PC Update Tuesday 6/10/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 6/10/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

Karen is taking Kevin's vitals when Elizabeth brings some coffee. Karen doesn't appreciate the gesture, saying that Kevin doesn't need caffeine with his pulse already racing. Kevin is annoyed because he still doesn't have what he needs. Karen realizes this. She's tried to find Frank, but he wasn't at the club, and she refuses to go to his house. Elizabeth understands that having an ex who's a vampire is depressing. Karen argues that she's not depressed; she's afraid. Elizabeth reminds Karen that Kevin is her patient and that she's bound to the Hippocratic Oath. Karen maintains that she's going to help; she just can't be alone with Frank. Elizabeth says that if Karen won't, she will. Not willing to be one-upped, Karen agrees to find Frank.

When Rafe shows up at the Elixir again, Frank orders him to get out. Rafe waves his napkin as a white flag and then orders the biggest, strongest bloody Mary Frank wants to make. Frank consents, happy to help a loser drown his sorrows. Casey's arrival causes Frank more grief, seeing first slayers and now angels. Casey greets Rafe in passing and goes straight to Ricky, who immediately claims to be busy and then goes to Frank for another bottle of beer. Frank reminds Ricky that he has a job to do and he's apparently not doing it. Lucy comes in and approaches her cousin, who kisses her on the mouth. She smacks him and says that he has a lot of explaining to do.

Stacy tracks down Jamal, hoping to take up where they left off before Rafe so rudely interrupted them. Approaching the room they're in, Alison tells Joshua that she's not hungry, although she slept well and appreciates his efforts. Joshua appreciates hers as well. He wants their life together to be comfortable. Alison reminds him that it will take a little more getting used to. It's a very new lifestyle for her. They walk in on something that shocks her. "Jamal!" she gasps. She can't believe he would do this! She orders him to say something--anything. "That was amazing," Jamal says, pulling away from Stacy. Alison is disgusted. Joshua points out that this was his first feeding. Jamal can't describe it. He feels very strong. Alison urges him not to give in, but Jamal reminds her that he's already been turned. One day, she'll understand, because she'll find out what it's like. Joshua congratulates him and asks him to forgive Alison's rudeness, which really makes her mad. She's doing the best she can, but it will take more time. To be honest, she has her doubts that she will ever get used to this. Joshua also has doubts about the way she's reacting. He wants to know whether she's been lying to him.

Ricky asks Frank what Joshua told him. Frank knows that he's supposed to make Casey fall from grace by getting her into bed. He warns Ricky to do it or lose his status as the band's front man. Ricky stalks off, saying that he understands. Karen announces her presence by telling Frank that it sounded intense. Frank won't tell her what it was about. Karen remarks that he really likes ordering people around. Frank thinks she's about to give him a lecture, but she assures him that isn't what she wants. She tells him that she needs a favor. They step outside, and Karen tells Frank what she wants. Frank informs her that Joshua cut Kevin off. Karen thinks it's dangerous and inhuman. "We're not human," Frank reminds her. He wants to know when she started to care about Kevin so much. Karen says that he's her patient. Frank touches her face, but she pulls away. He tells her that he misses her, and she again asks for the drug. "Inside now," he barks. As he walks through the door, Karen keeps telling him to wait. She finally follows him inside and says to stop playing games. Frank hands her the drug and warns that this is all Kevin gets. He elicits her reluctant thanks, and she leaves. Meanwhile, Ricky calls Reese to let her know that although the VH1 special bombed, the one with NV3 is the real deal. They're going to be the stars of "Inside the Music."

Lucy and Rafe move to the couch. Lucy is convinced that her cousin has a plan up his sleeve. Rafe chuckles and demonstrates that he has no sleeves. A drink is delivered to Rafe, but Lucy confiscates it. Rafe tells Lucy that he wants to get out. Alison told him to his face that Joshua is the best thing for her. Lucy doesn't thinks that makes any sense, and Rafe agrees. Since Alison gave up, he's decided to join the club and quit the same way she did. He won't be slaying any more vampires. Lucy tells him that he can't quit, but Rafe doesn't care. He signals for the waiter. Lucy tries to drag him away, but he jerks away and refuses to go with her.

Kevin yells at Elizabeth to shut up. He can't take the waiting. Elizabeth says that she's just trying to distract him. Kevin only wants to see Karen handing him his medication. He doesn't want to sketch Elizabeth or hear her boring stories about every man who ever looked at her twice. Elizabeth becomes defensive. She knows that there's a connection between them. Kevin tells her that she's driving him crazy. He asks what she wants from him. Elizabeth replies that she wants to get back what they had; she also wants to help him and to be useful. Kevin tells her that she's not being useful. He doesn't care what she wants, because what he wants is all that matters to him right now. Elizabeth thinks all that matters to him is where Karen is.

Ricky sits with Casey again. Seeing Frank looking, he grabs her hand and kisses it. Casey demands to know what that was about, and he says that he was just messing around. Casey orders him not to do that again. Ricky wonders why Rafe is hanging around. Lucy is babbling at Rafe, who doesn't want to think or feel. This is killing him. Lucy understands that. She knows that he shouldn't just give up. Rafe tells her to go away, but she won't. Lucy realizes that Alison made the wrong choice; she must think she's doing the right thing, but she's not. Lucy believes that she and Rafe are supposed to take out Joshua. She wants him to get out of there and do something. Rafe pushes her away and finds himself face to face with a vampire he recently beat up. Deciding to return the favor, the vampire punches Rafe in the face and then kicks him repeatedly while Lucy screams at her cousin to get up and defend himself.

Elizabeth drinks as Kevin paces and mocks Karen. Looking at her, he asks what she's doing. She tells him that she's drinking. "Am I swallowing too loud for you now?" Elizabeth asks sarcastically. Kevin thinks that she loves watching him climb the walls. Karen suddenly returns with the drug, and Kevin throws his arms around her. Elizabeth wants to take over now, but Karen refuses to turn this responsibility over to someone as unqualified as Elizabeth. She has to prepare the injection and figure out how to ease him off the drug, and she doesn't want an audience. Kevin ushers Elizabeth to the door and promises to call her later. He pushes her out and goes back to the couch, where Karen is preparing his injection. Frank is watching through the window.

Lucy helps her cousin up and asks why he didn't even try to defend himself. She's worried because Joshua is out of control, Caleb is an unknown factor, and Alison is being held hostage, while Rafe isn't doing anything about any of it. She's actually ashamed of her cousin. Rafe doesn't blame her, but he says that it's her problem and she'll have to live with it. He leaves the club. Lucy babbles to herself about how no one is still fighting--except for Ian. She thinks she sees him, so she goes over to him and hugs him. The man turns around, and he's not Ian. His name is Ted, and he wants her to get off him unless she's making a move. Ted walks away, leaving Lucy very confused. Casey approaches her to help, and Lucy swears that Ian was really there. Casey leads her out of the club.

Alison insists that she's doing her best to adjust and that he should know that. Jamal's little display rattled her, but she'll try to deal with it. Jamal tells her not to be afraid, because it's all good. He wants her to trust him the way she always used to. Alison says that things have changed. Jamal tells her that there's no going back, and there's no use fighting it. He promises to be around if she needs him, but in the meantime he has some business to take care of. He thanks Joshua for recruiting him, and he and Stacy head for someplace more private. Alison doesn't know what to do; she doesn't know what's right anymore. Joshua sits down with her and urges her to lean on him and trust him. He pulls her head to his shoulder. Joshua gives her a glass of water, saying to drink it slowly and things will be all right. Alison makes a decision. She's tired of being confused. Concerned, Joshua asks whether there's anything he can do. There isn't. She knows how to take care of this herself. She's knows what's ahead of her, and she can't change it, so she's going to stop dragging her feet. She has to stop looking at the past and start concentrating on the present and future. She needs to face it. Joshua isn't sure he understands. Alison tells him that she's done. She just wants to get it over with. "I think that we should get married tonight," she announces.

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