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Port Charles Update Thursday 6/5/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Seeing Caleb in the hospital bed, Ian demands to know where Lucy is. "You messed with Olivia, and now you're paying for it," Caleb informs him. He wants the antidote. Ian claims that Rafe already handed it over, but Caleb knows that Ian was counting on the fake antidote to kill him. Now Ian is going to pay for switching them. Ian reminds Caleb that it would be easy to kill him right now, but Caleb knows he won't do it, since Lucy is currently in the company of Olivia and her poisoned fangs. Considering the nasty nature of the poison, he strongly suggests that Ian deal with his anger and hand over the antidote. The way he sees it, Ian has two choices. One is handing over the antidote to save Lucy. Ian shoves him against the door, holding him by the neck. Caleb taunts him about the need to feed, asking whether he's ever thought about sinking his fangs into Lucy's lovely neck. Letting go, Ian reminds Caleb that he doesn't have to bite him to kill him. Caleb advises him to decide whether killing him is worth Lucy's life. Ian demands to be taken to her.

Olivia thinks she should take the opportunity to punish Lucy for the lousy way she's treated her. Lucy accuses her of trying to rewrite history; she's the one who took her in when nobody else would. Olivia is still bitter about the way Lucy dumped her father. She actually feels sorry for Ian, who is clearly going to be dumped as soon as the next guy comes along. Lucy asks where all this is coming from, and Olivia states that she's tired of Lucy playing God with all their lives. Tired of the way Olivia always distorts the truth to suit herself, Lucy asks what she really wants. Olivia tells her that she wants the antidote. Confused, Lucy says that Rafe has it, but Olivia informs her that it was a fake. She thinks that Lucy's surprise is just an act. Lucy asks why she would give Rafe a phony antidote. When Olivia lists a few possible reasons, Lucy tells her to either shut up or grow up. The way she sees it, Olivia's problem is that believes that the entire town thinks about her as much as she thinks about herself. "If you want to go ahead and get Caleb turned right back to that cute little vampire guy, you go ahead. You two can hang out in fruit trees and be little fruit batties for the rest of your lives," Lucy says. She just doesn't care anymore, because she has more important things to worry about. Olivia thinks that may be her stepmother's final mistake.

Alison is looking sadly out the window when Joshua joins her. She wants to be sure that Rafe is all right. Joshua assures her that he kept his promise. In return for her hand in marriage, he will ensure the slayer's freedom. He compliments her on the way she handled her farewell to Rafe. Now they can focus on planning their life together. Alison informs him that she will need time to get over Rafe and become accustomed to the idea of marrying a vampire. Joshua reminds her that they have an agreement. Alison intends to honor it as long as Rafe is kept safe. However, she won't get used to this overnight. Joshua tells her to take her time; they have an eternity together. Alison has some terms and conditions regarding their relationship. She wants Joshua to stop further expansion in Port Charles. She also wants him to stop the human feeding section in town. Joshua states that he thought it was convenient--just one continual running buffet. Alison accuses him of being very cruel. Joshua asks where the vampires are supposed to get their energy. He specifically mentions his own need for energy to satisfy his new young bride. Alison says that the vamps can snack on each other all they want, but there will be no more recruiting unless it's by mutual consent. Furthermore, she wants to let her mother know that she's all right. Joshua doesn't think Elizabeth is worried; he assumes that she's passed out on some barroom floor. Alison orders him to have more respect for his future mother-in-law, as well as for Amanda. She will only come into the marriage if they are kept safe. For clarification, Joshua asks whether she intends to be joined to him in every way. Alison agrees, but only on those terms.

When a drunken Rafe stumbles into the Elixir, Frank prepares to throw him out again. Jack worries about the scene to follow. "Take it easy before you get all fangy on me," Rafe tells Frank. He just wants to tell everyone that he is hanging up his stake. Getting the crowd's attention, he announces that Rafe Kovich, Vampire Slayer, has officially retired. Further announcing that the drinks are on him, he invites everyone to drink to his retirement. Jack tries to get him to leave, but Rafe doesn't see any reason to do that. He asks why everyone looks so gloomy, considering the fact that the vampires have won. Frank doesn't believe Rafe's retirement announcement. "Oh, come on. This whole being eternal thing has made you kind of uptight, hasn't it, Frankie?" Rafe counters. He swears that he really is throwing in the towel; he has nothing left to fight for. Putting his arm on Frank's shoulder, he invites his enemy to have a drink with him. Frank is trying hard not to defy Joshua's orders and kill him. Jack starts pouring some coffee for Rafe, but he doesn't want it. He's intent on finishing off the bottle he brought to the club. He's trying to celebrate his last day as a crime fighter, and since he's not getting a gold watch or even a cake, he thinks they should have a drink with him. Frank orders Jack to throw him out, since he's making the crowd nervous. Jack tells Frank to chill out, which isn't something Frank likes to hear from someone he considers to be beneath him. Jack points out that Rafe isn't hurting anyone. Besides, Jack promised Alison that he would look after him. Hearing Alison's name, Rafe proposes a toast to the blushing bride. Jack tries to take the bottle away from him. Rafe wants to know whether Jack will be standing up for Alison in her latest wedding. If so, he would like a picture of her in her dress. He wants to start a collection of photos of Alison in all her wedding gowns. Jack tries again to get him to drink coffee, but it's no use. Rafe doesn't ever want to be sober again.

Joshua informs Alison that her terms are completely unacceptable. She can call her mother, and Rafe will be safe as long as he doesn't become a pest. As for Amanda, he intends to turn the Barrington mansion into a blood bank with a 24-hour drive-through for late-night withdrawals. Alison tells him to be serious, and he claims that he is. He's been planning this for a long time. He has always wanted a place where vampires can come together as hunters instead of being hunted. Now, since he's the one holding all the cards, she isn't in a very good position to negotiate. Alison is simply telling him what it will take to make her happy, since he asked. Joshua sees the constant search for happiness as a human weakness. In his opinion, the more one searches for happiness, the more elusive it becomes. She will understand that as they become closer. Alison informs him that they won't get any closer unless there is some give and take. The way Joshua sees it, he's the one doing all the giving. He reminds her that she isn't the first woman to enter a marriage for strategic reasons. Countless couples throughout history have done this, and most have ended up in loving relationships. Alison reminds him that he considers love to be a weak quality. He agrees, although he admits to being intrigued by its power. He acknowledges that her love for Rafe is what makes their own relationship possible. Alison admits that she would do anything for the man she loves. Joshua states that he will depend on her to provide insight into the great mysteries of love. Alison points out that he's asking the impossible, because she will never love him. She tells him that he doesn't even know what love is. Joshua admits that she's right. He wants her to teach him; he's a very fast learner. Alison doesn't think she can explain love. She tries talking about how it makes her feel, but Joshua realizes that she's talking about Rafe. She tells him that no one can take that away from her. Joshua still thinks she can teach him. "Joshua, I will marry you and I will suffer alongside of you every day of my life, but I'll never love you, ever," she warns him. "You don't know that," Joshua replies, looking offended. Alison informs him that she does know, because love can't be forced. Once he knows what he's missing, he will want someone who doesn't have to be forced. Joshua still thinks he might surprise her and make her fall in love with him.

As Rafe begins to sober up, Jack sits across from him and stares at him knowingly. He doesn't believe that Rafe is really just going to walk away from Alison. Rafe claims that he fully intends to do that, since she chose to live her life with Joshua. Jack has a hard time believing that she's going to go to the dark side. Rafe tells him to believe it; it's fine with him. Jack informs Rafe that he never really liked him much, but Alison always believed in him and said that he would never give up on her. Rafe turns it around on him, saying the same thing about Jack and Livvie. It took some time, but like Jack, he finally wised up. He's moving on.

Arriving at Lucy's place, Ian calls out to Lucy, but there's no answer. "Olivia, it's all right. Bring Lucy out. Olivia?" Caleb calls out. Ian finds Lucy's hospital ID bracelet in the floor and demands to know what Caleb's sick girlfriend did to Lucy.

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