PC Update Wednesday 6/4/03


Port Charles Update Wednesday 6/4/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Ian helps the ailing Lucy to the sixth-floor couch, and Karen runs to get a gurney. Ian takes Lucy's pulse as Elizabeth fills him in on what happened. He strokes Lucy's hair and promises to take care of her. When Karen returns with a gurney and some extra help, Ian informs her that Lucy needs another transfusion right away. Hearing this, Kevin demands to know what's going on with his wife. Ian ignores him and continues to comfort Lucy. Kevin repeats the question. Ian says that he doesn't have time for him at the moment, but Kevin is adamant that he has the right to know. Ian tells Kevin that Lucy hasn't been a wife to him in a long time. Kevin points out that the State of New York sees it differently, and as her husband, he wants to know what's going on. He doesn't have to explain himself. From what he sees, Lucy is much worse off with Ian than she ever was with him. He tauntingly asks whether Ian's blood lust finally got the best of him. When Ian stares him down without answering, Kevin assumes the worst. Ian states that he's going to check on Lucy, and he doesn't want to see Kevin still hanging around when he gets back. Elizabeth approaches Kevin to offer him a cup of coffee, but he walks away. Ian goes to Lucy's room and sits by her side, where he promises to fix this permanently. He apologizes for not being able to be there for her the way he should. Lucy is grateful to have him there now. Karen comes into the room and tells Ian to leave so that they can start the transfusion. He wants to stay and help, but Karen reminds him that it's better for him to wait outside. Consenting, Ian holds Lucy and tells her how much he loves her.

Olivia is upset to think that she will always be poison to the man she loves. She's convinced that there's no cure. Caleb is of the opposite opinion, but he's unable to convince her of that. She packs her things and prepares to leave the catacombs, claiming that it will make it easier for him. Caleb grabs her bag and throws it across the cave. The two of them are forever, and no one is leaving anyone. Olivia tells him to stop pretending that nothing has changed, because he admitted that she's not enough for him--and that she never will be. Caleb reminds her that he never said that; she's the one who said it, and it's not true. Olivia claims to see it in his eyes and feel it when they're together. She will never be able to give him what he needs. When Caleb tells her that she's what he needs, she argues that he needs to be a vampire, and she will never be able to turn him. Caleb says that even if that were true, it wouldn't matter. Olivia accuses him of lying, recalling that last night, when they thought they had the antidote, he told her that he couldn't wait to be turned and have his strength and power back. Caleb admits that he still wants that, but if it never happens, so be it. It doesn't mean that she can't fulfill him just the way she is. Olivia thinks that he'll eventually change his mind. Caleb doesn't understand why she can't see his love for her. He can't live without her. Olivia wants to believe that. Caleb tells her that they're part of each other no matter what; they were meant to be together, and nothing will ever change that. He holds her, and she apologizes to him. She's just scared to death that he will stay mortal and she will end up all alone. Caleb promises to never leave her.

As Rafe and Alison hold each other, Frank bursts in with two more of Joshua's goons. Rafe starts a fight, but it doesn't go the way he intended. The goons grab him, and Frank grabs Alison, warning the slayer not to make one wrong move. Joshua enters the room, and Rafe informs him that he isn't leaving without Alison. Joshua tells him that Alison is otherwise engaged. Rafe orders Frank to let her go. Joshua does the same, and Frank complies. Alison begs Rafe not to fight them. Joshua advises Rafe to listen to her, since he's ridiculously outnumbered. He tells the slayer to accept the fact that Alison is where she belongs and where she's going to stay. "Over my dead body," Rafe vows. Joshua can arrange that, and he would actually prefer it. Rafe states that he's not afraid to die; Joshua won't get Alison without a fight. Alison tearfully tells Rafe to accept this, because their relationship is over. Rafe protests, but Alison is convinced that they've lost to Joshua, and she wants him to accept that. Rafe breaks loose from the goons, who try to grab him again, but Joshua calls them off. Rafe runs to Alison and promises to get her out of there. Alison tells him that he can't; it's too late for her, but it's not too late for him. Turning to Joshua, she promises to stop fighting him and to consent to being his wife if he will let Rafe go.

While Ian prays for guidance in the hospital corridor, Lucy opens her eyes and asks for water. Kevin provides some water, unaware that Elizabeth is watching through the door window. At first, Lucy is pleasantly surprised to see him, but then she becomes somewhat wary. Kevin says that he heard the transfusion went well. Lucy says that they always seem to make her feel better and more like herself. Kevin comments that she just called him "Doc" for the first time in a while. Lucy apologizes, acknowledging how much he hates that. Kevin admits that hearing it made him realize how much he missed it. Seeing how friendly and comfortable the exchange has become, Elizabeth shows signs of jealousy.

Caleb assures Olivia that their dreams will come true, but he needs her help. She's willing to do anything, but she doesn't know where to begin. Caleb informs her that everything is tied into finding the antidote. He's convinced that one exists, because otherwise, nothing makes sense. Joshua was furious when he realized that it was gone, and Rafe punished Olivia's betrayal by destroying the vial. This means that Rafe believed that he had it. Someone else must have switched it without his knowledge, and it had to have been someone he trusted. Olivia thinks it was someone who wanted her to kill Caleb. Therefore, it must have been Lucy. Caleb concurs.

Elizabeth approaches Kevin again to ask about Lucy. Kevin is shaken to see her so sick; she's always been so strong and unstoppable. He marvels that they didn't fight or try to hurt each other this time. All they did was talk. He thanks Elizabeth for bringing Lucy to the hospital. Seeing Ian and Karen, he says that her condition is all Ian's fault. Jealous, Elizabeth tells him that Lucy was crying for Ian all the way to the hospital; she had no idea how very much Lucy loved him until now. Accepting this without question, Kevin assumes that there's no reason for him to stick around. He takes Elizabeth's arm, and they leave the hospital together.

Ian takes a bouquet of flowers to Lucy's room, but Lucy isn't there. "For me? Lovely," Caleb remarks from her bed. Ian demands to know what he's done with Lucy. Caleb assures him that she's fine, but if she's going to stay that way, he wants the antidote.

Her hands tied behind her back, Lucy asks Olivia what she wants, pointing out that slayers can't be bitten. Olivia thinks that it may be possible in Lucy's case. She blames Lucy and Ian for her poisonous fangs. When Lucy insults her, Olivia warns her that it's not a very smart thing to do. She tells her to just keep quiet. Lucy has a better idea; she wants Olivia to leave now and forget this stupid kidnapping idea. They trade a few more insults until Olivia finally threatens to kill her now and get it over with.

Rafe won't stand for this. Alison tells him that it's the only way to keep Jamal and her grandmother safe. She can also keep other people from being turned. Most importantly, she can keep Rafe safe and alive. Rafe doesn't care about that, but she does. She wants him to have his second chance at life, but now it will have to be without her. She tells him that Port Charles needs him, because he's the only slayer left to protect the town. If he stays and fights, Joshua will kill him, and then he'll still have her. This is the only way, and it will keep him from having to die. Rafe is willing to die for this. Frank is ready to kill him. Alison asks Joshua to stop it, and Joshua orders Frank to let him go. Never knowing his place, Frank argues with his boss, but Joshua repeats the order. "See the slayer out, and don't harm him. That's a direct order, Franklin," he commands. Alison wants to know that this is for real. Joshua gives his word that if Rafe stays away, he will leave him alone. Rafe vows to keep coming back as long as Alison is there. Alison informs him that he will be wasting his time, because she won't go with him. She needs him to go away and never come back. She tells him that he will do this if he really loves her. The goons drag Rafe out kicking and screaming. Joshua goes to console Alison, telling her that she made the right choice and that she just saved Rafe's life.

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