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Port Charles Update Thursday 5/29/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Lucy tries to seduce Ian, but her desire brings out his vampire nature. Tearing himself away before he it's too late, he apologizes to his stunned lover. Lucy just can't believe this is happening. Since she's been getting better, she thought that she was also helping him, and it hurts deeply to know that's not the case. Now that she knows that her powers are gone, she revolves to try something else. Ian knows that it's futile. He can't outrun this problem, and he's clearly a danger to her. That's why he's moving out. Lucy refuses to let him leave without at least talking about this. Ian doesn't think there's anything to discuss. He nearly turned her into the living dead, and it's only by the grace of God that he stopped himself. Lucy sees this as proof that he still has control. Ian informs her that he hasn't had any control for a long time, and it's been getting worse. He thought he could fight this, but now it's clear that he has to leave. Lucy tries to hide his jacket behind her back to give him an excuse to return, but he calls her on it. They say some tearful goodbyes before Ian finally walks out the door.

Alison tries to deny what she's seeing. She asks Jamal how this happened. Jamal informs her that he was upset about her death, so he went for a walk to calm down. The next thing he knew, he was waking up in the morgue. Alison demands to know how Joshua could do this to him. Joshua informs her that he did it for her, so that she could have someone she trusts around to help her with the transition. When Alison accuses him of ruining Jamal's life, he tells her that he actually made his life better and longer. He and Frank leave so that she and Jamal can talk. Alison quietly promises Jamal that Rafe will rescue them, but Jamal isn't interested. Alison is shocked by his attitude. He informs her that he wants to be there; he's happy to be on the winning team. Alison doesn't believe him. She realizes that he's mad at her for faking her death, but she really had no choice. "Yeah, right. You know, your slayer boyfriend was supposed to save the town with his slayer special skills and everything. At what point did he just decide to only rescue you, and leave the rest of us to be bat food? Hmm?" he asks. Alison blames herself. Jamal points out that fighting this never did any good. If he sounds like Jack, it's because Jack was right. Alison tells Jamal that she believes in him; she always has and always will. She knows that he would never spend eternity doing Joshua's dirty work. Jamal tells her that the man she once knew is dead; this new one is with the program. Alison still doesn't believe it; she knows he's better than this. "You sure about that, Spunky?" Jamal asks, baring a huge set of fangs.

Olivia claims not to have any idea where Alison is. She wants the antidote from Rafe, who states that he was willing to hand it over until he took a headcount. He's angry with Caleb for letting this happen when he was supposed to be keeping her safe. Caleb suggests that Alison may have gone out to look for her fiancÚ; it wouldn't be the first time. Rafe doesn't buy it. He can't believe that she just disappeared into thin air. Caleb is adamant that he's telling the truth. He knows that it wouldn't be in his best interest to make Rafe angry, because he needs the antidote. Rafe points out that he's already angry, and he won't hand over one drop of the antidote until he finds out what happened to Alison. Olivia tells Rafe to back off, because Caleb had nothing to do with Alison leaving. From her guilty behavior, Rafe immediately suspects that she's involved. Caleb also eyes her with suspicion, although he defends her to the slayer. Rafe thinks that she turned Alison over to Joshua; it's the only thing that makes sense to him. He grabs her and demands the truth. Caleb intervenes, forcing Rafe to let her go. Rafe insists on getting the truth out of her. She finally makes a twisted confession. "Joshua found out Alison's alive because of me, but it was all your fault," she tells the slayer. She claims that he forced her to go to Joshua by holding back the antidote. Rafe is outraged; he knew she hated Alison, but he didn't think she would just turn her over to Joshua. Olivia claims that she didn't mean to, but Joshua tricked her. Rafe thinks she should get her story straight and figure out exactly whose fault it was. Olivia swears that it's the truth. She went to Joshua for the antidote, but he tricked her into admitting that Alison was alive. It wasn't her fault! "No, that's right. Nothing ever is," Rafe remarks sarcastically. He vows to get to Alison. Caleb wants to help. If Rafe will hand over the antidote, Caleb can take Joshua on, and Rafe will get Alison back. Rafe is determined to do this without his help, and he may take out a vampire or two just for fun. Caleb points out that it's a suicide mission, but Rafe won't be dissuaded.

Jamal attacks Alison, who cries out. Joshua returns with Frank and orders Jamal to back off. He apologizes for Jamal's behavior, stating that new recruits sometimes can't wait to try out their wings. "Bad!" he scolds Jamal. He wants to be sure that Alison is all right so that she'll be perfect for their wedding. When Alison retorts that she would rather be dead, Joshua reminds her that she already tried that trick. She asks how he found out, but he wants to keep that a secret. Alison doesn't understand why she's turning everyone she cares about into a vampire. Joshua states that he's doing it because he can. He knows that she'll eventually come around, and when she does, she'll be grateful to him for surrounding her with her friends and family. Alison insists that she'll never accept this. Frank informs her that becoming a vampire is a privilege. Alison counters that she happens to like being a human being. "I'm old-fashioned, I guess," she states. No matter what Joshua does to her, he will never truly have her. Joshua loves her fighting spirit. Being a patient man, he can wait for the rest of eternity. He summons two female vampires, who materialize and drag Alison away. She looks to Jamal for help, but he has no intention of helping her.

Rafe thinks that Olivia is trying to look menacing, but it isn't working. He might think about handing over the antidote when he gets Alison back. Caleb assures Rafe that Joshua hasn't turned Alison yet, because it's not his style to do something so ordinary. He can help, but not as a mortal. Rafe informs him that from now on, he's working alone. From behind him, Olivia reaches into his back pocket and removes the vial. Rafe knocks it out of her hand, stomps on it, and leaves. Olivia wails that it's all gone because of Rafe. Caleb reminds her that she isn't exactly innocent. Olivia doesn't care; she would do anything to help him, even if it meant turning Alison over to the devil himself. Caleb acknowledges that Rafe was wrong to hide the antidote from them, but she's the one who ruined everything by going to Joshua. He was handling the situation, but she threw it all away because of her hatred for Alison. Olivia bitterly accuses him of defending "sweet Ali" again. Caleb informs her that they're all fighting for their lives, and she doesn't seem to have a clue as to the damage she's done.

Rafe storms into the villa, shouting for Alison, but it's too late. The furniture has been covered, and no one is there.

Alison fights all the way to the new place. Joshua hopes that she likes her new home. Alison hopes that he dies. "Been there, done that," he comments. Alison informs him that he'll have to drag her down the aisle kicking and screaming. Joshua makes a mental note to find appropriate music for the event. He understands that it will be overwhelming for her at first, but he has no doubt that she'll get used to it. Alison wants to know whether he really wants a woman who is repulsed by him. Joshua says that her resistance is temporary, but the love they share will last forever. Alison informs him that she already has that kind of love with Rafe. Joshua tells her that her love for Rafe is in the past. He has such big plans for her.

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