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Port Charles Update Thursday 6/12/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Ian sadly observes Lucy's imaginary visit with Christina. Extremely worried, Casey tells him about her visions, but he doesn't want to hear it. Casey maintains that it's been going on for weeks; she's seeing images of the future. Ian refuses to believe that. Casey explains that this is how it's done where she comes from. Ian demands to know exactly what she's been seeing, but when she says that she sees Lucy lying in a coffin, he won't listen. Casey says that she didn't want to believe it any more than he does, but she finally had to accept her visions for what they are. She wishes that she were wrong, but she's not. Lucy is getting weaker by the hour, and Casey feels totally helpless. Ian tells her that it's not her problem anyway, since Lucy needs his help, not hers. He will fix this. Casey tells him that he already knows what's happening. In her opinion, Lucy is going to need some help facing up to the truth. Ian resolves to be the one to tell her. He steps inside her room and closes the door.

Olivia goes to the Elixir and sits at the bar, where she orders a glass of the club's best champagne. She tells Frank that she's celebrating, and he tells her to take it someplace where someone actually cares. Olivia warns him to watch how he talks to her. Otherwise, he'll find himself out in the cold. She tells Frank that Caleb is back and better than ever. Frank wants to know what she's talking about. Olivia informs him that Caleb is a vampire again, thanks to her, and they're going to get back what's theirs. Joshua will be history, and Frank will have a new boss. Frank finds that very hard to believe. Pouring a glass of champagne, he remarks that she sounds pretty confident, and he's not sure that Joshua would like it. Olivia states that Joshua is about to become irrelevant. He's just a low-class fraud who's in way over his head. Frank doesn't see it that way at all. Joshua has a terrific vision for the future, as well as the ability to destroy most people with a snap of his fingers. Olivia is quite confident that all the little vampires will soon be lining up to kiss Caleb's ring and cozy up to her. By that time, Joshua will be a memory. Frank reminds her that the ring of power is currently on Joshua's finger. Olivia counters that it won't be there for long. She warns him not to underestimate Caleb. She also thinks that he should play his cards right. Good help is hard to come by these days, and once she and Caleb officially take over, they'll be looking for some people. "That is rich," Frank chuckles, moving out from behind the bar to stand behind her. He tells her that she's overlooked the fact that he and his band of vampires don't care. Outsiders aren't welcome around them, and she's an outsider. "Don't say I didn't warn you," Olivia says, getting down from the barstool. Frank blocks her exit.

Caleb finally releases his hold on Rafe, who repeats that he's trying to get to Alison. She's expecting him; her life is in danger, and he needs to get to her. Caleb accuses him of lying about leaving town. Rafe tells him to forget about that; he doesn't have time to explain anything. He tries to leave, but Caleb says that Alison isn't the only thing Joshua has that doesn't belong to him. Joshua also has Caleb's ring. Rafe promises to get the ring, but that's not good enough. Caleb doesn't trust him, so he'll go along and get it himself. He will distract Joshua so that Rafe can drive a stake through his heart. That way, they can both get back what they lost. Rafe states that he would rather work alone. Caleb knows that Rafe won't risk losing Alison, and the slayer should realize that despite their differences, he can help. "And it's not like you haven't made a deal with the devil before," he points out. He can get his ring, Rafe can get the woman he loves, and they'll all live happily ever after--unless they keep wasting time arguing. Making a decision, Rafe agrees. Caleb opens the door. Frank is standing there, holding Olivia in a headlock.

Alison begs Joshua to let go, because he's hurting her. She swears that she wasn't trying to get his ring. Joshua orders her not to lie to him again. People who lie to him more than once get their tongues ripped out of their heads. Hearing a noise, Alison screams for Rafe, but it's only a guard coming to check on the situation. Jamal orders him away. Joshua informs Alison that making a fool of him was a very stupid thing to do. He accuses her of playing him for a fool the entire time. Alison points out that he believed what he wanted. Joshua admits to having only himself to blame for that. Now, however, he's free of any romantic notions. Alison begs him to let her go, and he mocks her. Alison tries to reason with him. She says that many women would appreciate him, and she can help him find one. That's not what Joshua has in mind. He's tried things her way and honored her every request. He made her very comfortable and treated her like royalty. Alison assures him that she appreciates it. Joshua tells her that she didn't appreciate it enough. It's time to do things his way. Alison breaks loose from his grip and straight into that of Jamal, who tells her that she has to stay and face the music. Alison demands to know what Jamal is doing. "Taking care of Joshua's business. Don't ever lie to Joshua. Not ever," he says. Joshua tells him that he doesn't have to get involved, because he's going to handle this himself. He has very special plans for Alison. Jamal would like to say something to her first. He points out that she could have made this easy for herself, but as usual, she made it difficult. Alison argues that this is her life. Jamal rants about how her life has been turned upside down ever since Rafe landed in Port Charles. She's so blind that she can't tell right from wrong. Alison refuses to listen to him. "Like you ever did," Jamal accuses. In his opinion, Rafe is like a sickness with her. He's the disease that turns her into mush. Joshua doesn't think that Jamal can be objective about this. Jamal thinks that Joshua should bite her right now and make her his slave, because she's definitely not worthy of being his bride. That's what any regular vampire would do. Alison is horrified. Joshua doesn't seem to know what to think.

Ian sits down on the bed and asks Lucy whom she was talking to. Lucy thinks he's being silly, because they're the only ones in the room. She can't figure out why it's taking so long to set up her transfusion. Ian gently informs her that they're not going to do it. Lucy struggles to understand, tears filling her eyes as she realizes that nothing more can be done for her. Unwilling to admit it, Ian tells her that he and Chris are coming up with something better than transfusions. Lucy chastises him for scaring her and for making her think that he had given up on her. Ian assures her that he would never give up. He wants to her to get some rest. Lucy doesn't want him to leave, but he has to go. Outside her room, Ian admits that he didn't tell her. Casey warns him that she's going to figure it out, and it will probably be when she's alone and afraid. Ian has no intention of letting her be alone. He's a doctor, and he's going to figure this out. He's always found a way to cure or at least slow down every disease he's come across. Casey reminds him that this isn't remotely normal. She asks him to think about when this started happening. Ian says that it was after she got out of the healing pool, and her slayer blood was affected. Suddenly, they both realize that Rafe may be the answer.

Frank warns Caleb and Rafe to back off or he'll snap Olivia's neck. Warding them off by holding a vial of acid as a weapon, he asks why they're hanging out together. Caleb tells him not to be stupid. Frank has his own ideas about what's stupid. Rafe tries to reason with him, to no avail. Frank reminds them that they have no power; Joshua is the one with the ring. Frank is going to put out a call to the rank and file, so these two had better be prepared for a battle. Caleb distracts Frank with talk while Rafe eyes potential weapons in the corner. Caleb tells Frank that his loyalty is sadly misplaced. Frank doesn't think so. He goes where the power is, and Joshua has both Caleb's ring and Rafe's woman. Suddenly, Caleb and Rafe make their move. Rafe lunges at him with a baseball bat. Caleb grabs Olivia away from him. Rafe belts him with the bat, the blow knocking Frank into the couch. He bounces off the couch. Caleb knocks Frank's hand upward, causing the acid to spill all over Frank's face. Frank flees in pain. Olivia apologizes to Caleb, saying that Frank forced her to bring him. Caleb looks around and realizes that Rafe is gone.

Joshua tells Jamal that his idea would be an ordinary thing to do, and he's not the slightest bit ordinary. He's planning to marry Alison, with all that it entails. She will wish that he had only bitten her. He orders Jamal to get her out of his sight, because he can't stand to look at her. Jamal manhandles her out the door. At the bottom of the staircase, Alison cries and strikes out at Jamal. She tells him off for what he said to Joshua, but he points out that he had to say something to distract him. He knows that it scared her, but he actually bought her some time. Alison points out that it could have blown up in their faces. Jamal wants her to trust him, because he wouldn't have let it get that far. He doesn't want her to give up on herself or Rafe. He wants to get her to her room before Joshua emerges.

Retrieving a box, Joshua tells himself that he still plans to make Alison his bride. He will also make her honor and obey him. He removes a vial of Kevin's drug from the box.

Ian tracks down Rafe and says that Lucy needs blood from him. Rafe promises to meet him at the hospital, but for now, he has something important to do. Ian belligerently informs him that nothing is more important right now.

Lucy looks sadly out the window. She's obviously scared. Turning around, she sees someone in the room with her, and it surprises her. She wonders why the person is there. "Are you here to help me?" she asks hopefully.

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