PC Update Monday 6/9/03

Port Charles Update Monday 6/9/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe returns to the old barn where he and Alison spent so much time. Lighting a lantern, he thinks about the love they share and the heart that they carved into the wooden post. He goes over to the heart and runs his fingers over it, his thoughts turning to their spiritual wedding there in the barn. Rafe reminisces about chasing down the train, his death in the barn, snow angels, pink roses, and making love. He really thought that nothing could come between them again, and he doesn't understand how he could have been so wrong.

Alison is disinterestedly leafing through a bridal magazine for wedding gowns when Jamal joins her. Jamal is confident that she'll look great in whatever she chooses. When Alison asks whether he's been back to town, he replies that he comes and goes. Although he hasn't seen Rafe, he heard that he stopped by the Elixir--and that he was totally plastered. In fact, Rafe publicly announced his retirement as a slayer. Alison doesn't think that sounds much like Rafe, but she knows that no one is the same anymore. As for Jamal, he's handling being a vampire. He never thought he would, but people change. Alison knows that a lot of things change. She never would have thought that he would be a vampire or that she would shop for a dress for her wedding to Joshua. She challenges her friend to look her in the eyes and tell her that he's perfectly happy to be a vampire. Neither is aware that Joshua is spying on them, and he's quite interested in how Jamal will answer her question.

Olivia waits anxiously for proof that her bite worked. Caleb stirs, and she softly coaxes him to rest and then come back to her as he used to be, with all his beauty, power, and grace. "Don't let me live this life without you," she pleads. Crying with fear that she killed him, Olivia begs Caleb to come back to her so that they can live their dreams. Caleb stirs again, and he soon opens his eyes. He pulls himself up on his side to look at her, then opens his mouth to reveal his fangs. They hold each other. "I'm back, and I'm me," he says, thrilled. "At least I think I'm me. Feels like me," he babbles. "It feels like I want to howl at the moon." Suddenly, he howls, feeling alive again. He spins her around, both of them overjoyed. "Caleb Morley is back!" he shouts triumphantly. Olivia cautions him to hold it down lest he cause a rockslide that would trap them inside the catacombs forever. It wouldn't be a bad thing except that they have plans. Caleb says that it's time to put their plans in action. He tells her to concentrate, close her eyes, and be with him. When he tells her to open her eyes again, they're no longer in the catacombs. Now dressed more formally, they're back to where it all began, with fog lifting off the ground. They make love.

Jamal knows that Alison doesn't want to hear this, but the truth is that being a vampire is working for him. He apologizes, but Alison says that it doesn't matter. She needs to start believing that this is really happening. She's about to become a bride, and this certainly isn't the life she imagined having. Jamal says it may not be so bad. Alison reluctantly admits that Joshua hasn't been as repulsive as usual in the last few days. He's trying, and she thinks that he does have some real emotion on some level. She also thinks he wants her to be happy. He hasn't forced himself on her, and he did let her call her mother. The most important thing is that he let Rafe go free, which is really all that matters. He actually gave her what she asked for. Jamal suggests that maybe she'll eventually fall in love with him. Alison refuses to consider the possibility. As a romantic, she believes in soul mates, and that's what she and Rafe are. Soul mates are always connected, and that has to be enough for now. Jamal accuses her of giving up, but she corrects him; she's giving in. She'll never forget Rafe, but for right now, the only place she can see him is in her dreams, which is where soul mates are said to meet. She needs to keep him safe and alive. Maybe she can even help Joshua become a better person or vampire. Jamal asks whether she's ready for the inevitability that she will eventually become a vampire. Alison can't think about that now; she just wants to take one step at a time. Jamal assures her that it's easier than she thinks. As an example, he mentions Livvie's change of heart about becoming a vampire. "Don't ever compare me and Livvie in the same sentence again," she orders him. Jamal says that he went through the same thing before he was turned. However, that was when he thought that she was dead, and he didn't think his life was worth living anymore. Now, he thinks this is much better. He realizes that she's feeling alone, and he promises to never abandon her. She's his first love, and he wants her to be happy. He'll get her through this. Joshua is still listening, now looking very unhappy. Jamal holds Alison and tells her to give this some time, because she'll be fine. Alison thanks him, and they exchange a chaste kiss on their cheeks. When Jamal leaves, Joshua confronts him outside the room. He informs Jamal that his life before becoming a vampire is irrelevant. There will be no more chaste little kisses, and he will never touch her again or give her false hope. He warns Jamal to take this seriously. Otherwise, he will find ways to torture both of them, and they will suffer.

Alison goes outside to the terrace. "Rafe, are you out there? Are you thinking about me as much as I'm thinking about you?" she asks her absent soul mate. Every time she closes her eyes, she sees his face and feels his touch. No matter what happens, he will always have her heart. She wishes that he were there with her. The wind begins to blow around her.

Overwhelmed with sadness, Rafe says that he won't be coming back anytime soon. It hurts too much to be around all the memories. He knows that Alison would understand. "Goodbye, Rafe. I love you," he hears her say. Sadly, Rafe blows out the lantern and leaves the barn.

Olivia is amazed by their lovemaking. Caleb reminds her that he promised her a wonderful life. "How can mortals think what they do is called living?" she wonders. Caleb has a confession. He tells her that there was a very brief moment when there didn't seem to be a way out for him. In that moment, he actually told himself that he could live as a mortal and learn to be happy being nothing and no one--a man who lives and dies without leaving behind anything to tell the world that he was even there. Olivia assures him that it wasn't his destiny to be nothing. Caleb muses that he should thank Joshua and the slayers for stealing the deepest part of his soul. Now that he's reborn, he will never take this life for granted again. Olivia says that if she had a choice, she would choose this life and never go back. Nothing can hurt them now that they're together. Caleb warns her not to say that, because they're still vulnerable. He wants her to learn to defend herself by using her strength and harnessing her power. In the meantime, they'll keep their arms around each other and their eyes on the prize. They kiss, and Caleb vows never to lose this again.

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