PC Update Friday 6/6/03


Port Charles Update Friday 6/6/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Ian demands to know where Lucy is. Caleb is confident that she and Olivia are around. To their relief, the women return to the living room from another part of the house and go happily to the arms of their lovers. Olivia stuns Caleb with the news that Lucy gave her the antidote. Ian hears this and confronts Lucy, who claims that she had to do it.

Kevin stares at the silent phone and orders it to ring. Elizabeth happily enters the room to announce that Alison is all right. "As if I care," Kevin states. Elizabeth goes on to say that she just spoke to Alison on the phone. Hearing this, Kevin stops her, shouting that he told her to stay off the line because he's waiting for a call from either Joshua or Frank. Instead of trying them again, he picks up the phone and calls Karen, who is concerned about the way he sounds. Kevin tells her not to worry about that, because he's fine. He asks whether she's seen Frank around anywhere. Karen replies that she hasn't, but she hasn't exactly been looking for him. She assumes that this is about the drugs, and she wants to help. Kevin doesn't want any help that doesn't involve getting him the drugs he needs. He hangs up the phone. Elizabeth tries to calm him down, but he's in a state of anxiety. His supplies have run out, he can't find Frank, and he doesn't know what to do. Elizabeth tries another tactic. Kevin tells her to get off him. Elizabeth believes there must be something else that can help him. Kevin assures her that there isn't; he wants her to drop it. Elizabeth has no intention of dropping it. She begins to unbutton his shirt in an attempt to take his mind off his problem. Kevin pushes her away. It's not that he doesn't want her, but all he can think about is that drug. Elizabeth promises to get it for him somehow. The doorbell rings, and Kevin rushes to answer it. He's quite disappointed to see Karen instead of Frank. Karen isn't happy to see Elizabeth. Kevin tells her that unless she's brought him something, this is a bad time. Looking at his unbuttoned shirt, Karen can see that it's not a good time.

After closing at the Elixir, Jack takes a look at the cash in the register and helps himself to about $1000. The way he sees it, Joshua will never miss it. Reese comes in, sees him pocketing the cash, and playfully gives him a hard time about it. She asks him how much he took this time, and he tells her that it's about another thousand, adding that it's getting easier all the time. He really loves this job. Reese tells him that she has a surprise, but when Jack expresses an interest in going out, she changes her mind about giving it to him. Jack tries to persuade her to give it to him anyway, but Reese is afraid it's lame. Jack plants himself on the couch and refuses to move until she tells him what it is. Giving in, Reese shyly admits that she cooked for him. Jack is pleasantly surprised, but Reese still thinks it's rather silly. Jack doesn't think so at all. He thinks it's awesome, and he wants her to bring it on. After tying a black scarf around his face to cover his eyes, Reese makes him promise to be honest about the food. Spearing a bite with a fork, she feeds her blindfolded boyfriend the first bite. Jack likes it very much, but Reese is still insecure about it. Lowering the scarf, Jack assures her that it's delicious. He tells her that she's really special, sealing it with a kiss.

Elizabeth tries to get rid of Karen. Kevin just wants her to tell him that she found Frank. Karen admits that she has no idea where he is, nor does she know exactly what was in the drug. She just came by because she was concerned. Kevin and Elizabeth again try to get rid of her, but she pulls out a bottle of pills, warning that they're not a substitute. However, they should calm him down a bit. Kevin grabs the bottle, becoming angry when he sees what it contains. Karen knows the predicament he's in, since she used to be on drugs herself. She finally agrees to help get some more. Elizabeth doesn't know how that's possible, since Joshua isn't even returning Kevin's calls. Agreeing with this assessment, Kevin tells Karen that she'll have to go to Frank. Karen refuses to do that, but she finally gives in when Kevin begs her. She's only going to get enough to get him off the drug permanently. Kevin gives her a big hug as he thanks her.

After their "guests" leave, Lucy asks Ian why he didn't tell her about the fake antidote. Ian's defense is that he was just trying to keep her safe, but Lucy is tired of all this. She knew that Caleb and Olivia would just keep coming after them. Besides, it suddenly hit her that Rafe was right; they are much easier to deal with than Joshua and his vampire nation. Caleb wants to get rid of Joshua just as much as they do. Turning over the antidote was a means to an end. Whatever happens after that is fate. Ian is annoyed to think that they've helped create another monster just like him. Lucy is angry with him for seeing himself that way. In her eyes, he's not a monster. Ian admits that the desire to feed has been consuming him lately. Lucy firmly believes that they can make love safely. She wants to try right now. Ian protests, but Lucy is persistent. She begins to seduce him on the couch. Ian tries, but the urge is too strong, and his fangs come out. Terrified of biting her, he pulls away and runs out the door.

Back at the catacombs, Olivia is excited about having the antidote. Caleb is suspicious that it may still be the wrong thing. He turns around, thinking it through. He wonders whether it might be something much more harmful than sugar water this time. While his back is turned, Olivia chugs the liquid inside the vial. When she's done, she tells him that it's not sugar water or poison. She knows, because she just drank it. Caleb is stunned. He holds her close, worried about what she just did. He's afraid that it wasn't the real antidote. Thinking again, he reminds himself that he's always lived by his instincts, and that's what she was doing when she swallowed the liquid. She took a chance, and now that's what he's going to do. He wants her to bite him. They begin to make love. Caleb urges her to feast on him and give him back his powers. "Feed on me. Feed," he tells her, gasping as she sinks her fangs into his neck.

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