PC Update Monday 5/26/03

Port Charles Update Monday 5/26/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Joshua compliments Ricky on his performance during the latest rehearsal. He thinks Ricky had a great raw energy, almost like anger. Ricky informs him that he was angry--and still is. Joshua hopes he's not having second thoughts about his promise to get Casey sent back. All the drummer has to do is make his guardian angel fall from grace, and then all his dreams will be realized. Annoyed, Ricky tells Joshua to get off his back; he'll do it, but he's not happy about it. Seeing Casey come in, Joshua approaches her, but she doesn't want to hear whatever he has to say. Joshua just wants to say that he's sorry about their little squabble the other night. He was just doing his job, as was she. Casey points out that her job is to help people, whereas his job is to turn them into bloodsucking ghouls. "And is that any reason why we cannot be friends?" he asks cordially. Tired of dealing with him, Casey goes to Ricky for sympathy. Expressing concern, Ricky asks Casey what's wrong. She wants to know what isn't wrong. One bad thing happens right after another, and she can't do anything about it. Ricky tells her not to blame herself for Alison's death, because there wasn't anything she could have done. That's exactly Casey's point. She can't do anything about Alison, Lucy, Frank, or Victor. She's a terrible guardian angel. Ricky points out that she's his guardian, not anyone else's. Casey tells him about not being able to answer Jamal's question about her purpose for being in Port Charles. Ricky reminds her that she's a great friend to a lot of people in town. Casey doesn't think that's enough. When Ricky accuses her of being too hard on herself, Casey says that he's being too nice. Ricky doesn't think that "nice" could ever describe him. He just thinks she should give herself a break, because she's only one person. Casey reminds him that she's not a person; she's a guardian angel, and she's tired of banging her head against the wall. It would be nice to have one day to feel normal. Ricky tells her to do it. He wants her to spend the rest of the day with him. He emphasizes that he's not suggesting that she break any rules. He just wants her to spend a nice day with him. He misses that. He wants to start right now. Casey agrees to go ahead with this, thinking that she can probably do some real good after her break.

Ian reads a magazine while Lucy is supposed to be asleep, but she's tired of sleeping. Although Ian wants her to take it easy, she is in the mood for love. Ian doesn't think she's ready for that yet. Lucy assures him that she feels fine; she'll feel even better with Ian's arms around her. She begins to kiss and nuzzle his neck, then asks him to let her love him. He does.

The atmosphere in the catacombs is rife with tension. No one is speaking, and everyone is sulking. Caleb's attention is on a lantern or flashlight. Unable to take it anymore, Alison starts packing her things and announces that she's leaving. She's going to end this and just let Joshua see her. Olivia is stunned, and Caleb tells Alison to wait. After ordering Caleb to stay out of it, Rafe asks Alison whether she's okay. She's not; she's sick of this entire situation. In her opinion, whoever thought they could all work together was obviously crazy. Rafe tells her to take it easy, because she's just feeling a little cooped up. Olivia remarks that Alison is just being selfish as usual and throwing another "Alison drama queen moment." When Alison turns the comment around on her, Olivia claims to be an amateur in comparison. Alison protests. She's hiding out and pretending to be dead, while Olivia is running around like a little schoolgirl blabbing about who kissed whom. "Are you seriously that insecure that you think I would cheat on Rafe with him? Or are you just as crazy as the rest of your family?" Alison asks, angering the unstable Olivia. Caleb thinks she's said enough. She's made her point, and now he would like her to back off. Alison states that she's also sick of him. When Rafe tries to calm her down and keep her from leaving, she informs him that he is her biggest problem. She accuses him of not remembering who the real enemy is. He's been feuding with Caleb for so long that now it's a habit he can't break. Joshua is the enemy now, and they should be focusing every bit of their energy on bringing him down. However, since they obviously can't work together, they might as well throw in the towel. Caleb agrees with her. Rafe orders him to stay out of it; this is between him and Alison. She strongly disagrees with that assessment. All their lives are intertwined now, and they have to find a way to bring down Joshua. Caleb thinks she's asking too much of her boyfriend. Rafe blames the former vampire for everything that's happening. "Here we go," Alison says, tired of the same old story. Rafe threatens to kill Caleb and Olivia right now and end this nightmare. Caleb isn't about to let him hurt Olivia. Rafe doesn't see how Caleb can stop him. Caleb informs him that he doesn't have to be a vampire. He challenges the slayer to take his best shot. Rafe punches Caleb, who punches him back. Olivia tells them to stop it, but Alison wants to let them get it out of their systems.

Joshua has a little talk with Jack about loyalty. He gets the impression that Jack is having second thoughts about which side he's on. Jack informs him that if he's referring to Alison's memorial, he wasn't about to leave that up to someone who didn't even know her. He wants to get something straight right now. He didn't take this job to be one of Joshua's yes men. There are already plenty of bloodsuckers around to do that. Jack is there to help with the club and with the band, and that's what he's doing. Joshua admits that he's right. He is impressed with Jack's work, and he's very grateful to him for salvaging the VH1 deal. Reese joins them to announce that she just finished her VH1 interview, and they absolutely loved her. After Joshua leaves them to talk, two women fawn all over the head vampire. Jack puts a damper on Reese's good mood. She's excited about the interview, but Jack thinks that VH1 is more interested in Stephen Clay. Hurt, Reese sarcastically thanks him for his support and then walks out on him. He chases after her, catching up with her outside the club to ask why she took off. Reese accuses him of ruining this for her and everyone else.

Ricky takes Joshua aside to say that he'll be taking off for the rest of the day and possibly even longer. Joshua is pleased to hear it; things are going better than he expected. Ricky just wants to get this over with. He returns to Casey, and they leave together. Joshua looks with regret at a photo of Alison. All the pieces are falling into place except for her. She was supposed to be standing by his side when he finally crushes Caleb. He thinks he may still find a way to savor the victory.

After making love, Ian dreams that he sinks his fangs into Lucy's neck. The nightmare startles him awake. As he stands in from of the mirror, Lucy stirs and asks what's wrong. Ian tells her that he was thirsty.

A clipboard in hand, Frank barks orders to his subordinates in preparation for the VH1 film crew's arrival. Jamal comes into the club to talk to Frank, who states that he's a busy man. Jamal thinks that Frank owes him, since Frank is the one who turned him. Frank informs him that they'll talk when he is ready, and not before. Jamal tells Jack to make himself useful and bring him some water. Jack delivers a pitcher of water to his table and asks him to just talk as if they're still friends.

Rushing to her injured lover, Olivia asks Alison whether she's satisfied now. Alison refuses to take any blame for this. "You guys finished fighting yet? Did you get it out of your system, or should we just head back to town and just let Joshua win?" Olivia helps Caleb to his feet. His nose bleeding, he extends the same courtesy to Rafe, who has a trickle of blood coming from his mouth. Rafe accepts the gesture. "All right slayer. Let's nail this bastard," Caleb says.

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