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Port Charles Update Friday 6/13/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth tries to make Kevin comfortable in his hospital bed, but he tells her to give it a rest. He doesn't need another pillow; he needs his drug. Karen walks in on their loud argument and gives Kevin the news he's been waiting for. She has his next dose ready. She warns that it's not as much as he wants. Seeing how small the dose is, Kevin becomes angry. He tells her that she's supposed to be weaning him off the drug, not killing him. Karen reminds him that she knows exactly what she's doing, and so does he. Elizabeth accuses her of being rigid, which sets Karen off. She demands that Elizabeth step outside with her. Elizabeth refuses. Karen insists, grabbing her arm and dragging her out of the room. Alone now, Kevin reaches for the syringe, deciding that it's just what he needs.

Ian tells Rafe that Lucy is running out of time. He can't be certain that slayer blood is the answer, but they have to try. Rafe truly wants to help. He promises to give his cousin all the blood she needs, but he has something to do first. Ian can't accept that. He butts Rafe in the head, puts him over his shoulder, and carries him away.

Caleb takes Olivia back to his loft. He is thoroughly exasperated with himself for letting Rafe get away. Olivia blames herself for bragging to Frank. Caleb tells her that it doesn't matter, but she says that it matters to her. She just wanted Frank and the others to pay them proper respect. Caleb thinks it's nice that she's proud, but until he gets his ring back, he will always be looking over his shoulder. So far, he's been lucky that Joshua hasn't learned how powerful the ring is--or what it can really do. He explains that the ring's powers have increased over the years, through each generation of his family. It can keep the one wearing it safe from more than just vampires. Olivia would like to know exactly how much more, but Caleb says that its powers are beyond her wildest dreams. She interprets his answer as proof that he doesn't trust her, and she doesn't blame him. After all, she didn't keep the ring safe after he gave it to her. Caleb tells her to stop. It saved her life, and it was worth it. This isn't about blame; it's about knowledge. He agrees to tell her the ring's secrets under one condition. She has to swear on her life not to tell anyone else. She does. Caleb explains that the ring is part of his heritage and destiny, but he will never be able to overpower Joshua if he learns what it can do. With someone who knows how to use it, the ring can grant every wish and make all his dreams come true.

Karen informs Elizabeth that she doesn't appreciate her undermining her patient's recovery. Elizabeth believes that Karen is using this to be close to Kevin. She accuses her of being hot for him. Karen informs Elizabeth that she's Kevin's doctor, as well as an old friend, and she's just trying to give him the help he needs. She sees Elizabeth's behavior as petty jealousy, and she wants her to leave. Elizabeth refuses. Karen informs her that she can have her thrown out. Angry, Elizabeth leaves. Karen steps back inside the room and catches Kevin trying to give himself an injection. They argue about it, and Karen eventually wins the argument when she reminds him that he'll end up abandoned and forgotten by everyone he loves. "What have I done?" he cries. "Who the hell have I become?"

Alison paces, waiting for Rafe. Joshua lets himself in and tries to talk to her, but she refuses to turn around. Joshua thinks she's very brave to be giving him the cold shoulder, especially since he's the one with the right to be angry. As a patient and forgiving man, he's given it some thought, and he's willing to forgive her for all her faults. He's arranged for them to have some tea together. Alison doesn't want tea. She tries to get past him, but he grabs her arm. Alison realizes that he jabbed her with a needle. He describes it as just a little insurance to make her a little more accommodating and stay away from her slayer boyfriend. Alison informs him that she can't keep her away from Rafe forever. Alison knows perfectly well that he just drugged her. Joshua claims to simply be ensuring that they live the life he's dreamed of. As for her dreams, they don't matter. They're going to do things his way, and she will have to accept that. Alison refuses to accept anything of the kind. Joshua asks her what time it is. She tells him to check his own watch. Joshua realizes that she's not quite ready yet, but she soon will be. Alison asks again what he did to her. He realizes that she's feeling unsteady. She fights him, but he's stronger. He helps her to a seat and seemingly gives her a second injection. Alison doesn't want this. Joshua asks whether she wants to go home, because she's already home. This is her new home with him. He tries again, asking her what time it is.

Ian corners Chris to let him know about his plan to do a transfusion with slayer blood. Chris is skeptical, especially since the only other slayer in town is missing. Ian points to Rafe and says there's no time to explain; they have to help Lucy.

Olivia doesn't understand why all those awful things happened to him while he had the ring. Caleb regretfully admits to having used its power unwisely. He should have been more careful what he wished for. He wanted her so badly that he took all her goodness away without considering the consequences. The ring is a dangerous thing, and the wearer has to know precisely how to use it. Otherwise, it can do more harm than good. Now, for the first time in his life, he knows exactly what he wants. Olivia is amazed that he gave it to her even though he was aware of its power. Caleb says that he had to protect her, and the ring saved her life. Olivia says that she had no idea what a sacrifice he made for her. "For us," Caleb corrects her. They kiss, becoming more intimate by the minute. Olivia wonders how she got so lucky. She promises to do whatever it takes to get the ring back. She can't stop thinking about its power.

Elizabeth heads back to Kevin's room, muttering that Kevin needs her and Karen can't tell her what to do. Looking in the window, she misinterprets what she sees happening between them. "How could he?" she asks, upset. Abruptly turning around, she collides with Chris and orders him to move out of her way. "What was that?" Chris wonders aloud. "A head case. Great legs, though," he adds.

Kevin says that he should have known better than to try this. He should have the willpower to beat it, but he just wants more and more. Karen tells him that the drug is very strong. It robbed him of his own free will, and she knows why. She had it analyzed, and this last vial is more potent than the one before it. In fact, each vial seems to be stronger and more refined than the last. She understands that he feels out of control, but he has to stick with it; it's the only way. Kevin doesn't know anymore. He needs her help, and he's putting all his trust in her.

Chris tells Ian that it's all set. He asks whether Lucy knows about this, and she doesn't. Ian brings Rafe, who's in a wheelchair. Chris can see that he's trying to regain consciousness. Ian states that this is more important than whatever he's trying to do. Chris thinks it's obvious that this isn't what Rafe had planned.

Alison thinks it's time for Joshua to realize what a pathetic excuse of a man he is, as well as a lousy vampire. Joshua is offended but knows that she'll soon be his. Alison tells him that she'll never be his; her heart will always belong with Rafe. She wants to know about his master plan for her. Joshua's plan is to get on with their life together. He credits himself with trying to be civil, being a gentleman, not turning her against her will, and not forcing her to sleep with him. Now he wants her to sit down and politely join him for tea. He asks her again what time it is, commenting that she's almost there. Alison responds by removing her watch, throwing it down, and telling him to check it himself. Joshua returns it to her and repeats his question. She looks at her watch. Joshua thinks she's almost ready. He tells her to stop fighting it. One last time, he asks her what time her watch says. Alison replies that it's time for tea. Joshua is pleased, although it look a little longer than he expected. He tells her to sit down and pour him some tea. She obeys. Joshua is happy to be having tea with his beautiful, charming, and newly obedient wife--and this is just the beginning.

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