Rafe struggles to understand what's happening and how he got there. Jamal goes to him, urging him to sit down and relax. Nothing is helping Lucy, and Chris fears that her organs will begin to shut down if they don't stabilize her. Ian suggests using steroids, and Chris thinks it's worth a shot. He administers them, and Lucy begins to stabilize. Rafe confronts Ian, who tries to put him off, but Rafe insists on knowing what's going on. Ian informs him that it was the only chance they had to save Lucy. Rafe is angry with him for knocking him out when he was perfectly willing to donate the blood. Chris chimes in that it wouldn't have helped anyway, since they almost lost her. Ian concedes that slayer blood wasn't the answer. He orders lab tests, and Chris gets right on it. Ian apologizes to Lucy, who is waking up and asking whether the transfusion worked. Not answering her question, Ian tells her to just relax. Jamal checks on Rafe, who demands to know why he didn't stay with Alison. Jamal explains that he came to get Rafe take him to Alison, because she needs him right now. Shaking off the fogginess from the drug as best he can, Rafe says that he's ready to go. Lucy asks about her cousin, and Ian assures her that he's fine. Lucy assumes that she will also be fine as soon as the transfusion kicks in. From Ian's reaction, she understands what is really to be expected.

Rafe and Jamal head downstairs. Jamal doesn't think that Joshua suspects them of working together. Considering what Rafe just went through, Jamal wants to be sure that he is up to this. Rafe assures him that he is. He owes Jamal for this. Jamal tells him not to worry about it. He just wants Rafe to get Alison out of there and keep her safe. That's all he cares about right now.

Alison wants to know why Joshua keeps asking her about the time. She also demands to know what all that noise is. Joshua claims not to hear anything. Alison accuses him of lying. Joshua tells her that she's just afraid of the dark and starting to imagine things. He wants her to take the candlestick from him, saying that it will help her feel more in control. He would do anything to make her comfortable. All Alison wants is for the lights to come back on. Joshua asks whether she would like him to stay, and she replies that she does. The lights return, and the noise stops. Joshua asks again what time it is, leading her to reply that it's time now for the two of them. Her eyes wide with terror, she goes into his arms.

Caleb kisses Olivia's head lovingly and wishes her sweet dreams. "But awake, there's been too many promises broken. No more. It ends now," he vows.

Ian returns to find Lucy dressed and in the floor, trying to get back up. She can feel what's happening to her. She wants to go home and spend time with Ian and the girls. Ian agrees to take her home.

Although Alison keeps reminding Joshua that it's time now, Joshua tells her to wait just a few minutes. He wants everything to be perfect for her. He gets a box and takes a few things out of it to set the stage for romance, promising to treasure her and pleasure her so that there will never be anyone else. Finally, he's satisfied. He hopes that everything is to the bride's liking. "Apparently not," Caleb says, announcing his presence. "Otherwise, she would have stayed."

Rafe carries Alison in his arms, promising that everything will be all right. He won't let Joshua hurt her. Still under the influence of the drug, Alison agrees with everything he says.

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