PC Update Monday 6/2/03

Port Charles Update Monday 6/2/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Chris nervously asks Caleb what kind of favor he has in mind. Caleb informs him that he and Olivia are looking for a second opinion. Considering the current state of things in Port Charles, he advises Chris to pick a side. Chris would prefer to be neutral in the war between vampires and mortals. Showing him the glass fragment, Caleb assumes that Chris won't have any trouble identifying and duplicating the residue on it.

Ian tries to ignore the insistent pounding on his door, but it's no use. He jerks the door open and demands to know what's going on. Casey and Ricky are holding up the wounded Rafe. Ian tells them to go to the hospital, because he can't help anyone. Casey doesn't accept that. Ian asks Rafe what's wrong, and Rafe fills him in on what happened at the club. Casey tells Ian that Rafe won't even let her and Ricky look at him. She and Ricky help their friend over to the couch. Taking a look under Rafe's shirt, Ian finds a huge wound. This surprises Ricky, who didn't think Frank's knife had broken the skin. Casey can't handle the sight of blood, so she rushes out to the hall. Ricky follows. Casey admits that being an angel doesn't change the way she reacts to blood; she's never been good about it. She admires the way he helped her with Rafe. Ricky says that he thought for a minute that she was Rafe's guardian. Casey explains that she steps in when she has to. She's taken aback when Ricky wishes her luck. She thought this was about friendship, and although she's not sure what Rafe's plan is, the two of them are his backup. Ricky informs her that he's done his good deed for the day. Casey can't believe his attitude. She thought he was going to help. Ricky informs her that he did help; now he's going to get back to his music. She accuses him of wanting to be the center of the universe. He doesn't see anything wrong with that. She thinks it's selfish and shortsighted. Ricky reminds her that he's not a guardian angel, a vampire, or a slayer. He's just a drummer, and he's going back to see about finishing the set. He'll catch her later.

Jamal jokes that Alison should be an actress, because she really had him going for a minute. Alison says that it was the only thing she could come up with to keep Joshua from turning her into a vampire. Her heart is breaking for Jamal, but he tells her not to worry about it; what's done is done. He points out that Joshua won't buy her act for long. When Alison asks whether he can help her escape, he tells her that Joshua has his mean, bloodsucking soldiers all over the place. Besides, Jamal hasn't earned his trust yet. Alison reminds him that he promised to help her. Jamal seems to think about this. He mentions Jack and Chandler, as a reference to when Jack pretended to be her new boyfriend named Chandler in order to fool her grandmother. At the time, Jamal thought she was really smart and good at getting them out of tight spots. He tells her to think about that, as well as the game they're playing now. Alison realizes what's happening. "You getting it now, Spunky?" he asks. Playing along, Alison orders him never to call her that again. "We are not friends. We will never be friends again," she vows.

Ian wants to get Rafe to the hospital, but Rafe insists on being stitched up right there. He doesn't have time to worry about now having an anesthetic. Ian gathers his medical supplies, adding a bottle of whiskey for the pain, and asks why Rafe is in such a hurry. Rafe explains that Joshua has Alison. Ian asks what happened to Caleb. "Livvie strikes again," Rafe says, explaining what she did this time. He sees himself as an idiot for trusting either of them. Unfortunately, there was an "accident" with the antidote, and it's gone. Ian tells him not to be so sure about that.

While Chris runs the analysis, Olivia worries that he won't come through for them. Caleb tells her to give Chris some time. "I know he doesn't look like much, but he did come up with the formula that allowed me to create the special water. He lives for this stuff," Caleb assures her. He's confident that they will have the life they choose. They can't be stopped; they love each other, and that's what counts. Olivia isn't so sure. She can sense that making love the way mortals do isn't the same for him. She just needs him to be honest with her about it. "It isn't enough, is it?" she asks tearfully. Without saying a word, Caleb holds her close to comfort her.

Alison yells at Jamal for selling her out. She struggles with him as Joshua enters the room. Expressing disgust for Jamal, Joshua, and all the other "creatures" just like them, she slaps Jamal. After dismissing Jamal, Joshua informs Alison that it's time for her to fulfill her destiny. Alison counters that no matter what he does to her, she will never love him. Joshua doesn't care about love. Alison tells him that he's not worth loving. The only way he will ever get love is to take it by force. "That's enough," he tells her. She continues, saying that the truth hurts. She will be his worst nightmare. "You may be able to turn me and to touch me and do whatever else you want to do, but I promise you, every time you put your hands on me, I'm going to feel another man's hands. And every time you look at me, I'm going to close my eyes and I'm going to see another man's face over and over and over," she vows. Joshua accuses her of underestimating him. Alison states that she will dedicate her life to making him sorry he ever met her. Joshua thinks she's very spunky. Alison begins to chant. "Rafe. Rafe. Rafe. Rafe. Rafe. Rafe. Rafe." Joshua leaves in disgust.

Caleb assures Olivia, who is sitting in his lap, that things are going to change for them very soon. There's enough residue on the glass to figure out how to make more. When that happens, their dreams will come true. Olivia looks forward to seeing the look on Joshua's face. Caleb shares the sentiment but thinks they should give Joshua credit for creating a community of vampires. The problem is the way he's going about it. Vampires don't want to be ruled; they just want someone to lead the way. Caleb admits that he himself may be that "someone." Chris interrupts their kiss to inform them that the sample was actually just sugar water. He leaves them to work out this glitch. Olivia is stunned. Caleb is angry with Rafe for double-crossing them again.

"Sugar water?" Rafe repeats. Ian admits to switching the antidote. He had his own little plan. "I wanted Livvie to drink the fake stuff and bite Caleb. One less vampire," he explains. Rafe is angry with him for not trusting him with this information before now, but Ian accuses him of having another agenda. Rafe says that it wasn't Ian's decision to make. He went to him as a friend. He trusted him. That's Ian's point; he can't be trusted, because he endangers everyone. Rafe doesn't believe that. In Ian's opinion, Rafe is too naive to survive in this town. He should have take Alison away when he had the chance. When Rafe states that this is their home, Ian counters that it isn't anymore. There's a curse on the town, and he's part of it. Rafe realizes that they really are in the battle alone. After thanking Ian for his medical help, he leaves.

Joshua tells Jamal that Alison isn't very smart. He expected her to at least make this easy on herself. He asks Jamal for his thoughts. Jamal asks whether Joshua wants to know how to make her fall in love with him. That isn't what Joshua wants. He wants a bride, not a slave. He would just like a little insight. Jamal tells him that Alison doesn't respond well to pressure. She likes honesty, so Joshua should try opening up to her and revealing his soul. Accepting this, Joshua decides to give it a try. He returns to Alison and tells her that he doesn't want her to be afraid of him. He has so much to offer her, if she'll just give him a chance. He asks her to trust him. Alison thinks this is crazy. She doesn't see how he can think he loves her when he really doesn't know how to love. Joshua "admits" that he once did know how to love, but life has a way of throwing curves. Feelings that were once familiar can become like strangers, and eventually it's possible to forget how to feel at all. Joshua tells her that she's everything he's ever wanted. If they could just be together, perhaps she could help him feel those things again. He knows he's taking a terrible risk by "confessing" these things, but he also knows that she won't abuse his confidence. Alison asks what he wants from her. Joshua would like her to get a good night's sleep with the knowledge that no one will disturb her. He also asks her to give his words some thought. After leaving her alone, he laughs about his brilliant performance.

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