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Port Charles Update Wednesday 6/11/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

From her hospital bed, Lucy maintains that she's fine except for needing another transfusion. When she admits to having been a bit confused earlier, Casey assures her that it's nothing to worry about. Chris asks Lucy about Ian, but she doesn't want to bother him with news of her latest hospital stay. Promising to stick close by, Casey steps outside the room and calls Ian against Lucy's wishes. He immediately heads for the hospital. When Casey returns to Lucy's room, Lucy says that she hasn't had the transfusion yet, and she has no idea what's taking so long. Chris just up and disappeared on her. Intending to check herself out of the hospital, she tries to get up, but Casey won't let her. Lucy feels compelled to get out of bed and help everyone; she's all that's left now that Rafe has thrown in the towel. Casey assures her that he'll come around. Lucy asks whether she knows something, but Casey replies that she doesn't know anything for certain; she's just holding onto hope. Ian's arrival rouses Lucy's suspicions about how he knew to find her there. Ian says cryptically that he has spies everywhere. Lucy knows full well that Casey is the one who told him. She maintains that she's fine, but Ian wants to be the judge of that. When Casey offers to go look for Chris, Lucy threatens to leave in five minutes if her doctor doesn't show up. Ian sits down with her and asks what happened. After filling him in on Rafe's behavior at the Elixir, Lucy admits that she thought she saw Ian--not someone who looked like him, but actually him. Ian is worried that she's hallucinating, but Lucy insists that she was just confused.

Rafe wraps up a phone call and starts to leave his apartment, but Caleb's arrival stops him and insists on having a little chat first. Rafe claims that he's leaving town, but Caleb doesn't believe that he would really leave without Alison. Rafe states that she made her choice. What happens now is none of Caleb's business. Guessing that Caleb is a vampire again, he tells him to go gloat somewhere else. Caleb has no intention of leaving. He wants to reassemble the team and finish what they started. Rafe doesn't know what team he's talking about, since they were never a team. Caleb spells out that he wants to finish off Joshua and get Alison back.

Dressed in a white wedding gown and carrying a bouquet of red roses, Alison descends the stairs. She starts thinking about her church wedding to Rafe, which seems like such a long time ago. She tells herself that the present is what counts. "Rafe, I know you can do this. I know you can," she says softly.

Jamal assures Joshua that the jet is ready to depart for Paris after the wedding. He's amused by what he sees as nervousness. Joshua informs him that it's anticipation, not nerves. He has money, power, a ring that protects him, and Alison, who is about to become his bride in every way. Anxious to begin the wedding, Joshua wants to know where Alison is. Jamal goes to check on her and finds her still on the stairs just a few feet away. She's trying to work up the courage to walk through the door and marry Joshua. She just can't go through with it. Jamal tells her that she doesn't have a choice. He suggests the possibility that it won't be as bad as she thinks. Alison realizes that Joshua is waiting for her, and she knows that he's not exactly patient. Jamal opens the door, and Joshua demands to know where Alison is. He keeps asking impatiently until she walks into the room.

Worried, Casey prays for help. She's convinced there's a reason that she was the one who found Lucy and brought her to the hospital. As she prays, she has another vision of Lucy lying in the casket, and she panics.

As Ian looks over Lucy's chart, he assures her that he is fine. He's trying to find a way to control the blood hunger. After assuring her that he would tell her if he had to feed, he tries to change the subject. Lucy tells him that Chris never came back after taking her blood. She just wants to get out of there and be with Danny. Ian reminds her that Danny has been staying with Tim in New York ever since the vampire thing started up again. Lucy thinks this is some kind of test, because she made blueberry pancakes for Danny just this morning. Thinking about it, Lucy figures that Ian was probably a lot like Danny when he was little. She asks whether he called Tim today to check on his son. Puzzled, Ian confirms that she's back to reality. She knows that Danny has been in New York ever since the vampires came back. Ian says that he's going to find Chris and see about the test results. Just outside the room, he starts to tell Casey about what happened, but Chris finally returns. Ian tells them both that Lucy is losing touch with reality. Chris looks very serious. According to the latest test results, the toxins are building up in her bloodstream at an alarming rate. A transfusion is an option, but the results don't last, and she'll need another one right away. Casey voices what no one else wants to. Lucy is dying, and there's nothing the doctors can do. Sadly looking through the window, Ian sees Lucy obviously visiting with someone who isn't there. In her mind, Lucy is talking to Christina about shopping for a new little dress.

Joshua thinks that Alison looks breathtaking. He wants to exchange vows with her privately, but Alison persuades him to allow Jamal to stay as her one friend in attendance. Joshua relents but orders him to keep silent. He takes Alison's hand in his. With a wave of his hand, a fire lights in the fireplace, and music begins to play. He takes Alison closer to the fire and makes his vows to her. In his estimation, they are nothing short of perfection together. Ambition meets submission; power meets charm and breeding. When Joshua finishes saying his vows, he and Jamal both prompt Alison to say hers. Alison promises to always be loyal to him and live up to his expectations. Joshua hopes she'll say more, but Alison reminds him that she's doing her best to try to accept this.

Caleb reminds Rafe that they're stronger as a team. It didn't work before, but that's because they betrayed each other. They can take on Joshua together, and it will take both of them to do it. He tells Rafe that if he really loves Alison, he'll put aside his differences and work with him. Rafe accuses Caleb of needing his help to get the ring back. Caleb admits that he does want it back; it's been in his family for generations. Rafe states that he wouldn't help Caleb or Olivia cross the street. He tries to leave, but Caleb blocks the way. Rafe uses his power to shove Caleb, who immediately returns the favor. Caleb is insistent; Rafe isn't going anywhere until he agrees to give this a shot. There's a power struggle. Desperate, Rafe eventually gives in and promises to help, but he can't do it now. He has something very important to take care of. Caleb wants to know what it is. Rafe tells him that he's already late, and he has to get out of there. Caleb wants to know what's so important. Rafe finally blurts out that he has to get to Alison.

"With this ring, I thee wed," Joshua vows, placing a ring on her finger. Alison thinks she's finished, but Joshua asks for his own ring. Alison knows what she has to do. She kisses him, but as she does so, she tries to steal his other ring. Angry, Joshua grabs her by the wrist and vows to make her pay.

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