PC Update Monday 6/16/03

Port Charles Update Monday 6/16/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Ricky is frustrated with Joshua's behavior. The band's manager is dragging his feet with the special, and he hasn't returned Ricky's calls. They need the special to promote the band. People are forgetting all about The Experience, and pretty soon, no one will even care. Reese isn't too worried about it. Ricky tells her to go on being a nobody from nowhere. Jack sticks up for her, warning Ricky not to talk to her that way. Ricky wants to try calling Joshua again, but Jack thinks that Joshua must have a reason for ignoring him. Ricky sits down alone, Joshua's ultimatum replaying in his mind. Casey comes in, glad to have found him, but Ricky tells her to leave. Casey wants him to get out of there, because Joshua and everyone in the club destroy every life they touch. Casey causes a scene by yelling at some vamps who are minding their own business. Ricky drags her outside and tells her that she was being stupid. They sit down on the bench, and Casey starts talking about Lucy. Ricky is sorry to hear that she's dying. Casey tells him about her vision. She believes that she's supposed to stop it from happening, but she has no idea what to do. As usual, she's failing, because she's a loser. She's just guessing when she's supposed to know what to do. Ricky assures her that she's doing everything she can. Casey tells him that nothing good ever comes from these monsters. She wants him out of there. Ricky tells her to stop it; he's where he needs to be in order to get where he wants to go. Casey accuses him of not caring about anything other than making it to the top. She storms back into the club. Having witnessed the end of their fight, Karen approaches Ricky and says that Casey was right. This place is for people who have lost their souls and stopped fighting, not for him. Ricky wishes he were like Karen; she went after success, and she got it. He can either get everything he wants or go back to being a loser. He can't give this up. Karen asks who's going to pay the price for his fame. "Casey," he replies. He fills her in on the deal he made with Joshua. Karen is very disappointed in his plan to use someone who loves him--and whom he claims to love. Ricky maintains that he does love Casey, but they obviously don't have a future together. No one will get hurt; she'll just be sent back to heaven. The only thing he's ever wanted more than this is Casey, but he can't have her. This is the only dream he has left. Karen tells him that he's better than that. If he betrays Casey, he'll regret it for the rest of his life.

Joshua asks Alison to join him, and she does. He prompts her to agree that this is much better than fighting. "Rafe?" she says softly when Jamal enters the room. Joshua informs her that Rafe is never coming for her. Jamal apologizes for interrupting. At Joshua's prompting, he tells Alison to stop waiting for Rafe to rescue her, because it will never happen; she just has to accept it. Joshua thanks Jamal for saying that. He excuses himself for a moment to let Jamal's words sink in. Stepping outside, he orders Jamal to find Rafe. Joshua is clearly suspicious of Jamal's motives, thinking that his recruit is trying to prevent him from being alone with his bride. He informs Jamal that Alison's name is not "Ali" and that she shouldn't be referred to as such. Jamal heads out to find Rafe. Joshua steps back inside, locking the door behind him.

Chris reminds Ian that this is a long shot. There's no guarantee that a direct transfusion will work. Ian realizes this, but he insists on going through with it. He's going to explain the procedure to Lucy. When Chris asks about Rafe, Ian points out that he would do anything for his cousin. Chris is skeptical, wondering why it was necessary to knock out a willing participant. "He said he had an errand to run," Ian says matter-of-factly. "What errand?" Chris would like to know. Ian doesn't have to time to deal with that right now. He goes to see Lucy, while Chris gives Rafe a sedative.

Lucy sees someone in her room. "You're back," she comments. "Why do you keep coming to see me? I know you're really very, very busy, so why are you here?" Lucy asks her unseen visitor. Suddenly, she rolls her eyes upward and notices that Ian is looking at her sadly. Lucy asks Ian whether they've made any progress on the new treatment. Ian thinks so. Lucy wants to know what it is. Ian explains that this all started when the water in the hot spring affected her slayer blood. That's why he thinks that a direct transfusion with slayer blood might be the answer. Lucy is glad to know that Rafe is at the hospital, but she's worried about him. Ian claims that he's fine but shaky and that they gave him something to calm him down. When Chris comes in with Rafe, Lucy is ready.

Reese expresses surprise to see Casey hanging around the club. Casey informs her that she doesn't back away from her enemies, so this is right where she belongs. Reese thinks the real reason has to do with Ricky. She admits to thinking that all men were idiots until she met the right one. Jack is amazing; he makes her feel really special. Jamal comes in to look for Rafe, but Jack hasn't seen him. It's obvious to him that Jamal is taking his advice further than he expected. He tells Jamal that he doubted his loyalty to Joshua form the beginning, and he could have sold him out but didn't. He also realizes that Jamal is looking out for Alison. Jamal claims that he's just doing whatever Joshua asks. Jack is worried about Alison. He's relieved to hear that she hasn't been turned yet, and he's glad that Jamal is looking out for her. Jamal admits that he's doing what he can, but now Alison is acting weird. Something is off with both her and Rafe. They had a plan to get her out, but Rafe never showed up, and now Jamal can't find him anywhere. Overhearing part of the conversation, Casey walks up to them to say that Rafe is at the hospital. Jamal takes off to find him.

Casey talks to Jack about his relationship with Reese, whom Jack describes as being cool, fun, beautiful, and hot. He chuckles at Casey's claim that Reese is in love with him, adding that it's not like that at all. Reese comes up behind him, her feelings for him obvious. "All guys are idiots," Casey says, walking away. Ricky returns to tell her that being a rock star isn't the only thing that matters to him. She matters to him. "Conceding" that she's right about the need to stop hanging around the club, he invites her to go back to New York City with him. Casey says that she can't leave Port Charles now. She questions why he's suddenly asking her to go. Ricky claims that he's missed her; now he wants to spend some real time with her. Casey can't do that now. She leaves, clearly upset. Ricky hears Karen's voice echoing that he's better than this. "I wish I were," he laments.

Joshua watches as Alison paces. He's disappointed that they haven't made as much progress as he had thought. He knows that this isn't easy for her, but she has to forget about Rafe. Joshua realizes that she still expects Rafe to burst in and rescue her, but that's just a fairy tale. He asks where Rafe is now. Alison doesn't know. Joshua states that he's not coming; Rafe has forgotten about her, and now she has to forget about him. She refuses. "What time is it, Alison?" he asks. She tries hard to resist. He asks again, giving her the answer that it's getting late and Rafe's not coming. Alison repeats Joshua's words back to him. Joshua states that there will be no more talk of Rafe. They're going to concentrate on their life together. He touches her hair and nuzzles her neck. "No!" Alison exclaims.

Managing to get past Chris, Jamal bursts into the hospital room. He's surprised to see both Lucy and Rafe hooked up to equipment. As they look on, Lucy goes into cardiac arrest. Ian and Chris spring into action.

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