PC Update Tuesday 5/27/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 5/27/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

Ricky tends to a campfire while waiting for Casey to bring the marshmallows. As he recalls the promise he made to Joshua, he can't stop thinking about the good times he had with his guardian angel. When she returns, he pulls her to him and kisses her, but she wisely pulls away. She reminds him that this could get her yanked back upstairs. Ricky apologizes but claims he just can't help himself when he's with her, because he remembers how things used to be. They reminisce about the first time they met. Casey admits to thinking that he was a jerk, but that was before he showed her what a nice guy he could be. When she saw that, she couldn't help but fall madly in love with him. She asks him how to play the guitar, and he gives her a little lesson while playing and singing "Hey, Sister." Casey loves that song, which she should, since it was written for her. She really likes the way he sings it. Ricky explains that he loves to sing; when he sings, nothing else matters. He would do almost anything not to lose that, and being the lead singer of The Experience is the greatest thing that's ever happened to him. Casey teases him about the perks of fame, but Ricky insists that it's all about the music. He loves the whole process, including rehearsals. He loves it so much that he can even put up with Joshua yelling at him. Casey is proud of him for getting there without fangs, but Ricky credits her for teaching him to believe in himself. She taught him that his life could actually be worth something, and he owes her for that. Casey tells him that he just has to be happy. Hearing that, he kisses her, and she doesn't resist. This time, Ricky is the one who pulls away. He says that breaking the rules is a bad idea. Casey is amazed to know that he really is watching out for her, just as he promised. He tells her that he's finally learning to keep his word. He says that he doesn't want her to go back, especially not because of him. Casey tells him to be strong for both of them, because it's hard for her to keep her hands off him. He's very much aware of that.

Alison wants to know why Caleb and Rafe feel the need to kick the crap out of each other just to be able to work together. Rafe doesn't think it's meant to be understood. Alison wants them to understand the point she was trying to make. Caleb has already forgotten what it was. Alison asks them all to agree not to have any more secrets. Caleb agrees, and Olivia voices her insincere-sounding agreement. No one seems to notice that Rafe doesn't say anything. Olivia goes out for some air, and Caleb follows her. Alison wants to know that Rafe is okay with this, but he doesn't see any alternative. Outside, Olivia wants Caleb's assurances that they're not really going to work with the others. Caleb tells her that they need them. Olivia reminds him that he doesn't trust Rafe, but Caleb doesn't think it matters at this point. Together, they are more powerful. It's the only way they have any chance of taking down Joshua.

At the Elixir, Jamal downs a glass of water while Jack stares knowingly at him. Jamal tells him to back off, but Jack knows what he sees. He recognizes the way Jamal is acting, because he's been there. He knows all about the chills and hunger pangs, and they have nothing to do with the flu. Jamal tells him to shut up, but Jack wants him to face reality and admit that he's been turned. Jamal doesn't want Jack's pity. Jack doesn't intend to give him any, although he does have some advice. He tells Jamal to embrace his new identity; he should stop fighting it and let the beast be his friend. Jamal can't believe what he's hearing. Jack points out that he can't do anything about being a vampire, so he should just go with the flow. Jamal thinks that's easy for him to say, since he doesn't have to wake up every morning and brush his fangs. Jack tells him that there's no point in fighting it. Jamal doesn't see it that way, but Jack tells him to look around. There aren't enough good guys left in town to fight this fight, and if Joshua finds out that Jamal is playing for the angels, he'll make his life a living hell. Jamal thinks it already is hell. Jack knows it's hard, but if he'll just stop fighting it, maybe eternity won't be such a rotten place to live after all. Thinking about this, Jamal concludes that it makes a weird kind of sense.

Rafe and Caleb sit down to strategize. They want to find a way to infiltrate Joshua's circle of power. "You could always plant a hidden camera in his living room," Caleb says pointedly. Rafe tells him that it worked, and Alison reminds them that they're on the same side now. Olivia makes another snide remark, prompting Alison to ask her whether she's ever pleasant. Olivia informs her that they don't want the same things and that they have absolutely nothing in common. Alison says that they all want to bring down Joshua. Olivia bitterly claims that when this is all over, Alison will get what she wants, while she gets nothing. That's the way it always goes. Rafe doesn't know what she's talking about. "She's talking about the antidote--the one that supposedly doesn't exist," Caleb states. Rafe reiterates that it doesn't exist. Caleb says that Olivia is a little worried that the longer he's mortal, the more he's going to like it. This sets her off. She can't believe he told them about that. Caleb tells her to relax; he's just trying to come clean and make everything right. When she admits that her fight isn't with him, he says that it isn't with the others, either. He knows that she's suffering, but she's making it harder on herself. Olivia apologizes and says that he's right. He wants her to trust him to make everything work, and she claims that she does. She says that she's going outside to clear her head, and she doesn't want him to come along; he needs to plan things with Rafe, and she needs some down time. Caleb accepts this and goes back inside.

Jamal asks whether anything will quench the thirst. He won't even considering feeding. Jack offers to steal some blood from the hospital, but Jamal won't hear of it. Seeing Frank, he decides to try another plan first. He approaches his sire, who is annoyed to see him still hanging around the club. Jamal informs him that he doesn't intend to whine or fight. He's lost everything that ever meant anything to him, so he gives up. If this is going to be his life, he should just make the best of it. That's why he wants to work for Frank.

Alison goes out to get some firewood while the guys try to save the world. As she gathers the wood, something flies down and tries to attack her. Fending it off, she cries out for Rafe's help, but Caleb is the first to respond. He dashes out of the catacombs to her rescue. Rafe is right behind him. Caleb strikes out at Alison's winged attacker and then chases after it. Alison is stunned by the experience. She has no idea what it was, but it had claws and large wings. Rafe takes Alison back inside to look her over. "That was the strangest thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life," Alison asserts. She really doesn't know what it was. Rafe hasn't heard much about killer birds in the area. Alison asks whether it could have been one of Joshua's, but he doesn't know. Alison is glad she threw her temper tantrum, because Caleb saved her life.

Huddled in the brush, Olivia hisses at Caleb, who tries to calm her down. She's furious with him. She shows him her wounded arm from where he struck her. Caleb is sincerely sorry about that, but he had to stop her. Olivia feels betrayed. She can't believe Caleb did this to her. "What? Stop you from killing Alison?" Caleb asks in disbelief. Olivia doesn't think it would be so terrible to get her out of the way. Besides, everyone already thinks she killed her. Caleb informs her that Alison isn't the enemy. If she wants revenge, she should think about Joshua. Olivia can't believe he's lecturing her now. Caleb is exasperated with her. Pointing out that Alison just wants the same thing they want, he asks what he has to do to convince her of that. Olivia doesn't think he plans to let her forget it. "I'm in pain, Caleb. I can't be with you. The world thinks I murdered the little princess, and all I get from you in how wrong I am. Fine! I get it. I'm ruining everything. That's just great. Thank you," she rants bitterly. Caleb tries to reason with her, but she wants to be alone. When the coast is clear, she gets out her cell phone and places a call to Joshua. She informs him that she has something to tell him about Alison.

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