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Port Charles Update Wednesday 5/28/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Remembering his nightmare about biting Lucy, Ian resolves to keep fighting his curse. Joining him, Lucy says that she's feeling much better. Ian credits the transfusions, but Lucy claims they're only part of it. She believes that making love with him makes all the difference for her, and she hopes that it will do the same for him. She even thinks that she may be getting her slayer powers back. If so, he won't have to drink blood anymore. Ian is skeptical, but Lucy asks him to be positive for a little while and kiss her. As she tries to seduce him, he confuses her by announcing that they have company. Somehow he knows that Rafe is outside. He opens the door, where Rafe is getting ready to knock. Rafe apologizes for stopping by so late, but he has to get the antidote back from them. He needs Caleb to be a vampire again as soon as possible, and he wants them to trust him on this. Ian refuses to hand over the antidote without a reasonable explanation. Rafe says that Alison called him on something. He tells them about her claim that he and Caleb have been so busy fighting each other that they forgot what they're all really fighting for. The fact is that Caleb knows Joshua better than anyone, and he can use that knowledge if he gets his powers back. Ian asks why Rafe thinks that Caleb will still work with them after getting what he wants. Rafe explains that he saved Alison's life by fighting off some "animal thingy" that was attacking her. He didn't have any powers, which means that he was just lucky. His luck can't hold out forever, and Rafe can't fight Joshua alone. Ian and Lucy point out that he's not alone, because they're going to help. Rafe says that he needs them to stay in town and keep an eye on things for him. He understands why they're worried about this, but Caleb really is the best person to help him beat Joshua. Caleb is the lesser of two evils, and he did promise to work with Rafe until Joshua is obliterated. Ian is skeptical. He knows that no vampire can be trusted, and he includes himself in that assessment.

While Alison sits with a blanket around her shoulders, Caleb brings her a mug of broth to keep her warm. Alison appreciates the gesture, and the broth makes her feel a little better. "Just a little?" Caleb asks. Alison doesn't know what he expects after the ordeal they just went through, but she doesn't think they can hope for any more than that right now. Caleb understands. She thanks him again for saving her life. Caleb chuckles as he thinks about how Rafe actually left her alone with him. Alison thinks that Caleb made a real impression on him. "I usually do," Caleb comments. Alison thinks it was different than usual. She can tell that he really meant it when he said that they would all work together. Caleb nods his agreement. Alison wishes that Olivia felt the same way. Caleb tells her to give Olivia time. Alison wonders where she is, since she hasn't seen her lately. Caleb suggests the possibility that she went for a walk, since she expressed a desire to be alone. He's sure that she's fine. Alison isn't worried about her. This surprises Caleb, who wants to know why she was asking about her. Alison states her belief that it was Olivia who attacked her. Caleb accuses her of being in shock, and she admits that he's right. Otherwise, she would have figured this out much sooner. It makes perfect sense, since Olivia thinks that Alison and Caleb have some sort of connection. That's why Olivia wants to try to kill her again. "Again? What does that mean?" Caleb asks, puzzled. Alison explains that Olivia periodically decides that she's the cause of all her problems and tries to kill her. She tells Caleb that she's getting out of there before Olivia takes another shot at her. Caleb promises not to let that happen; he will protect her. Alison realizes that he knew all along that Olivia was her attacker. Caleb assures her that she doesn't have to worry about Olivia or anything else as long as he's around. He has her back, but she has to stay.

At the villa, Joshua is taking care of some official paperwork when Olivia arrives. He hopes she didn't kill any more of his guards. Not responding to that, Olivia informs him of the reason for her visit. She tells him that Alison is alive and that she can lead him to her if he's still interested. Joshua requires a few more details, which Olivia promises to provide in exchange for the antidote. "No deal," Joshua tells her. Olivia informs him that without her help, he will never find Alison. Making a decision, Joshua orders her not to move. He then crosses the room to retrieve the antidote. Removing the vial from its hiding place, he turns it on its side and threatens to pour out every last drop of its contents unless she tells him exactly where Alison is. Discovering that the vial is empty, he demands to know what kind of game she's playing with him. Olivia swears she's not playing any games, but he calls her a liar. Olivia realizes that Rafe is responsible, and she tells Joshua about it. Now she wants to run and tell Caleb and see how much he trusts his precious Alison and Rafe then. Joshua realizes that she came to him out of jealousy. "You just swim in bile and venom. You're like a swamp creature. How heinous it must be to live inside your skin," Joshua remarks. Olivia assumes that there's more of the antidote, or that Joshua can at least have more made. If he'll just give it to her, she'll happily lead him to Alison and Rafe. Joshua has a better idea. If she doesn't tell him exactly where Alison is, he'll drive a stake through her miserable little heart. He grabs a candlestick and takes it apart, revealing that the candlestick also serves as a concealed stake. He backs the frightened Olivia up against the French door. Joshua runs the pointed end of the stake between Olivia's breasts and all the way down the middle seam in her blouse, refusing to stop until she says "mercy." He tells her to go, because he has what he wants. He can find Alison himself. As a consolation prize, Olivia will receive front-row seats to the wedding. Olivia runs out as fast as she can.

Lucy tries in vain to convince Ian that he's trustworthy. He doesn't believe it. He knows that someday he won't be able to fight it anymore, and it angers him to think that a vampire slayer wants to create more untrustworthy vampires. Rafe assures him that he will deal with the consequences once Joshua is out of the way. He asks Ian again for the antidote, but Ian refuses. Lucy asks him to reconsider. She believes her cousin, and she's convinced that if they don't do this, Joshua will turn Port Charles into his some version of his own Transylvania. If Caleb is their only chance, it's a chance they have to take. Reluctantly, Ian reaches into his jeans pocket and pulls out the antidote. He then hands it over to Rafe, with a warning. "I hope you know what you're doing." Rafe assures him that he's been at this a long time. He thanks them, adding that he has a feeling that things will start happening fast. After Rafe leaves, Lucy tells Ian that she knows how hard it was for him to give her cousin the antidote. Ian admits that he just can't trust anything. Lucy wants him to trust her. She begins to kiss him seductively, telling him not to be afraid. She promises to be strong for both of them, but when Ian has a flashback of his nightmare, he tells her that he can't. Lucy assures him that he can. She's all over him, unaware that his eyes have begun to glow red and that his fangs have come out.

Olivia flees the villa, convinced that someone is chasing her. She worries about how to tell Caleb what she's done.

Wrapping up a phone call, Joshua orders his employee to come straight back to the villa when he's done. He hangs up, then makes a toast to his bride-to-be.

Caleb stops Alison and tells her to stay. She agrees to stay only until Rafe returns to the catacombs. This satisfies Caleb, who asks her not to tell the slayer about what Olivia did. Alison protests that they promised not to tell any more lies. Caleb asks what good it would do; it would only cause trouble. Against her better judgment, Alison agrees. Caleb reminds her that Olivia has been abandoned by everyone who ever meant anything to her. When she feels threatened or insecure, she strikes out. Alison points out that she's usually the target. Caleb takes the blame for this one, because he made the mistake of telling Olivia that he liked Alison. "What? Why? You do?" Alison asks in bewilderment. Caleb tells her that she's a pain, stubborn, and sorely lacking in common sense, but he does like her. They hear a strange noise outside, and he goes to investigate. Believing it's Olivia, he calls out to her, but there's no one there. When he goes back inside, Alison is gone.

"Here we go," Caleb tells himself when Rafe returns. Rafe admits that he has the antidote after all. Caleb is stunned, as is Olivia, who just returned. Caleb wants to know why he's coming clean now. Rafe doesn't know; he thinks it's because he finally started listening to Alison. He asks where she is, and Caleb tells him that she's gone. He explains what happened, which infuriates and frustrates the slayer. Rafe points out that Alison can't just disappear, but vampires can. He looks at Olivia accusingly. "You know anything about this?" Caleb asks Olivia, who swears that she has no idea what might have happened to Alison.

While waiting for Alison's arrival, Joshua reads his tea leaves, which foretell the fulfillment of all his desires. When Frank brings the struggling Alison to him, Joshua tells her that he missed her. He orders Frank to stop manhandling her; he doesn't want her pale bridal flesh to be bruised. It tears him up to see her so agitated when all he wants is to make her happy. "Never in this lifetime," Alison informs him. Joshua would like the opportunity to try, which is why has a pre-wedding gift for her. He wants her to have someone she can trust at the villa. He thinks it will make the transition a little easier for her. "Entre vous, s'il vous plait," he calls out, but no one comes in. "Franklin, he doesn't speak French," he tells Frank, who goes to get their guest. Frank returns with Jamal, who is quite surprised to see the woman he has been mourning. "No, you didn't turn him. Not him," Alison says in denial.

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