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Port Charles Update Friday 5/30/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Olivia doesn't understand why Caleb is so angry with her. She knows that she made a mistake, and she's sorry about that. Furious, Caleb asks whether she stopped to think about this before acting. His reaction surprises Olivia, who thought he understood why she did it. He informs her that he wasn't about to admit to Rafe that she screwed up. The fact is that she wanted to get rid of Alison, and that's why she went to Joshua. "I did it for us," Olivia swears. In Caleb's opinion, she did it for herself because she's afraid of losing his love. He wonders whether she will ever trust him. She doesn't know how she can, when he's always taking their side over hers. Caleb informs her that he's not taking their side. They were very close to getting the antidote until she gave Alison up. Olivia reminds him that Rafe was the one who destroyed the antidote. Caleb thinks she may as well have done it herself. Olivia doesn't know why he's acting this way. She did this out of love for him, but he can't see it because he's becoming more human every day. The longer he's among them, the more normal it seems to him, but he has changed. Caleb states that he will never be one of them. As far as he's concerned, she is just making excuses again. Olivia sarcastically tells him that he's right; kissing Alison and working with Rafe is perfectly normal for him. Caleb reminds her that everything he did was for the antidote. Olivia claims the same thing; she was choosing the two of them over Alison, which is what he used to do. She admits that she wanted Alison gone after seeing how Caleb behaved with her. Caleb asserts that he's not interested in Alison, but Olivia refuses to believe that. She knows what she sensed between them, and she couldn't do anything about it. She can't be with him the way he wants, and Alison was coming on to him. She thought she was going to lose him, and she can't let that happen. She saw a chance to get rid of Alison and get the cure for herself, and she took it. She's not sorry, and she would do it again. Caleb assures her that she's the only woman in the world for him. He would never leave her, and he doesn't know why she can't see that. Olivia replies that the old Caleb would have understood her actions. He would never have let anyone come between them, whereas the new Caleb is defending Alison. Olivia wants to be with him, and she's willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. She demands to know whether he can say the same. Caleb replies with a passionate kiss.

While Alison is being prepared for her wedding, Joshua gloats that all his dreams are about to come true; his bride is his crowning glory. One of the female vamps asks how he wants Alison's hair, and he decides to keep it up so that he can see her beautiful neck. Alison pushes everyone away and announces that she wants to make herself beautiful--for Rafe. After telling the others to leave, Joshua informs Alison that Rafe won't be coming. Calling him "Rafe," she tells him not to be silly. Joshua isn't amused. He orders her to stop calling him that. Alison thinks that he's just tense, and she knows how to relieve the tension. She insists that she's not playing games. She knows exactly who he is; he's Rafe Kovich, the man she will love for the rest of her life. Joshua becomes irate, and she doesn't understand it. She cozies up to him and says that she loves it when they kiss and make up. Joshua thinks she's very clever pretending to have a nervous breakdown; she's going to be much more fun than he thought. Alison thinks it would be fun to pretend they're back on the train. She picks up a red rose and talks about their special pink roses. Putting her arms around him, she asks him to promise never to leave her. Taking it to the next step, Alison asks "Rafe" to make love to her. Joshua bares his fangs at her.

Kevin and Elizabeth meet outside the club. Kevin needs to go inside to get more of his medication, which confuses Elizabeth. While the band plays "Surrender," Rafe storms in with a vengeance. "The show is officially over," he proclaims, attacking their equipment. He threatens to kill all of them unless they tell him where Joshua is. Elizabeth and Kevin walk in on this. Jack tries to talk Rafe down. Rafe grabs Ricky, who he figures is Joshua's biggest toady. Ricky claims not to know where the boss is, but Rafe doesn't believe him. Jack breaks it up, and Casey gives Ricky an alibi. They've been together, and they haven't seen Joshua. Reese adds that he hasn't even been by the club--not that she'd tell Rafe even if he had been. Jack doesn't know why he's after Joshua. Ricky reminds Rafe that Joshua isn't the one who killed Alison. Rafe announces that she isn't dead. Jack is stunned, as is Kevin. Rafe admits that it was a ploy to keep Joshua away from her, but now he has her. This upsets Elizabeth. Jack is thankful that Alison is alive. Rafe promises to explain more later, but now he has to find her. Since the bar is full of vampires, someone must know where she is. Someone had better tell him, or the killing starts now! He attacks a vampire and advises him to start talking.

After making love, Caleb admits that Olivia was right; they shouldn't have trusted Rafe. What she did wasn't thought out well, but it was brave, and he can't be mad at her Olivia wants his reassurance that it was okay to sacrifice Alison for the cause, and he complies. He promises to find a way to fix this. Getting Alison back is Rafe's problem. As for the antidote, there may be a way to get it back. He picks up what's left of the vial and says that there might be a trace of the antidote left. Olivia is skeptical, but Caleb thinks that they can have it analyzed and have someone mix it for them. Olivia wonders who would help them. "Are you saying we're not well-liked?" Caleb asks innocently. He assures her that they'll ask very nicely.

Rafe takes his bloody stake across the room to another vampire, who swears he doesn't know anything. Frank arrives and orders the slayer to let him go. Rafe is happy to see Joshua's number one, who must know where Alison is. He's ready to kill Frank, but Frank plans to kill him first. Rafe gives him one last chance to tell him where she is. "Probably moaning Joshua's name by now," Frank says rudely. Rafe attacks. Casey calls out a warning to Rafe as one of the vampires--the second one he threatened--makes his move. Jack pulls the vamp off Rafe, pushes him down, and shoves Rafe into Frank, who grabs the slayer and threatens him with a knife. Jack orders him not to do this inside the club. Frank resents being told what to do, but Jack points out that he hasn't received orders to kill Rafe. Frank lets him go and then thrusts his knife into his back. Casey and Ricky drag the slayer outside to relative safety. Frank storms out, but his prey is nowhere in sight.

Kevin reels at the thought of how close he came to punishing his daughter for something she didn't do. He's furious with Elizabeth for not telling him the truth. She explains that she only recently found out, and Alison's life depended on keeping this a secret. Kevin reminds her that his own daughter's life was also in danger. Elizabeth is sorry, but his daughter is all right; her daughter isn't, and they have to go find her. Kevin refuses to go with her. Elizabeth rushes out of the club.

Frank returns and orders Jack not to interfere in his business again. "This club is my business, Frank, and I'll run it however I see fit. If you've got a problem with that, go take it up with Joshua," Jack advises. He thinks Frank should be grateful to him, but the way Frank sees it, Jack saved Rafe, and he doesn't think the boss will be happy about that. Jack advises him to apprise Joshua of the situation and see which employee he favors more. "Me, who manages the band, runs the club, brings in a lot of money, or you, who has screwed up pretty much ever since he got his fangs," Jack says, sizing up the situation. After warning Jack that his days are numbered, Frank storms out again.

Casey tries to talk sense into Rafe, who can't be reasoned with at the moment. He wants her to tell him where Alison is. She swears she doesn't know. If she knew something that would wipe the vampires off the map, she would do it in a heartbeat. Rafe is determined to find Alison. He tries to leave, but he suddenly collapses from the knife wound.

At the hospital, Chris thinks he hears something, but there's no answer when he calls out. Apparently, the only ones around are his three favorite people: "me, myself, and I." The lights flicker and then go out. Chris picks up the phone and asks for maintenance. Caleb disconnects the phone. Nervous, Chris starts backing up, running right into Olivia. Caleb informs Chris that he gets to do them a favor.

After leaving the room in anger, Joshua tells Jamal that Alison is pretending to be delusional. He wants to break her neck every time she calls him by the slayer's name. Jamal assumes that he turned her, but Joshua informs him that she has to call him by his name and bend to his will before he makes her his bride. Otherwise, he will be creating another slave instead of a bride. Jamal thinks he can help. Since she trusts him, he can go talk to her. Joshua agrees but warns that he will be watching him; Jamal's loyalty must be beyond question. Jamal goes to Alison and tells her that she can drop the act now. He apologizes for yelling at her earlier, but he doesn't blame her for what happened to him. He assures her that he doesn't want anything to happen to her. He just wants to help her get out of there.

After leaving the Elixir, Frank goes straight to the boss. In his opinion, Joshua trusts people too easily. He specifically questions Jack's loyalty. Joshua informs him that Jack already apprised him of the situation. He's aware of his strengths and weaknesses, just as he's aware of Frank's. Right now they're both of more use to him than not. Frank didn't think Joshua would mind if Rafe disappeared. Joshua informs him that the decision is his, not Frank's. Frank then questions Jamal's loyalty. Joshua states that the extent of his newest recruit's loyalty is about to be proven.

Alison continues to see Rafe in front of her. Jamal tells her to drop the act. Alison brushes his face with the powder brush and laughs. Jamal pretends to be offended by her attitude, considering the fact that he offered to help her escape. He turns to leave. Calling him by his real name, Alison asks him not to go. An evil smile comes over his face.

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