PC Update Tuesday 6/3/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 6/3/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

As Karen gives Colleen some instructions for a patient, Kevin gets off the elevator. Karen dismisses the nurse so that she can talk to Kevin, who is glad to have found her. He admits to needing help with his drug problem. Karen is glad to hear him admit that he has a problem. Claiming to believe that a group session would work best for him, Kevin says he's looking for Frank, who would probably know a good place to go. He asks Karen whether she's seen him. Karen doesn't understand he can't talk to her instead of Frank. She's also been through this kind of thing, and she could recommend quite a few treatment centers. Kevin insists that Frank is the person to speak with. Karen disagrees, unless Kevin is really looking for another kind of help. Kevin loudly accuses her of overreacting, which draws Colleen's attention. Karen isn't fooled. She knows that he wants to find his supplier, who happens to be Frank, and she will never help him do that. Apologizing, he sits down glumly. When Karen offers to help him find treatment, he claims to already be working with an addiction specialist. It's going slowly, but it would go much more smoothly if he knew exactly what was in the drug. According to Joshua, it was just vitamins and herbs, but there was obviously more to it than that. Since Karen had it analyzed, Kevin is hoping she can tell him exactly what's in it. That way, he can tell his specialist and get the proper treatment. Karen offers to call the doctor for him, but Kevin insists on handling it himself. As a former junkie, Karen knows exactly what he's trying to do, and she won't help him make the drug for himself. Kevin tries to make her understand that this drug has changed his life for the better. For the first time in months, he feels like himself. He's calm; he doesn't feel angry or paranoid, and the drug does wonder for his creativity. He needs it! He promises to just do one more fix and then get clean. Karen knows that one more will never be enough for him. She'll help him kick this, but that's all.

When Ian calls out his name, Chris is glad to see that he isn't getting a repeat visit from Caleb and Olivia. He explains that they found him last night and asked him to run some tests. He thinks they were looking for an antidote or something. From Ian's reaction, it's clear to Chris that he knows something about this. Ian asks whether he helped them, and Chris replies that it was just sugar water. He wants to know what Ian knows that he doesn't. Ian tells him not to worry about that right now. He needs to get more blood packets. Pointing out that he's already provided enough O-negative to feed an army of bats, Chris asks whether the hunger is getting worse. Ian refuses to talk about it. He lashes out, then apologizes for his behavior. Chris wants to know why Ian's consumption has gone through the roof. With his life, career, and freedom on the line, he won't let Ian get away with telling him that it's none of his business. "I'm using everything that is in me not to feed on someone, not to plunge my fangs into some innocent neck and turn them into the living dead, and that's why I need the blood. Do you understand that?" Ian rants. Chris realizes that he's specifically worried about Lucy. He agrees to provide Ian with whatever he needs.

Lucy forlornly thinks about the latest developments with Ian. The doorbell rings, and Lucy rushes to see whether he has returned. He hasn't. Elizabeth is very anxious to enlist Lucy's help. Suddenly realizing that Lucy has been crying, she stops for a moment, afraid to hear the reason for her tears. Lucy informs her that Ian left. Elizabeth is relieved to hear that. Her reaction takes Lucy aback, but Elizabeth assures her that Ian loves her and will be back. She explains that she was relieved because she was afraid that Lucy had heard something about Alison. Lucy has no idea what she's talking about. Elizabeth informs her that Joshua took Alison, and Lucy is the only one who can help find her. Lucy is stunned to hear about this. She wishes that she could help, but she's lost all her slayer powers. Many people need her help, but she can't do a thing about it; she's become absolutely useless. Elizabeth orders her not to say that. Lucy is the strongest woman she's ever known, and she can help her find Alison. Elizabeth apologizes for sounding harsh, but she knows that Lucy can do this. Lucy wants her to shut up and leave her alone, but Elizabeth persists, asking her to do this for Alison. It doesn't matter that she's not a slayer, because she still has her famous intuition; Alison always told her that Lucy was in touch with the universe. Lucy stares at Elizabeth, realizing that she has a point. She stands up, immediately becoming dizzy. Gathering her strength, she gets out her crystal ball, but she collapses before being able to dust it off.

Hearing someone following him, Jamal challenges his pursuer to come out of hiding. He's surprised to see Stacey, who has been following him on orders from Frank. She actually likes it. Jamal doesn't. Stacey thinks they should make it fun. Realizing that he's never fed, she calls him a "virgin vampire" and offers to teach him everything he needs to know. Jamal bares his fangs, exposes her neck, and prepares for his first feeding, but Rafe appears and pulls him away from her. He asks Jamal what he thinks he's doing. Jamal thinks he should be able to figure it out. Rafe had no idea that he had been turned. He asks when it happened. Jamal says that it doesn't matter, but Rafe disagrees. He wants to know whether Jamal knows where Alison is. Jamal says that he can't help with that. He turns to leave. Rafe vanishes and reappears in front of him, shoves him against a tree, and again demands to know where Alison is. Jamal refuses to answer to him. Grabbing his by the neck, Rafe advises him to re-think that decision, because he isn't known as a slayer for nothing.

Noticing Alison's uneaten breakfast, Joshua tells her that she can ask for anything she likes, within reason. "I don't suppose you'd let me leave here," Alison says with a sad chuckle. Joshua was hoping that she would see him differently after their little talk last night. Alison tells him that she doesn't understand his obsession with her family. First he went after her mother, and then he turned her grandmother. Now he wants to make her his bride, even though she clearly doesn't want to be with him. She calls that an obsession, and she doesn't understand it. It's obviously more than just desire for her. She wants to know exactly what he wants with her. Joshua surprises her by saying that it has to do with her father; he and Malcolm were friends, and Malcolm helped make him what he is today. Alison wants to know how that friendship came about. Joshua informs her that his mother was a housekeeper for the Barringtons. Since he and Malcolm were the only two youngsters of similar ages on the estate, they became best friends. Alison points out that her father never mentioned him. Joshua isn't surprised. He tells her that things changed as they grew older. Malcolm began to treat him more like a servant than a friend. Joshua desperately wanted his friendship and approval, but the more he tried, the more impossible it became. Their differing social statuses made it that way. One day, he decided to stop trying. That's when he convinced himself that money and power were the only things he needed--money to buy the friends he wanted, and power over the people who tried to put him down. Alison asks whether that's why he killed her father. Joshua seems stunned. Alison tells him not to play stupid, because she knows that it was part of the original plan all along, so that her mother would have no choice but to return to Port Charles. Joshua assures her that he didn't kill her father, but she doesn't believe him. Joshua is adamant that Malcolm was his friend, whom he loved like a brother. He certainly didn't cause him any harm. Alison asks whether he's finished yet, because that's probably the biggest lie she's ever heard.

Alison has her own ideas about Joshua's past. She thinks that he lived in a small town in England with his average, middle-class family. It was some sort of gray, industrial town that he feared he would never escape, possibly Birmingham or Bristol. He got out by sheer determination, perfecting his snotty little demeanor and worming his way into the lives of people who could help him climb to the top of the ladder. However, once he got to the top, it was all bittersweet, because he knew that no matter what else he had, he would never have love. "Wow. You're not only beautiful, but you're incredibly perceptive. Bristol, as a matter of fact," he admits. Alison asks whether the truth was really that painful. "More than you'll ever know," he says, leaving. Pleased with the way things went, Joshua makes a mental note to praise Jamal for his help with Alison.

Rafe apologizes to Jamal, who is lying on his stomach, unconscious. The slayer leaves, noting that he did warn the guy. Jamal groans and starts to get up. Lisa, one of the young nurses from the hospital, finds him and wants to help, but he won't let her. Instead, he runs away, claiming to be fine.

Karen explains that she's being tough because that's what Kevin needs. Kevin doesn't know why she would try tough love on someone who hasn't exactly been lovable lately. Karen knows of a program that she thinks he will do well in if he's willing to give it a try.

Chris tells Ian that he left some blood in his locker. He wants to be kept apprised of the situation.

Getting off the elevator with Lucy, Elizabeth calls out for someone to help her friend.

When Rafe appears in her room, Alison runs into his protective arms.

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